Top Junior College QB Jerod Evans Announces For Virginia Tech

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While in Blacksburg on an official visit, Jerod Evans, a quarterback prospect out of Trinity Valley Community College in Athens, Texas, announced that he has accepted a scholarship offer from Virginia Tech.

Evans, who presumably will enroll at Virginia Tech next month, played two seasons at Trinity Valley. The 6’4”, 225-pound signal caller was outstanding this season, completing 62.4-percent of his passes for 3,164 yards and 38 touchdowns with only three interceptions in eight games. He added 414 yards rushing and four scores.

Missouri, California and Central Florida also offered Evans, who adds depth and experience to the Tech quarterback position. He’ll be a junior next season and is projected to be joined by senior Brenden Motley, sophomores Chris Durkin (who worked at tight end some last season) and Dwayne Lawson, and true freshman Joshua Jackson. Jackson plans on enrolling at Tech next month.

Jerod and his younger brother, Caleb Evans, are both at Tech this weekend on official visits. It is not known if Caleb, a senior quarterback prospect out of Bishop Dunne (Dallas, TX), has an offer from the Hokies at this point. (On a side note, read a terrific article on the Evans family by clicking here.)

Check out Evans’ sophomore season highlights below, and stay tuned to TSL for more on this development.

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  1. The most difficult obstacle for a new head coach to overcome when replacing a legend is time.Coach Fuente needs time to create his own legend.This doesn’t mean that fans want him to fail, it just means they don’t know yet what his legacy will be. Hokie fans owe coach Fuente and Virginia Tech time to create this new legacy , whatever it may be.

  2. Looks like Jerod has a quick release and a strong arm. I know this is a “highlight” film but it does show that he is aware of of what is happening around him in the pocket and downfield. It is exciting to watch Coach Fuentes work while creating hope for a major turnaround in talent. Go Hokies!! Can’t wait for the spring!

  3. Great News! Welcome Jerod to Hokie Nation! Looking forward to seeing CJF’s high octane offense next season!

  4. “They hate losing. They just hate it,” he said. “I tell my sons to be good people, to watch out for the pitfalls of today.

    Welcome Jerod, Mr. Evans and your family. Go Hokies!

  5. All of you may laugh at this statement but I worry that we might take some players that are not VT kind of guys and will not appreciate the history of where this program has been and came from. Coach Beamer left it in good condition and I would hate to see a someone tear down all the good that has been accomplished in these last 29 years. Maybe I am overly cautious and I sure as heck hope I am. I guess only time will tell. Sometimes the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, but doesn’t taste as good.

    1. Michael Brewer proved that it can still happen with a transfer. And Beamer is not the coach anymore, accept that and move forward with a program on ascension!

      1. Pretty spoiled to think the program can’t sink any lower. I certainly believe we are going to be improving, but I hardly consider 7-6 and 8-5 seasons as the depths. Very few programs can say they have not has a losing season in 23 years. I love getting Evans as I’m not sold on any of the quarterbacks in the program (including Lawson) as definite #1 QBs.

    2. So how could you have done any better than Justin Fuente. Have you read – studied his background? I think you are unnecessarily worried. Coach Fuente is not Frank Beamer, but his standards are way up there. He is a great fit for Virginia Tech.

    3. None of us know how he will pan out on the football field and I hope he is a great one for VT, but from reading the article about his family, their faith, and the fact that he chose to go to the Air Force Academy out of high school before getting injured and ending up at a JUCO close to home, I think indicates quite a bit about his character and I love the respect he gave on his twitter feed to Coach Beamer. His smile in that picture with Coach Beamer says it all to me. I think this young man shows all the qualities of what we hope to see from the guys who represent the Hokies on the football field. Welcome to the Hokie Nation Jerod! You made a great choice to come to Blacksburg.

  6. Hell Yes! Welcome Mr Evans! The more depth we have at critical positions the better off we are, obviously. Good luck to you when you get to campus, well all be rooting for tour success!

  7. Looks to be a quality prospect; glad to have another quality signal caller on team. Does this move indicate that a Lawson transfer is likely however?

    1. Why in the world did Lawson not play a down 2nd half of season, once his redshirt was removed early in the season? I have not heard a plausible explanation.

      1. I believe this has been addressed many times. Lawson did not develop as much as was hoped for last season and we still had something to play for. Brewer played very well down the stretch and definitely gave us the best chance to win. The burning of the redshirt has also been discussed in that Lawson was the #2 quarterback for several weeks and you do have a redshirt on your #2 quarterback. At this point, we do not know what kind of player Lawson is going to be, but it seems unlikely that he’d stay around to be a 5th year senior. I’m not thrilled with a 6-6 season, but I prefer that over a 4-8 with no bowl game. My sister and I are flying out on Christmas to Dallas, then driving to Shreveport for the game. I’m happy for Frank getting in this last bowl game

      2. Perhaps because he was not a viable option, no matter how much we (and the coaches) him to be and needed him to be. Just because the fans had him as the next MV, doesn’t make it ALSO doesn’t cast the kid as anything less than a damned good prospect! Freshmen prodigies are NOT a dime a dozen..mostly, guys need some time to develop.

        Give him time…the coaches desperately wanted him to be the next FRESHMAN sensation..he was not. He has time and may well be a great college QB!

      1. No, we have many pics of Coach Fuente from the press conference. We need to put more of them in our image database and use them.

        I have changed the home page pic to one of Jerod.

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