TSL Poll: Who Are Your Top Three Candidates to Replace Frank Beamer at Virginia Tech?

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It’s time for the poll of all polls. Who are your top three candidates to replace Frank Beamer as Virginia Tech’s head football coach?  Whit Babcock has a big decision to make, but who would your top picks be if you were in his shoes?

There’s no perfect way to do a poll like this. The reason we decided to make it a three-choice poll is because we have no way of knowing which coach is available to Virginia Tech and which is not. We also don’t know who is on Whit Babcock’s list and who is not. So to simplify things, just pick your top three candidates.

We also realize that many of your choices will be based around whether or not Bud Foster returns as Virginia Tech’s defensive coordinator. If you’d prefer Foster to stay, pretend he’s staying and vote for your favorite candidates. If you’d prefer Foster to move on, just pretend he’s moving on and vote for your favorite candidates.  Or, if you want Foster to run the show in the post-Beamer era, include him as one of your top three candidates.

13 candidates are listed, and we tried to include the names that have been mentioned the most on the message boards, as well as in various articles by local and national beat writers. Choices are listed in alphabetical order.

Here are the 13 candidates. Choose your top three.

Who are your TOP THREE (3) candidates for Virginia Tech's head coaching position?

  • Dino Babers, Bowling Green head coach (1%, 148 Votes)
  • Matt Campbell, Toledo head coach (2%, 279 Votes)
  • Larry Fedora, UNC head coach (9%, 1,578 Votes)
  • Bud Foster, VT defensive coordinator (15%, 2,548 Votes)
  • Justin Fuente, Memphis head coach (12%, 2,010 Votes)
  • Pep Hamilton, former offensive coordinator for Stanford and the Indianapolis Colts (5%, 811 Votes)
  • Tom Herman, Houston head coach (15%, 2,615 Votes)
  • Dan Mullen, Mississippi State head coach (5%, 841 Votes)
  • Chad Morris, SMU head coach (11%, 1,893 Votes)
  • Matt Rhule, Temple head coach (3%, 524 Votes)
  • Mark Richt, Georgia head coach (12%, 2,028 Votes)
  • Rich Rodriguez, Arizona head coach (7%, 1,176 Votes)
  • Kirby Smart, Alabama defensive coordinator (6%, 969 Votes)

Total Voters: 6,277

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  1. Fedora sure doing good job at UNC. Looming sanctions could shake him loose, but I believe the fix is in. I think Wolford(sic) would protect UNC vs NCAA.Agree Bud not HC material hope he’ll stay if not selected. Anybody thinking, Gene Chizik if Bud Leaves? Either HC or DC. Kiffen? Wow seems to be great offensive mind, but character is weak. You’d sure have to have some big time restraints in his contract.

  2. I don’t see the fixation on Rich Rod. People seem to forget he was a disaster at Michigan and threw WVU under the bus. 2-3 against the Hokies is no great accomplishment. I don’t think he is a great coach, and he may be past his prime on the down hill slope. We don’t need him.

    1. he was not a disaster at Michigan at all, and did a great job at WVU….they threw him under the bus you do not know what happened I do….FGD

  3. We don’t need a big name, the flavor of the year, or RR. We need an offensive guru type coach that will mesh with Bud and can recruit the southeast. Indiana HC Kevin Wilson: grew up in NC, played for UNC, coached & played under Randy Walker at UNC and Northwestern, OC for Bob Stoops at Oklahoma when they were setting scoring records, having trouble getting wins at IU but they are not an easy out (just ask Michigan) and he took their offense from 100+ to top 30. He makes $1.2M so not expensive. Unless he has said “not interested”, I don’t know how he’s not on this list. I’ll be Whit has him on his list.

  4. Who is the offense of Cordinator for Oklahoma State? He impresses me. I know there’s a lot of unknowns but from a coaching standpoinT that guy knows how to move the ball, is young and has a lot of energy. All things this program needs.

  5. and we wont pay Houston $5,000,000.00 to buyout him. and i still don’t know why everyone is so upset at Rich Rod. all he did was 2-3 against Tech. just because he coached at WVU –so what? he can coach and he can recruit and i dont think he would go anywhere else…he’s got a good 16 yrs to coach.

    Bud has too much luggage and on top of that the last 2-3 years he has not had the enthusiasm with the defense during the game..he just walks around…i sit right in front of the defensive bench ..watch him saturday and on top of all he is a defensive coordinator and has nothing to do with offense.

    1. Wow. What an interesting fit actually. Al certainly has the whole College Prep & Tie routine down already. I can see him in Orange & Blue.

