Tech Talk Live Notes for November 2, 2015

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Frank Beamer

Beamer has gotten a tremendous amount of positive feedback, and he’s very appreciative. Virginia Tech people are the best. What has developed at Virginia Tech is special. It’s special to him and Cheryl, and it’s been great being able to coach with his son as well.

Beamer is the last guy who wants Tech people divided. He didn’t want that going forward. Plus, announcing now gives the administration time to get going and make the right hire. It was the right thing to do for Virginia Tech.

Beamer and Cheryl will still be in Blacksburg cheering on the Hokies in the future, and yelling at the next coach if he messes up (he was joking).

Beamer gave Dave Braine a lot of credit for sticking with him through tough times. Jim Weaver was made to be an athletic director, and he did a great job. He’s been fortunate to work under the current administration as well.

Virginia Tech is very fortunate to have Whit Babcock as athletic director. Beamer has known his dad ever since he interviewed for the JMU head coaching job very early in his career.

Beamer knew he needed to take another step after winning at Murray State, but he never knew he would step up to the level of Virginia Tech so quickly. That was the job he really wanted. There was a lot of pressure. Virginia Tech has always been special to him, and it always will be.

The whole hiring process at Virginia Tech was unbelieveable. He and Dutch Baughman hit it off, and things worked out.

After awhile, it was obvious Tech had to be in a conference from a money perspective. The Big East came through. That move saved Virginia Tech. Then the ACC came through, and that was where Virginia Tech always belonged. It has been good for Tech, and Tech has been good for the ACC.

Thank goodness for the Independence Bowl in 1993. That really got the ball rolling. He can remember how pleased and happy the whole program was to make that bowl game. These days fans expect better than the Independence Bowl, and that’s a good thing.

Tech needed a win in the worst way against Miami in 1995, and they got it done. That was a big day in Virginia Tech history.

The most difficult part of retiring is leaving people behind, the people that you care about the most. This staff is tremendous. He’s fortunate to have had a lot of great coaches, and he feels like this current staff is his best ever. This group of players is special. Sam Rogers is a great example, and there are many others like him. Leaving those people is not easy. They’ve meant a lot to him and still do, but it was time to do it.

The Bristol game was obviously going to be different. He joked that he’s disappointed he won’t be able to drive a racecar around the track again. That’s going to be a one of a kind game. It’s not about the games as much as it’s about the relationships and people. That’s what he’ll miss the most.
Beamer can’t imagine what running out of the tunnel against UNC will be like. He’s had a lot of special moments at Tech, and the fans have made it special. He knows the crowd will be loud and hopefully the team will get the job done.

It’s always a help to have extra time to play Georgia Tech. Playing them year after year helps, but for a lot of defensive players it’s the first time they’ve seen this kind of offense.

Justin Thomas is a really good quarterback for Georgia Tech. He’s perfect in that offensive system. He can run it and throw it. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s really tough.

The way Tech played at BC was Beamer’s vision of how the Hokies were going to play this year. The Hokies had a great offensive gameplan and moved the ball well. These young receivers are going to be tremendous. They got some big plays out of the kicking game. That’s what he envisioned for this season, but he didn’t envision losing Michael Brewer early. That’s how the game works, though.

Beamer gave a special thank you Diana Clark, his secretary. She is a big part to a great organization that includes the academic people, training staff, strength and conditioning staff, etc.

Beamer is disappointed that the Hokies never made it back to the National Championship. You have to have a special year, and they haven’t quite been able to put that together since 1999. Sometimes it doesn’t bounce your way.

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  1. It will indeed be sad to see others go, when the new coach takes over. The end of an amazing era. Whoever ends up leaving, I wish them the best, in their next endeavors, and thank them for what they have done, and will continue to do, through the rest of the season, and hopefully, a bowl game.

  2. I was at the CineBowl last night (woo, birthday dinner!) and forgot TTL was held there until I saw Whit walk through the door. I saw Frank come in, and everyone was ready to give him a big ovation before he took the stage as the sole TTL guest, but he darted off to the side to sign a football and take a picture with a kid first. It was the most Frank Beamer thing I’ve ever seen.

  3. When we win a national title, a piece of it will belong to Frank! The dreams we have now would have never been possible without him! Best wishes to you and THANK YOU for all you have done to give us a program to be proud of Coach!

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