Virginia Tech Football Introduces New Uniforms for 2018 Season

Virginia Tech released new 2018 uniform designs on Twitter on Tuesday.  At first glance, they don’t appear to be much different from last year’s uniforms.

Here’s a picture of the new uniforms for the 2018 season…

Virginia Tech

The shoulder strips are a bit different from last year’s uniforms, which are pictured below.  However, most of the uniform remains unchanged.

Virginia Tech

The Hokies will kick off the season on Monday, Sept. 3 at 8 p.m. when they take on Florida State in Tallahassee.  ESPN will televise the game.

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  1. Does ANYBODY like the orange uniform? It is beyond hideous. Ricky Fowler couldn’t even pull this one off.

  2. I liked the uni’s of the 2004 era and was upset when we went to the “throw up” jersey around 2008. Now I am ok with it because it is an orange & maroon version of the LSU style which I believe they have not changed for decades. The new uniform is just plain awful. All orange is just plain bad no matter what our style of uniform is – period! I like all white with o&m trim or maroon jersey/white pants & vice versa. All maroon is ok also. All orange should be verboten!!!

  3. Who in the world is picking this “burnt orange?” I live in Austin and know what burnt orange looks like. These uniforms are “traffic light orange.” Come on! A.H.

  4. When you see a uniform, you should instantly know what school is playing in them. The Maroon and White combinations scream “Virginia Tech.” I also like the shoulder stripe updates. When I saw the all orange uniforms I thought Tennessee or Clemson. I agree with the other posters who think Maroon/White is our best combination. It instantly identifies us and looks sharp.

  5. While not the best that Nike and VT could do, but they are much better than the retro shoulder stripes. These look far more modern. No matter what the uniform is, there will always be a vocal section of the fan base that says they look great or they look terrible. Orange is one of our primary two colors. Maybe it exists, but I have never seen a guideline that says we should never wear orange as the dominant color. The basketball team wears orange at lot and I never hear people complain like they do about the football team wearing orange. We come out with an orange that is more burnt orange, and now people want to go back to the day glow orange version. While I like for us to look good, I just want us to win.

  6. I like the new angled shoulder stripes. Looks more modern.
    Thanks be to glory, that awful turkey helmet is gone.
    If we win, people won’t complain about the uniforms.

  7. Contrary to what every poster on here has stated except one I think they look fine. Burnt Orange
    total uniform would look hideous. Nice overall look. My favorite though is maroon top & white pants.
    Second white top and maroon pants. Quite honestly, I wish we would stick with one variation of
    uniform for continuity with maroon top for all home games and all away games that are possible
    based on the combination opposing team uses that would make it necessary to change to white top
    for the away game. But for God’s sake do not being back the black or camoflauge uni’s EVER!!!

  8. Terrible…I can’t even believe it. Before I opened post I said to myself that I only wanted to see three things: (1) No more shoulder stripes, (2) no more all orange uniforms (and certainly not the wrong orange), and (3) all maroon unis. I can’t believe this crap. I don’t think I’ve met a single Hokie fan that wants all orange uniforms, and I can’t believe they redesigned more stupid shoulder stripes…what a bummer.

  9. Well after one short and then one long look at the picture I said to myself “Well, let me be the first to comment on how hideous. . . the . . . orange …. Oh, well… I guess that would be a superfluous post.”

  10. Terrible.

    Go back to plain maroon and white and white and maroon with all these hideous stripes etc. Sort of like a tux, simple and classy!

  11. Hard to imagine these things are the best we can do….the orange is hideous. The other two are boring and hardly worth the 5 minutes someone must have spent to come up with the “new” designs…

  12. First, #25 needs to work on his neck strength to match his incredible arms. I can’t say I like the collar and shoulder stripe combo. The shoulder stripes look like an afterthought. I hate the orange on orange.

  13. These are better, more modern, than what we had, but Nike is not trying very hard.

  14. The orange unis need a bit more maroon, but I REALLY like them all. MUCH better than the throwback unis of late.

  15. Totally underwhelmed. Was hoping the style we saw for last seasons Orange Effect game was coming this year for the maroon and white uni’s too. Another epic Nike fail.

  16. The shoulder stripes are hideous and the huge collar with a contrasting color might be worse. No orange helmet for the combinations. Absolutely poor use of contrasting colors for trim (is there any, outside of the shoulder stripe and collar???). This is a major fail in every way. Whoever designed this crap is an amateur and whoever approved this crap on behalf of Virginia Tech should be fired. I have no problem with orange, as some do — indeed, the orange jerseys we wore a couple times last year was our best look in years. But when given the opportunity to start fresh and come up with something sharp, this is the best Tech can do? Thanks Nike.

    1. I totally agree. Tacky uniforms. Gross orange. Let me know what game they’re wearing so I can not attend. Has anyone in Burgess Hall ever heard of burnt orange?

  17. Orange uni’s totally and I mean totally SUCK. not fond of the new stripes either …. never leave well enough alone

  18. The all orange looks like Tennessee, Syracuse or Clemson why wouldn’t we at least have some maroon? It’s still our primary color. It looks like the people who make or approve our uniforms, don’t know our school colors.

  19. Whatever else you want to call it, that ain’t burnt orange. Hope those never see the light of day.

  20. Nice. I like two of them and the two I like can be mixed and I would like them too. The other one I could do without. I think Meatloaf said it first, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

  21. My one wish for 2018 (uniform wise) is that we NEVER wear orange and orange.

    Orange pants, maroon jersey? OK. Vice versa? OK. Orange pants AND orange jersey? Burn them before the season starts.

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