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Here are more details from Jonathan:

This recent health crisis has brought into focus for many of us the important things in life. Specifically our health, and sadly our own mortality. At some point we will all face end of life decisions. There are certain steps we can take that will make sure our wishes are carried out and make things much easier on our loved ones left behind.

An advanced medical directive is a way for you to make sure your loved ones and doctors know your wishes when it comes to certain basic medical treatment. Your family will not have to guess, because you will have it written out. That keeps them from having to make some of those tough decisions, which is a great way to show your love for them.

A power of attorney is a way to ensure that if you are incapacitated in some way for medical or other reasons, important decisions of various types can be made by certain people chosen by you. The ones you trust the most. Some power of attorneys do not even come into effect unless or until you are unable to make those decisions. They can cover health, financial and other legal decisions and give as little or as much power in the circumstance as you see fit.

A basic will can make sure that the transfer of assets after your passing happens smoothly and without difficulty. By choosing your own administrator, typically with their consent at the time of the will signing, you can pick the best qualified and willing person. Expressly stating in your will what you want done with your property makes sure others don’t have to figure it out. Those wishes can be as simple as saying you want all of your property divided evenly among your three children, or as specific as making sure that your granny’s ring goes to your favorite niece.

Of course depending on your financial situation and the age of your children, more advanced planning like a trust might be in order to make sure those important people are taken care of in the event you and or your spouse unexpectedly were to pass on, and protect as many of those assets as possible so they may be used for that purpose. I can help you identify if you have that type of need.

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In case you are wondering, this does NOT mean that my focus on being Virginia’s number one defender of DUI and traffic cases has diminished in the least. So starting now and for the foreseeable future, I intend to offer the same FREE SUBSCRIPTION to anyone who hires me to help them with any criminal or traffic case as well!

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