Tech Talk Live Notes for October 12, 2015

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Cornell Brown

The biggest factor of the NC State win was Frank Beamer coming out early in the week and getting the team playing with emotion.

Brown played for Beamer, and now he coaches with Beamer. After you are around him for awhile, you really start to understand his vision. However, sometimes it doesn’t hit home as a player. Sometimes you don’t realize it until you get older.

It’s big to have Andrew Motuapuaka back at mike. They needed his experience. Sean Huelskamp played well in his absence.

You have to be really good players in space these days, and that fact dictates how Brown coaches his players.

Deon Clarke is having a great season at backer. He has been really productive and he’s being a great senior leader.

Miami played great against Tech last year. The most frustrating thing is that the Hokies didn’t put up much of a fight.

It’s been great to see the program grow over the years. The stadium was great on Friday night. When Brown played the crowds were much smaller. The Hokies have rabid fans these days.

It’s always tough to overcome a loss like Kendall Fuller. It hurts on the defensive side, but it hurts the team in general. However, that’s the nature of the business.

Deon Clarke

Bud Foster told the defense all week that they had to win the game Friday night no matter what. The staff showed videos of how the team was making plays, but nobody was celebrating. They took those lessons to heart on Friday night.

Foster made some good halftime adjustments at halftime. He told them to pay attention to their own assignments and not worry about anybody else. When they made those adjustments, they shut NC State down.

It was great to get Andrew Motuapuaka back. He’s been a big asset to the defense.

Stopping quarterbacks running the ball is all about gap fits. Everybody has to defend their own specific gap.

Last year’s Miami game was embarassing. They have to play gap sound defense. The Hokies pride themselves on stopping they run. He wouldn’t change the gameplan from last year. The defense just has to play better.

Frank Beamer

Tech’s players and coaches did a great job in preparation last week. Everybody in the organization realized that Friday was a big game and that the team needed to play better. He was proud of the way they prepared and the way they played.

Beamer is saving up his remaining dancing moves for a big win. If they keep winning games, they’ll eventually get a chance to win a really big game.

Tech is fortunate to have a lot of good running backs. Travon McMillian is a very capable running back. The other backs are just as capable, but getting guys in a rythym is important. Those other guys have to stay ready. The Hokies just can’t play all their backs right now.

Sam Rogers and Travon McMillian catch the ball very easily. They can really help Tech in the passing game. They can also make something happen after the catch.

Beamer is proud of Brenden Motley. He came back from a not-so-good game to play well against NC State. He gives you something in the running game as well. Tech has two quarterbacks who can win football games for them.

Michael Brewer looks well, but they have to make sure the injury is fully healed before he can take contact. Healthy or not, it’s good for the team to have Michael Brewer around. He’s a great leader and he has a great personality.

Chuck Clark is very important to this team. Tech can’t lose him or they would have chaos in their secondary. He has a lot of young players around him. He’s very dependable and steady.

Miami wore Tech out last season, and that doesn’t happen much in Lane Stadium. They ran the ball at will. They are always going to have good personnel, and they are always well-coached. Al Golden has done a great job there.

Brad Kaaya is a very good quarterback. He is always in control no matter the situation. The Hokies need to get pressure on him so that he doesn’t get comfortable.

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  1. Did anyone ask FB about his reaction to Spurrier’s announcement? Or had it not yet been made publi?

  2. I am glad and happy that Frank stepped in and gave the team the “juice” infusion they needed, but it still REALLY bothers me that Frank and his staff didn’t see it or address it during the Pitt game. The lack of fire, intensity, and emotion in Lane Stadium the last few years has been bewildering. But like I said, I’m glad Frank was able to lift them up and get a convincing win against NCSU. Just make sure they pack that up and take it with them to South Florida!

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