Tech Talk Live Notes for February 29, 2016

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Seth Allen

Tech got some good shots up in practice today.  It was really intense as usual, but you get used to that when you play for Buzz.

The Hokies are in a groove right now.  They are playing for each other.

This time of the year, it’s all about the players.  The scouting report is out on every team, so it comes down to execution.

The fan support at home has been amazing.

It was really tough sitting out last year.  It’s tough knowing that you can’t help the team in games, so Allen and Zach LeDay just treated practices like games.  He and LeDay don’t have cable or anything like that, so they basically had nothing to do but hit the gym.

Transferring to Tech was the best decision for Allen.  Playing for Buzz Williams has taught him so much about basketball.

The transfer process is very long.  You have to get cleared, and you have to make sure your classes can transfer over.  It’s a tough decision to make, but sometimes you have to take chances in life.  Allen just trusted Buzz.

It was fun beating Florida State despite getting cut and getting stitches.  However, it wasn’t fun getting those stitches taken out.

Ahmed Hill brings the music to the postgame locker room.  It’s always a fun environment after a win.  Even Buzz Williams dances sometimes when the players make him.

The reward for a job well done is the opportunity to do more work.  Their main focus right now is Pitt.  This team really wants to finish strong.  They have been practicing really hard.

Tech has to play with better defensive intensity against Pitt this time.  They did not play well in the first meeting.  The Hokies have to get stops and run out in transition.  When they went on runs last night against Wake Forest, it was because they got stops on the defensive end.

Buzz Williams

Tech didn’t start the game great last night.  He was more worried during the first timeout than he has been in awhile, but the Hokies were able to start playing well quickly after that time out.  They are showing signs of maturity.  This team is trying really hard to do things the right way on both ends of the floor.

Chris Clarke is being incredibly unselfish.  It’s really tough as a freshman to come back from an injury during the middle of the season.  Justin Robinson continues to grow and mature.  Devin Wilson is providing a distinct niche, and everybody on the team realizes how much he means to the team defensively.

Ground is the hardest thing to make up.  Tech’s assistants have done an incredible job.  The staff has been in a very good groove.  He feels like the staff is improving, and the team is improving as a result.  Tech has done a better job of hiding their deficiencies over the last few games.

He told the team at halftime of the Wake game that they played bad in the first half, relative to how they had been playing.  They had to get more disciplined in the second half, and they did.

Buzz knows the players pay attention to his body language and his words.  When he congratulates an assistant on a well-executed play, he knows his players see that too.  Assistant Jamie McNeilly is a star.  He handles a lot of Tech’s special teams stuff (such as inbound plays).

Two of Tech’s assistants have been head coaches (Jeff Reynolds and Steve Roccaforte), and that’s very important.  It’s very valuable to Buzz to have those guys on the staff.  He thinks Isaac Chew will be a head coach within 50 days.  He turned down the opportunity to be a head coach last year.

Tech has two more opportunities during the regular season, and they are both at home.  The support at home has been a real positive.  The Hokies have to compete better against Pitt and Miami than they did in the first meetings with those schools.

Seth Allen came to Tech exclusively based on faith.  Buzz had never seen him play.  The family had just left UVA on an official visit when Allen’s father called and said they were on their way to Blacksburg.  At that point the only coaches on the staff were Williams and Isaac Chew.  They took Allen out to dinner on his last night in Blacksburg.  Chew told Williams that he had never seen him so intense.  Allen committed to Tech before he even got back home to Fredericksburg.  Williams will never forget that moment.

Buzz knows he is a hard person to get to know, and that’s on purpose.  He’s probably the direct opposite of what everybody thinks he is.  He loves all his players very hard, and he’s very tough on them.  He always tells them the truth even if it’s not what people want to hear.

Buzz lost respect for members of the local media because they accused him of certain things last year.  Thus, they aren’t getting any intel from him, and they aren’t getting inside the circle.

Justin Bibbs got off to a big start on Sunday night against Wake Forest.  He’s doing better on the boards, and so are some of the other players.  Tech is playing a little smaller because Chris Clarke is back, but the team rebounding is getting better.

Buzz is friends with a lot of fired coaches.  He sends videos of practice to them to get feedback on the team.

Tech has to decrease the voices they are listening to and be true to their roots.  That’s how they’ve been successful this year, and they have to continue to be like that.  Everybody wants to be patted on the back, but they can’t let it get to them.

Tech can’t turn the ball over 20 times against Pitt this time around.  You aren’t going to beat anybody if you do that.  Defensively, they have to limit Pitt’s uncontested shots.

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17 Responses You are logged in as Test

  1. Amazing Buzz has made Hokie hoops must watch again for me (yeah I’ll admit I couldn’t watch the few years before him)

    I absolutely love watching Seth, Justin, Justin, Chris, Zach, and Kerry.

    So lucky we get several more years of them.

  2. Count me amongst the minority here, but I can’t see how our basketball coach having a bad relationship with the media is in any way a good thing. He may have a good reason for being mad and I am not suggesting that he should just abandon his principles, but he needs to break off line with the guys he’s got a problem with, buy them a beer, and clear the air. Otherwise let’s not expect newspaper articles re VT hoops to give us any benefit of the doubt or any extra love when we might use some (… like when we start to approach the NCAA tourney bubble in a season or two.)

  3. I could care less about the media. They think the world revolves around them and all they look for is a story to print or cover on tv. Some are good but most of them are not and in covering sporting activities they also are biased. Thumbs down for the media!

    1. Absolutely. What I care about is Buzz is building this basketball program and making it respectable again. He’s doing a fantastic job, and he’s got my support 100%. If he is calling them out then I expect he has a good reason for doing so. It doesn’t bother me.

  4. Buzz lost respect for members of the local media because they accused him of certain things last year. Thus, they aren’t getting any intel from him, and they aren’t getting inside the circle.

    Seriously? I’m with you guys. Surprising. Let it go and move on

  5. Thanks to Buzz for standing up to the media! He’s a basketball coach who is responsible to VT, the AD, the team, his players, and to their families. He is not responsible for Pubic Relations or SID. He has always come across as being respectful until being disrespected, as was mentioned.

    Given his responsibilities as coach, he held a meeting with his players in late December, that apparently conflicted with media needs, and he was trashed by Andy Bitter on public forums and social media. It’s possible that this was not resolved and it lingers to today- media involved in ANY profession is often responsible for problems like this. Williams was doing his job- 2 months later, and it is apparent that whatever was said has worked. If they media wants a scoop, then follow the rules!

    One last consideration- which again, we’re not in the locker room to see- is that the media may be influencing the team in a way contradictory to what Buzz needs in terms of his coaching. He also commented that they need to shut out some outside influences – they may in fact be the reporters trying to get a story from the players. While I definitely appreciate information relating the backstory to how the team has come to performing at a higher level, I am not interested in the process to which that story was captured having ANY SORT of negative affect on how the team has played so far, or how they will perform going forward.

    One last thought- maybe CC can provide more info on his media-related comments in the TTL show. Unless you are part of the VT program, know of knows more than CC or another media person themselves might know.

    1. Damn autocorrect. Outside of the program, no one knows more than CC or other media what Buzz’ comments might refer to.

      RE: Coach Chew leaving, I hope that he too sees the incredible upside of VT basketball next season and decides to stay for at least another season! Thank you to all of the VT BB coaches for your hard work!!

    1. I thought his first run in was after the WVU game this year? What happened last year? I agree…these parting shots are sounding a little petty to me.

    2. Apparently he doesn’t like them and is not backing down. Risky I guess but he obviously does not care for them at this time.

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