  6. I am not in favor of Bud as our Head Coach although there is no one in the program I have more respect for and the job he has done. His position as Defensive Coordinator does not in my mind necessarily qualify him for the Head Coaching job when we need a proven offensive mind leading the team. Where will we get a proven offensive coordinator who is not looking for a head job himself. Our recruiting must improve substantially and right away. Bud has not been known as an exceptional recruiter. Time in service should not automatically qualify someone for a move to a position in and of itself. The most qualified person should get the job.

    1. Totally agree. His future is as a coordinator. He’s gotten looks at jobs before and not gotten them. That alone speaks volumes. A head coach has to wear many hats. He must be a diplomat, father figure, coach, psychologist, fundraiser, recruiter, and part politician. I just don’t see Bud Foster being all of those things. I really think it would set us back if he got the job. He’s been a great servant, and I hope he stays on as defensive Cordinator but not as head coach.

  7. Everytime I hear Mark Richt’s name it reminds me of Adrian in Rocky 3…………..” You can’t win!”.

    This guy is a safe and soft father-figure for 18-23 year old men but he is only satisfied with 10-win seasons.

    He’s another coach that hasn’t shown that he can win the big games. The locals very much want to drive him out of town.

  8. I hope Whit has a better list. Josh McDaniels, doesn’t matter who lines up on that offense…they win. I know, having Brady helps, but he would probably be a great HC and recruiter at college level.

  9. is there any possibility that none of those guys become the HC at VT? Whit could be laughing at this list.

  10. I voted for only two which skews the %’s. Several don’t meet the head coaching experience criteria. Tom Herman is a Urban Meyer guy – do we really want that culture at Tech? Mark Richt is a nice guy, a good coach, and a cultural fit but can’t win the big ones; talk to the Georgia folks. Chad Morris is unproven as a head coach and a Texas guy. If he did get Tech back, he’d leave in a heartbeat when a Texas team came calling. Justin Fuente – maybe but can he win big without his QB? Larry Fedora is a proven, offensive minded head coach that has built a good program at a basketball school and has proven he can recruit in the ACC. Team him with Bud and we’re winning. Why do we need to look further?

    1. I can’t see Fedora leaving. The man from uncle could turn the bball school into a football school and be compared to the likes of bear Bryant and

      1. But then what the percentages represent good sir?

        I was thinking it might have been easier to have everyone just vote for one. Wouldn’t that have produced a more accurate result? Thanks for your response!

        1. Percentages mean how many readers picked that coach

          For example, 43% have picked Tom Herman as one of their choices. 57% didn’t pick Herman at all.

  11. I voted Mike Leach, Les Miles, and Rich Rodriguez. I wanted to see more of those cheerleaders from #PAC12AFTERDARK.

    1. I am with you, friend and have been arguing for Mike Leach since the first week of the month. #LeachshouldreplaceBeamer

  12. I went to Va Tech undergrad and then to Univ of Ga. Not a Richt fan, but I admit he wouldn’t be a bad choice.

  13. I wonder how many of those coaches listed would hire Bud Foster as their DC? Richt and Morris would probably do so.

    It appears that Rich Rodriguez is becoming less popular with the TSL crowd as we watch the leaves fall off the trees. The more I read about Tom Herman, the more intriguing he becomes. Virginia Tech would be a great place for him. My only concern is Herman leaving for Ohio State if Urban Meyer decides to suddenly retire again. Then again, any of those coaches mentioned could easily do the same thing.

    1. Those are probably better choices than I made. I voted for guys I thought we could get (Herman, RR, Fuentes); so my vote is not very valid.

    2. Great poll question CC. I voted Richt, Herman, & Morris.

      I get why people are against Richt, but he is my #1. If we can somehow land him I think it would be huge. He gets VT back to where we were in the quickest fashion IMO.

      1. Richt is not leaving UGA as he has the No. 1 QB recruit coming to Athens next year. Also, I doubt they will fire a 9 win coach this year.

        1. A younger Frank Beamer, who can recruit but not win the big games. Just flew to Oregon over the weekend to visit Eason, his 5 star QB

      1. Nice top 3; I’m fully on board with that, though I’d put Fedora first just since he has head coach experience.

    3. Chris,

      I am with you on Herman. He was a winner at OSU, winning at Houston and can recruit Power 5 players.

    1. Time in service does not necessarily qualify you to be HC. IMO, if he were truly HC material, he would have already been hired as one. Great #2 guy, but not a #1 guy. Not meant as a knock against him in any way, but not everyone is wired to be the CEO.

      My biggest issue with him is recruiting, which he has not shown to have much success in. VT has to recruit better, especially in Richmond, DC, and Chesapeake. Our path back to relevance starts by getting blue chippers, esp OL and DL, from those areas to come to B’burg.

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