Tech Talk Live Notes for November 23, 2015

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Buzz Williams

Williams hasn’t been “home” for Thanksgiving since he graduated from high school. He’s been with a team every year since then. They’ll have Thanksgiving dinner wherever they are on Thursday night after practice.

Williams asked the players after the VMI game to write down the three things they’ve learned over the first week of the season that contribute the most to losing, and the three things that contribute the most to winning. He wants to figure out what the players are thinking, rather than just assuming they are on the same page as him. After reading the answers, it’s easy to figure out which kids are rounding second base and which are still in the batter’s box.

Devin Wilson practiced recently, and he seemed to do okay. Any minutes he plays will definitely help the team. He’s a mature player who has been through the battles.

Justin Robinson has handled his extensive playing time as well as you could hope. He has good energy and he processes things well. Seth Allen has played more minutes at the point than is best for the team.

Buzz Williams thought Ty Outlaw was the best prospect Tech signed last year, but unfortunately he can’t play.

Seth Allen tries to do too much at times. His last game was his best game, because he wasn’t trying to do too much. Buzz hopes the return of Devin Wilson will calm down Allen a bit.

Williams hates the fact that coaches can’t call a timeout from the bench anymore. It doesn’t make sense, but there are underlying reasons why those rules were changed.

This is a big week in a lot of ways. Hopefully they can finish their home stretch on the right note, and then play well in Florida later this week.

Buzz likes playing in tournaments like this. It’s a quick turnaround, and it gives evidence on which players handle the turnaround the best.

Buzz has been most pleased with Zach LeDay so far. His last game was his worst game, but he still had a double-double. You can’t annoit someone after playing three low-major teams at home. However, he’s shown signs of being a good player. He has toughness and he plays with an edge.

Frank Beamer

Beamer is very appreciative. He never imagined that so many people would reach out. He never thought he would be here for 29 years. Virginia Tech has some great fans.

Beamer thanked Buzz Williams for wearing his custom made Frank Beamer shirt on Saturday night during the basketball game. That’s what he likes about the athletic department. Everyone is supportive of each other.

Beamer joked that he was worried that the smallest guy on the team, JC Coleman, was one of the guys carrying him off the field. An offensive lineman would have made him more comfortable.

UVA has played some very close games this year. Beamer is very impressed with their teams. Matt Johns throws the ball well, and the offense goes through Smoke Mizzell. They have several big threats on their team.

Dadi Nicolas made contact with the official, so he is suspended for the first half against UVA. Beamer doesn’t think it was intentional, but he’s going to sit for the first half. Nicolas was very apologetic.

Beamer feels like ACC officials are improving. Everybody makes mistakes. They have a tough job. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

Michael Brewer is a tough guy. He has an ankle injury. Beamer feels like he’ll be okay. Travon McMillian is beat up and very sore, and he’ll probably have to take it easy in practice this week. Beamer isn’t sure Brandon Facyson will be able to play on Saturday. They’ll have a better idea later this week. Tech has been banged up in the secondary all year.

Colton Taylor will snap for Tech this week. Eddie D’Antuono is a good snapper, but he’s in a bad funk right now. He’s got to get his confidence back. Beamer will work closely with him this week.

Beamer expects a very good environment on Saturday. Tech fans amazing him. He’s hoping they’ll show up in force this weekend. It’s a big game for a lot of reasons.

If Beamer had a two minute elevator ride with the next head coach, he would tell him that he’s about to be the luckiest guy in the world. Tech has a lot of good kids coming back, and the fan support is great. He’d tell him to get ready for a good ride, because he’s coming to the right place.

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  1. Our QB, RB and CB are all banged up and/or questionable. And Dadi rides the pine for half a game. Talk about not being able to catch a break. A win with that kind of baggage would be even sweeter though. One last time..for Frank.

  2. Glad to hear Coach Buzz’ comments about Devin Wilson. During the show Buzz said something like “even someone with an untrained eye can see how valuable he is to this team.” I hope those on this board who have been less than complimentary of DW will take a second look. Here’s hoping you’re back tonight, Devin! We need you!

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