Beamer Wants to do “Whatever’s Best for Virginia Tech”

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Frank Beamer
Frank Beamer

When a coach is 69 years old and struggling to win games, it’s common for him to be asked about his future. Frank Beamer wasn’t exactly asked about his future on Monday, but he was asked if he’s worried about going out like some of his good friends, such as Mack Brown and Jim Grobe.

As expected, Beamer said that he was focused on beating Boston College: “That’s the only thing on my mind.”

However, he didn’t stop there. He didn’t go into great detail, but he noted that doing what is best for Virginia Tech is always what’s most important.

“Whatever’s good for Virginia Tech, whatever’s best for Virginia Tech, is what I’m into,” Beamer said. “I’ve always felt that way, and I always will.”

Beamer did not elaborate on what he felt was best for Virginia Tech at this time.

Hokies Able to Do More in the Passing Game with Brewer

Brenden Motley is obviously capable of doing more on the ground than Michael Brewer. However, as we saw Saturday, Tech is capable of expanding their passing game with Brewer at quarterback. We saw Bucky Hodges finally get involved in the offense again, and more than half of Ryan Malleck’s catches have come from Brewer, despite the fact that Brewer has played fewer than two full games.

“Motley did a great job when he was in there, but a lot that he was asked to do was more in the running game and playaction,” Brewer said.

That’s certainly true, as Motley is still the team’s second leading rusher despite barely playing against Duke. Brewer went into a little more detail as to why Bucky Hodges emerged again against Duke.

“Having me back and being able to distribute the ball a little bit better, and also having Travon emerging…allows [Bucky] to have more one-on-one matchups.”

Tech’s intermediate passing game looks much more efficient with Michael Brewer back in the lineup. Just ask Hodges, who scored three touchdowns, as well as Ryan Malleck.

Malleck with Brewer in less than two full games: 9 catches
Malleck with Motley in 6+ games: 6 catches

It was well-known going into this season that Virginia Tech only had four solid receiving targets: Isaiah Ford, Cam Phillips, Bucky Hodges and Ryan Malleck. With Motley at quarterback, regular routes to the tight end weren’t as effective, and the Hokies lost one of those primary options, and Hodges wasn’t very effective either. With Brewer back, all passing options are back in play. We’ll now finally get a chance to see what the offense was designed to look like with an experienced Michael Brewer under center and a full complement of weapons who are not freshmen.

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  1. I haven’t studied this analytically, but it seems that older, legendary coaches rarely leave at the right time, and a decline toward the end seems to happen a lot. I do think the much higher salaries play a part. When you’ve moved up into seven figure salaries, and each year of that pads your family’s future for generations to come, not walking away from the money sitting on the table is understandable. But coaching elite college and professional programs appears to be a 12-15 hour a day occupation. Hardly surprising, therefore, that guys who are dramatically turning around programs tend to be in their 30s, 40s and early 50s. The ability to put in that level of energy past 60 is rare.

    This program needs to start fresh again while it can still attract decent recruits (we aren’t in the running for most top recruits anymore since the Fuller pipeline is over). The longer VT hangs on to the past, the faster the future is slipping away.

  2. Coach Beamer will not resign before a season is over and Whit will not fire him till a season is over. He does not want or need a victory lap or year. One game at the most, or maybe a bowl game this year or next. It is not in him, for all this big show like players and some coaches do.

  3. Frank Beamer is a heck of a coach, a real man, and a role model for fathers and grandfathers trapped in a crazy complex world that is college football. His picture hangs in my office and will do so until I retire years from now. Frank will do the right thing at the right time.

  4. You know, the “he must resign immediately” thing is getting pretty old. It is likely that decisions have been made, but the timing of the announcement needs to be such that we are put in the best possible position from a hiring and recruiting perspective. Let’s leave it to Whit and Frank to figure that out – I know that Frank has the university’s best interests in mind and he will be fine with whatever timing is right for VT. We as individuals don’t know all the factors that will go into the timing decision and we, as Hokies, ought to show some patience and let this be worked out by those that do. In the meantime, lets tone down the anti-Frank rhetoric – he has done amazing things and everything you have ever loved about VT football is largely due to him. Step back, reflect, realize that ongoing negative comments aren’t going to affect the decision making – lets show some Hokie class folks. Okie dokie?

  5. CFB is an icon, and has done things the right way. But “Whatever’s best for VT” is for him to voluntarily resign immediately, in hopes the team rallies around him for the next 4 games. Until he does, they’re just empty words, when action is needed. Here’s to hoping he follows through with his “best”.

      1. Correct, two different things. Resigning immediately, is like Spurrier quitting in the middle of the season. Announcing his retirement effective at the end of the season is quite another.

        Beamer would never quit in the middle of the season, and Whit would never remove him in the middle of the season.

    1. Really? This is my opinion an stated it many times. I think Frank last year is next year. I am ok with that. Many are not. I think that this was in the plan last year. Just guessing on my part, but I think that is the way it plays out.

  6. Absolute class act. This guy has worked and dedicated his life’s work to his passion, which is Virginia Tech Football. I, myself, love VT more than anything and have such a dedication in my heart to the school and am an avid football and basketball fan despite the records. That said, I can’t imagine how invested Frank is as an alumnus, a previous player, and the guy who came back home to take this school (HIS school) to the level and heights this program has reached under his tenure. I, like most fans, sometimes get lost in results on the field…but I am reminded by the class act that FB is that he is so much more invested in this program than any of us could ever imagine, and I would like to see him go out how ever he wants. We will see how things go, but I support him and the team regardless of any decision made.

  7. We may have a more successful coach in our future, but we will never see the likes of a true VPI gentleman again.

  8. It certainly sounds like Frank has accepted that his fate is not in his hands anymore, and that is the best approach to take/say.

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