Brewer Progressing Towards His Return

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Michael Brewer always has a good sense of humor during interviews. Despite missing the last four games due to a broken clavicle, he was in midseason form while meeting with the media on Tuesday night.

“Getting hit is part of football,” Brewer said. “I’ll be alright. This thing (pointing to his shoulder) will buff out.”

Despite the fact that he returned to practice on Tuesday and is throwing in pads for the first time since his injury, Brewer has yet to be cleared to play on Friday. That will be determined by his progress throughout the week.

“We all got reps today,” he said. “We’ll see what happens on Friday. It’s still pending. I’ve still got to see the trainers and doctors before I can officially be released to play, but I felt good today.”

When asked if he was going to play against the NC State Wolfpack, Brewer remained coy.

“I don’t know yet. We’ll see.”

Brewer got off to a hot start against Ohio State, throwing for two touchdowns in the first half while leading his team to a 17-14 halftime lead. However, he broke his clavicle on Tech’s first possession of the second half, and things haven’t gone as well for the Hokies over the last two weeks.

When asked if the last two games have sped up his return, he responded simply: “It’s been tough to watch.”

Tech’s #1 quarterback was throwing and running 10 days after surgery. Despite his return to pads on Tuesday, he still doesn’t know what it will be like to take a hit. How quickly he returns will be determined by how his body responds to taking those hits. The Hokies normally don’t let their quarterbacks get hit in practice, but because of his injury, they have to make a special exception for Brewer.

“We’re going to have some mats laid out, and basically I’m going to have to get hit and fall on them and see how it feels, then get some more X-rays and see how everything looks.”

That might not sound pleasant for a guy who was injured just a month ago, but Brewer is itching to get back on the field.

“I’m looking forward to testing it out,” he said. “I think I’ll feel good. I’ve done well so far with rehab…I’ve got a lot of metal in there now, so that thing’s pretty sturdy.”

Over the last four weeks, Brewer has alternated between being in the booth with Scot Loeffler and being on the sideline with Brenden Motley. Though he hopes to be ready for Friday night’s game, he’ll also be willing to resume his coaching role if he isn’t cleared to play.

“Hopefully I’ll be ready to play, but if not then I’ll put the headset back on and try to coach my tail off out there and help the team win.”

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  1. O-line getting too much of the blame. Motley held on to the ball tooooo long in the game. Needs to trust our 6-5+ TEs and athletic WR to make plays like ECUs and OSUs did to us. Not going to find a guy running wide open every play. Maybe it’s him but probably the coaches holding him back like they did Brewer last year after he threw the picks. Result = 0 pts against wake!

  2. I sure hope he isn’t rushed in prematurely. Let that thing heal up, kid. We all LOVE your heart and can’t wait until you’re back at 100%.

    Now… once Mr. Brewer IS ready there’s reason to hope for making a nice run through our remaining games. He’s a slinger and quite an upgrade back there at QB. Though I grow more skeptical of our performance against OSU the more they struggle it is QUITE clear that Brewer was handling that game much better than Motley.

    Quicker and better decision making is the key. It requires defenses to also think and work harder. And with an upgrade at QB, opposing defenses will have to be much better to shut us down. Complete a few quick passes to our 3-man receiver corps and suddenly they have to stop blitzing every play and concentrate on the whole field. And THAT could just make our beleaguered OL look and perform a lot better. Maybe. Just maybe. Can I hope a little?

    Get well (all the way well) soon Michael!!! GO HOKIES!

  3. Brewer is needed on the field ASAP, and needed on the sidelines when his playing days are over. What a tremendous kid with heart and determination!

  4. Good Lord Mr. Brewer has such a great attitude. He did not have great year last year, primarily because the poor dude was pummeled. And again this year because a 400 lb dude pounced on him while he was trying to make a play. He’s not bitter. He is not downtrodden. He is such a positive spirit. I am very happy that he transferred here to be a Hokie. Wonderful attitude. Best to you MB.

