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1.) I agree. and (2.) Yes and no.

1.) I agree:

Time to get over it ...

I agree, at this point, it is what it is.

2.) Yes and no:

...we are missing out on very little from the supposed media blackout.

Yes ... the "interviews at the podium" stuff has limited value. The players and coaches are generally pretty guarded and don't go off script. They're much more open and interesting in one-on-ones, which we rarely/never get.

(But they do drop clues. There are clearly some issues with Adonis Alexander, for example, and that came from interviews. And after the open practice, the way they spoke about the QBs clearly revealed that Willis was #2 behind JJ, well ahead of Hooker. So you do get some information.)

No .... as @Chris Coleman and I have said repeatedly, the real value from the Frank regime that we miss is the ability to watch scrimmages. We got a TON of stuff from watching the open practice last week. Watching the QBs and WRs, seeing where the OL were lining up, what the rotation was, etc. Great stuff, and actually, this year's open practice revealed a lot more than the last one we saw. CC and @Ricky LaBlue may disagree, but that was my impression.

So that's the part of the "media blackout" where we really are missing something, vs. how Frank ran things.

I will add this: Frank's scrimmages were true 11-on-11, with tackling to the ground, so they were high-value observations. Fuente's scrimmages are a lot of pass skels, a lot of 7-on-7 and 8-on-8 with no pass rush, and there was very little 11-on-11 and no tackling to the ground. He's just got a different way of doing things, and the lack of tackling to the ground is where football in general is headed, not a Frank-vs.-Fu thing.

Fuente gets more out of his scrimmages/practices in one respect: they move faster and get a lot more reps. In Frank's scrimmages, there was a lot of wasted time between plays. Because Fu runs a lot of reps that are more like drills, the players move faster and he gets more out of it.

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