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Here comes East Carolina wanting into the Big XII -- HOO86 07/21/2016 5:52PM
  Best chance they have into a P5 conference ** -- BigCrumpy 07/22/2016 1:59PM
  I wouldn't expect anything less. Go for it. ** -- IB4TECH 07/21/2016 9:15PM
  Not really public info. that's why -- daveinop 07/22/2016 10:41AM
  Today is not the time for that -- ahokie4u 07/21/2016 9:32PM
  Agreed.... -- 2hhoop3 07/22/2016 09:09AM
  Also it will be a new channel -- ahokie4u 07/21/2016 6:01PM
  Could be any number of reasons... -- BUGGZY 07/21/2016 5:04PM
  I am ok with that -- ahokie4u 07/21/2016 5:02PM
  Football is a huge driver for the main tv contract -- ahokie4u 07/21/2016 6:00PM
  So you are saying there will be two piles of money. -- Atlee Hokie 07/21/2016 9:57PM
  Wait a minute. -- Maroon Doom 07/21/2016 5:16PM
If trends condinute WVA will be the smallest state -- BigCrumpy 07/21/2016 2:45PM
  Nope... -- ShortFatHokie 07/21/2016 2:50PM
  Lowest quantity of teeth ** -- East Cobb Hokie 07/21/2016 2:55PM
I will say this again, what does WVU offer to the acc? -- BigCrumpy 07/21/2016 2:09PM
  Listen we get it you hate West VIrginia -- 93HokieDoug 07/21/2016 5:27PM
  At least they fill stadium and travel, unlike most of ACC -- FlyFishingHokie 07/21/2016 3:01PM
  No, markets matter a lot. ** -- marcbvtgm 07/21/2016 4:04PM
  Honestly, I see WVU as a good fill-in school... -- The_VT_Rock 07/21/2016 2:45PM
  Here would be the argument... -- RapmasterAC 07/21/2016 2:30PM
  NO PEOPLE AND NO MARKETS ** -- BigCrumpy 07/21/2016 2:34PM
  Because they'll eat more than they'll kill. ** -- marcbvtgm 07/21/2016 4:05PM
  Given the options... -- LT_Hokie 07/21/2016 2:52PM
  The population in west virgina represents not much -- BigCrumpy 07/21/2016 2:37PM
  How about VT in '03? ** -- reestuart 07/21/2016 2:14PM
  That is a dozen years ago? -- BigCrumpy 07/21/2016 2:28PM
  Raycom syndication -- LT_Hokie 07/21/2016 2:40PM
  To clarify his question (I think)... -- BUGGZY 07/21/2016 1:13PM
My news paper saying B12 going to 14 schools -- BigCrumpy 07/21/2016 11:58AM
  BXII should get WVU go to ACC, add Houston in all sports -- PadrosWindup 07/21/2016 12:53PM
  I agree with your schools and POD arrangement -- hokie4ever 07/21/2016 3:50PM
  Given the Notre Dame factor, wouldn't the ACC need to -- VTHokie2000 07/21/2016 1:03PM
  Maybe ** -- BigCrumpy 07/21/2016 2:30PM
  Could the B12 let WVU out of the GOR though? -- cburgroop 07/21/2016 12:59PM
  I don't think the Pac 12 will do anything until around 2025 -- Tailgate Guru 07/21/2016 12:17PM
  I agree with you -- BigCrumpy 07/21/2016 12:22PM
  No, according to former CBS Sports President -- Colonel Jessup 07/21/2016 11:52AM kidding....I could have said that too and I earn -- CobbCountyHokie 07/21/2016 11:59AM
  Yeah, not sure why that was even brought up. So -- Colonel Jessup 07/21/2016 12:04PM
  I think so. ** -- chuckd4vt 07/21/2016 11:40AM
  Not at first but eventually we will be in the neighborhood. -- CobbCountyHokie 07/21/2016 11:30AM
  Or B1G -- BigCrumpy 07/21/2016 12:11PM
  I'm fine with it now. Hoping for the best!!!! ** -- chuckd4vt 07/21/2016 11:40AM
Well folks, it appears that my work is now done here. -- CobbCountyHokie 07/21/2016 11:07AM
  ND 2019 schedule -- mrcaniac 07/21/2016 10:07PM
  John Skipper just said it will not be a rebranded network ** -- Colonel Jessup 07/21/2016 11:56AM
  ... unless it is. -- Atlee Hokie 07/22/2016 01:12AM
  Deleted** -- CobbCountyHokie 07/21/2016 11:29AM
  Appreciate your insights over the years. -- Red Hokie 07/21/2016 11:14AM
That was 40 minutes I will never get back -- Hokiepac 07/21/2016 10:39AM
ACCN+ stream quality -- LT_Hokie 07/20/2016 11:31PM

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