  5. I like Brewer. Great guy. But Motley is fine: he is taller, runs better and a very decit passer…he is not the problem!!! I would give Brewer another week and try to correct the real problems: the coaching (both offense and defense) and the OL.

  6. Brewer is a gamer for sure, but they shouldn’t rush him back this week. Give him one more week. Think of the firestorm for Beamer if they roll him out there and he rebreaks the bone in the first half – Talk about negative recruiting material. If Beamer wants to be shown the door, playing Brewer prematurely is the way to fly.

    1. God bless the kid. he is fearless thats for sure. especially knowing the OL he will be playing behind. Hoping he is able to play the rest of the season.

      1. RGIII was medically cleared to play in that playoff game vs Seattle. But in hindsight no one in the world thinks that was a good idea.

  7. Nc state is third in the country in total Defense right now. I know he’s a gamer, but I hope these coaches are sure if he comes back. Maybe it’s a little head games to the NC St coaches to have to potentially prepare for both.

  8. I don’t wish to cast bad thoughts but this is ridiculously risky to try to bring him back for the NC State game. Michael is one bad hit away from being done for the entire season. Mark my words this is exactly why players are having nagging injuries and season ending injuries. This is why sprains and hairline fractures become broken bones or full ACL injuries. Coaches and trainers are pushing the recovery period. I am ashamed that Mike G. and the doctors are allowing themselves to be compromised like this. Hope i am wrong. What happened there coach?………Well frankly i think that process got out of whack somehow. I had no idea we were pushing the kids this hard. This will get a hard look during the off season.

    1. This is a clavicle fracture S/P ORIF, not an ACL, high ankle sprain or concussion. With pads he should be fine. Leave the medical decisions to the doctors. They are NOT being pressured at all. If you think Frank et al can exert any influence over a medical decision by the orthos you are crazy.

      Could he re-injure his shoulder, yes. That would, however, not be a devastating injury nor would it put him at risk of complications later in life.

      1. From my perspective…….You’re failing to remember how many past injured players have fast-talked themselves back onto the field too early when they shouldn’t have been allowed to play by the coaches and trainers. Thus this resulted in further injury or prolonged their recovery period due to premature medical release: Michael brewer 2014 (not 100% until Bowl game), Ryan Malleck 2014, Brandon Facyson 2014, Luther Maddy 2014, Trey Edmunds 2014, Jonathan McLaughlin 2014, Chase Williams 2014, DJ Coles 2013/2012, Antoine Exum 2013, James Gayle 2013, Tony Gregory 2013, Tariq Edwards 2012/2011…….just to name a few.

        All these players returned way too early before being 100%. Oh and recovering from collar bone break isnt devastating but can be no joke. I broke mine in similar fashion and felt pain for the short term with each walking step I took for at least 2-4weeks. I certainly stayed away from running motion and body collisions.

    2. Don’t think the staff is pushing him, everything I’ve read makes it sound like Brewer is the one pushing the staff and they’re trying to stop him.

      The guy knows this is his last season ever playing football, and a collarbone isn’t going to be a life changing injury down the line like concussions or blown ligaments so he’s willing to push to get back on the field.

  9. If the OL won’t work their butt’s off to protect this guy, then we need new guys on the OL.

    1. Exactly. Searles needs o look each one in the eye and say “If you miss your blocking assignment at any time in this game and the quarterback gets touched, you will be benched and I will make your life miserable until you prove to me that you can protect your quarterback. IT IS WILL.

  10. No way do I start or even play him this Friday. The collarbone seems like the most fragile bone in our bodies. Give it at least another week and a half off.

  11. He is a Leader for sure. But the last two weeks , VT has needed Lineman that could block. And Play calls that where better suited for the players Playing. I be glad when he does get his chance again, we might see the short passing game that has worked so well . But Protection will be the biggest, I wonder if Lefty is going to use a TE sets and a RB in the back field to help on Blocking, something he didn’t use last week or the week before.

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