Scot Loeffler Not Surprised by Brenden Motley’s Performance

Brenden Motley
Brenden Motley

After two starts, Brenden Motley sits at #24 in the country in passing efficiency.  He was an unknown to Virginia Tech fans before he entered the Ohio State game after Michael Brewer was injured, but his performance has been very impressive after the first quarter of the Furman game.

Motley is 35-of-57 for 489 yards with five touchdowns and one interception.  That’s a 61.4% completion percentage, and his passing efficiency rating is good for a mark of 158.9.  He has also added 79 rushing yards and two touchdowns.

Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Scot Loeffler told the media on Monday that he isn’t surprised by Motley’s performance.

“We know his skillsets,” Loeffler said. “We know what he does well. If I was only around Brenden for a year, I’d say yes [I was surprised by his performance]. But I’ve been around him almost three years now, so we know exactly what he is and what he brings to the table. He’s improved over the last two and a half years immensely.”

Isaiah Ford had a slightly different take.

“I think if I learned anything, it’s his ability to prolong plays, to create when there’s nothing there or when he has people in his face.”

Ford then cited Motley’s touchdown run against Purdue as the perfect example.  There was confusion on the snap on that play, and the ball got to Motley before he was expecting it.  Rather than panicking, he scrambled to his right around the slower Purdue defense and ran it in for a touchdown.

That answer makes sense.  Mobile quarterbacks are limited in practice because they are forced to wear a yellow jersey, which limits the damage they can do with their legs.

It was fullback Sam Rogers who paid Motley the ultimate compliment.

“He’s a gamer,” Rogers said.

High praise, considering Rogers is a gamer if there ever was one.

It’s still early in Brenden Motley‘s tenure as Tech’s starting quarterback, but he’s off to a promising start.

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  1. Is Motley the man for the Battle in Bristol?
    Old thinking; Motley vs Lawson next spring (assuming Brewer played all season).

    New thinking; 1) Motley 2) Lawson 3) Michigan recruit? (Motley’s experience and performance entrench him as the #1 going into next year)
    Motley is shaking up more than people’s perceptions of his ability, Danny is being the ball so far.

  2. Funny how these things work at times. Brenden surprised a lot of people vs Purdue. Many were afraid that Purdue game would be a Mark Leal type performance. My point is …….ya never know when a guy on the 2 deep who has not distinguished himself in practice, will come on like gang-busters in a game. Something about ‘showtime’ that brings out the best. Here’s hoping the Brenden continues to do so well that Brewer doesn’t have to rush things coming back

    1. As much as I like Brewer and would like to see him get some reward for all his hard work in preparation for this season, and get his just due after a devastating injury, I’m conflicted. If Motley is still doing well, mayby hot or on a roll, does automatically inserting Brewer back in the line-up screw up offensive continuity developed by then? I know we always talk about playing the guy who gives you the best chance to win, but at that point how do you know? I trust the coaches they know what they’re doing, but still we gotta be careful here. If Motley is doing well, I’m thinking we play him, and Brewer becomes first back up, give Brewer a chance to play since his career is over at the end of the season.

      1. I’ve been thinking all along that you have to put Brewer back in based on the fact that he knows the complete offense better, he reads defenses better, he is better at looking off the d-backs (where Motley tends to stare down his receivers), etc. But, who knows where Motley’s development will be in 3-5 weeks from now, when Brewer is due to return? If he is better down the road, and is holding up against ACC competition, then maybe you do have to stick with the hot hand at the time. It would be rough on Brewer, but he also strikes me as a team player (he traveled to Purdue and was seen sitting next to Motley discussing whatever they talk about together), and obviously is doing everything he can to help this team. I don’t think that will change, and if he understands that his role going forward will be to help Motley develop, I think he will be okay with that. All I know is that I have confidence that Loeffler will make the right decision based on how the offense is performing thus far this season.

  3. gotta give the kid credit. he’s finally getting more than just a few plays at a time and he’s delivering. let’s hope he can continue this success as the competition increases! Go Hokies!

  4. I can’t help but see an interesting scenario. Last year a certain team lost its first game (with a back up quarterback) and then went on to win the National Championship. Hmmmm. Never mind. I’m not that drunk.

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