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UCF did receive championship rings for being crowned national champion

by the Colley-Matrix. If people think the College Football Playoff should be the only private organization to determine the DI-FBS National Champion, then blame the NCAA. "The Colley-Matrix, which is one of more than 40 college football polls, recognized by the NCAA in its list of national champion major selections..."

To say that the CFP Administration, LLC, which administers the College Football Playoff, is the only definitive authority to crown the DI-FBS National Champion is like saying the AP Poll had the only definitive authority to crown the DI-FBS National Champion during the pre-BCA/BCS days. Even though the AP Poll and Coaches Poll received the most attention during the pre-BCA/BCS days, there were still other polls (major and minor polls) crowning their champion. Most of those "other polls" were even recognized by the NCAA. I suspect some (maybe most) people forget that the College Football Playoff doesn't even crown the NCAA DI Football Champion. The winner of the NCAA DI-FCS Playoff is crowned NCAA DI Football Champion. Hence why North Dakota State receives the standard NCAA trophy given to all team champions and the winner of the BCA, BCS, the College Football Playoff receive a different trophy.

The NCAA didn't start awarding its own national championship in DI football until the birth of the 3 division levels. Even then the NCAA may not have awarded a DI champion until the birth of the DI-FCS (formerly DI-AA) subdivision because DI football was using a bowl postseason and it was easier for the NCAA to just recognize the champions of the various polls. So Alabama, Clemson, FSU, Ohio State, Michigan, USC, Notre Dame, and even VT can win as many "national championships" as they want, but they will never be crowned NCAA Champion as long as there are more than 1 subdivision in football. If the Colley-Matrix happened to crown VT its national champion in football one year and VT didn't get invited to the College Football Playoff, then would the school, the team, and majority of the fans accept or reject the honor? So then why should UCF be any different?

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Posted: 01/11/2019 at 11:57AM


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