DeJuan Ellis Recommits to Virginia Tech


Just two days after publicly decommitting from Virginia Tech on Twitter, McDonogh (MD) quarterback DeJuan Ellis recommitted to the Hokie coaching staff.

Ellis did not publicly list the reason for his decommitment, but the Virginia Tech coaching staff is very high on him, and they are happy to have him back in the fold. 

Most recruiting services view Ellis as a upper-level 3-star recruit, though ESPN ranks him as a 4-star prospect and the #9 player in the state of Maryland.  He recently ran a 4.47 40 yard dash at Nike’s The Opening Regionals in Northern Virginia. 

He and Quincy Patterson make two quarterback commitments for the class of 2018, and the Hokies are done recruiting that position this year barring any more decommitments. 

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  1. Tyrod Taylor is 6 1 and 200 lbs and he has accomplished a lot in Blacksburg and beyond. It’s all about the individual and their desire to succeed as it is in all of daily life! Welcome aboard!

  2. Only problem you will have now, Mr. Ellis ….is never wanting to leave the Burg after a few years there….btw, met my Marylander wife there …..

  3. Alright CC: are you going to be able to illuminate the factual back-story for us about this mercurial decision?

  4. Since Mr Ellis now sees himself as an Athlete rather than a QB, would that open the coaches to looking at other QB’s again? Technically, they only have one QB commit at this time.

    Or do you think Mr Ellis would still be interested in the QB position if Coaches Fuente and Cornelsen are still interested in him as a QB?

    1. My guess, and it is only a guess, is that Fuente/Cornelson spoke to him and said “We will DEFINITELY give you a shot at QB here. We think you CAN be a QB for us We see your skills in this, this and this…and here, here and here is how we’ll use those skills. BUT….if QB doesn’t work out, you’re one hell of an athlete and we’ve turned guys into WRs or DBs before too.”

  5. OrlandoHokie is exactly corrected. These young men are hearing everything they could possibly hear, and it’s impossible to know whether all they hear is actually true. I’m a big fan of having players who really want to play for us, so to see Mr. Ellis re-commit and publicly proclaim his Hokiedom in solidarity with all of us is genuinely awesome.

  6. It’s not easy being a normal teenager and I can’t imagine the pressure these high profile athletes must be under. You can’t go wrong with a school like VT, great academics, and great people.

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