Tech Talk Live Notes for November 9, 2015

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Buzz Williams

The Hokies have a lot of new kids this year. They are trying to play different this season. It’s a lot to do. They have so much more they need to accomplish, but Saturday is only five days away. Monday was Tech’s last day off before the season begins.

Williams is really sad about Frank Beamer retiring. There will never be another Frank Beamer in Buzz’s era, and that makes him sad. It’s also sad for the families of all the coaches, because they are going to have to go through major changes soon. It’s sad for the players and their families. If College GameDay doesn’t come to Tech, it means they don’t respect what this should be about.

The Virginia Tech men’s basketball head coaching job is not the same job as it would be if Frank Beamer had never come to VT. When Buzz first got hired, one of the first calls he made was to Frank Beamer so he could get 30 minutes of time with him.

During a typical week, Tech plays two games, and they have to take one day off. They’ll spend one “day before the game” routine and a “two days before the game” routine. There is also a day that they dedicate just to working on their own system.

Tech does closed scrimmages against Division I teams rather than exhibition games against non-Division II games. Buzz likes to scrimmage against one coach he’s familiar with, and another that he’s not familiar with. The coaching staff have coaching clinics together the day before the scrimmage. On the day of the scrimmage, they’ll have a two hour session in the morning and a three hour session in the afternoon. The coaches will go over a lot of different situations.

Tech tries to have a different theme each year. This year’s theme is “The Ladder.” He’s teaching his players what he learned from year #1 at Tech that he thinks can help with year #2. There are six rungs on the ladder, and it’s about the six steps they need to take in the building of the program.

Buzz likes the character of his team very much. If you aren’t a worker or a good person, you aren’t going to like Buzz Williams, so you aren’t going to sign with Virginia Tech. None of their players were taken off guard when they got to Tech. You have to figure out who kids are before you figure out how good they are. Devin Wilson is the only player left on the roster who was on the team before Buzz Williams was hired. Buzz believes in his philosphy. If it doesn’t work, he won’t be coaching here anymore in two years.

Seth Allen is a very good player. He needs to improve his defense. He wants to be a better defender. He’s a lot of fun to be around. He’s a very smart guy who could be a coach later in life.

Frank Beamer

Tech has had some big ballgames with Georgia Tech over the years, and this year is no different. Both teams need some success right now.

A lot of people have reached out to Beamer since his retirement, and it’s been fantastic. When you have been in one place for so long, and you love what you do and you love the people around you…it’s been a good ride. He’s very appreciative.

It was special to receive a presentation from the Board of Visitors on Monday. He thanked them for keeping them around, because that’s where it all starts.

The team is focused in despite the retirement distraction. Beamer appreciates the way the coaches are coaching and the way the team is practicing. They now have to take that to the game and play well. He’s hoping they can play extremely well.

Former Georgia Tech coach Bobby Ross was a huge influence on Beamer’s career. Beamer learned a lot from him when it comes to offense, defense and special teams. He worked for Ross at The Citadel. Beamer found out quickly that Ross liked to watch film over the summer rather than go on vacation.

The traditional option play was run a lot when Beamer was coming up through football. These days it’s a specialized offense. The read option has taken over. You have to be very disciplined and play your assignments. Nobody does it better than Paul Johnson.

Justin Thomas is the best quarterback Georgia Tech has had since the Hokies started playing them. He’s a load.

Georgia Tech lost start defensive tackle Adam Gotsis for the season this weekend. Tech has to get Travon McMillian the ball regardless because he’s got a lot of talent. You’ve got to score some points, because the Yellow Jackets will score some points. If the Hokies can get them behind and force them to throw the ball a lot, that could be an advantage.

Beamer likes Thursday night games. You’re the only game on, and if you play well it helps recruiting.

Sean Daniel, a walkon wide receiver from Oscar Smith High School, is running the scout team offense this week. He’s very fast. The scout team has done a great job all season.

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  1. My senior season was 1978. We were 4-7 with wins over Wake, W&M, WVU and VMI. It was a slight improvement over the previous year when we beat Wake, W&M and VMI plus a tie with UVa. Talk about bad offense, we averaged less than 16 points per game those two seasons. Thank you Frank!!!

  2. Today, My roommate sent me the results from 1973, my last football season at Tech. We were 2-9, lost our first 6 games of the season, and got smacked by Alabama 77-6. We won against UVA and Florida State.
    It’s all in your perspective. Frank has done wonders for Tech, both on and off the field. I’m glad we have witnessed a legend at work.

    1. For the Alabama game I was at Fort McClellan Alabama and listened to the game on the Alabama network. It was gruesome.

  3. So, Tuesday Nov 10, 2015 will be 4000 days VT has held the Commonwealth Cup. WOW! Thank You Coach Frank Beamer!!!

    Virginia Tech has held the Commonwealth Cup for 3999 days. #Hokies

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