TSL Poll: Should Dwayne Lawson Play Against Furman?

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There’s been a lot of talk about Virginia Tech’s quarterback situation.  Do you think true freshman Dwayne Lawson should play this Saturday against Furman?

Should Dwayne Lawson play against Furman?

  • Yes (80%, 2,543 Votes)
  • No (11%, 366 Votes)
  • I dont know/no opinion (9%, 289 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,198

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  1. I vote no. If the game gets out of control then yes think about it. However, while we did lose to a very good OSU team its not the end of the season. Take the hand of the panic button and let week two play out with our number 2. Motely has worked hard and deserves a chance to start against a D-II team. Depending on his stats and decision making they can reevaluate for Purdue and ECU.

  2. If Lawson is the best of the remaining QBs, the shirt needs to come off and start him. The experience transfers to next season. If you pull off the shirt, he needs as many game reps as possible before the ACC schedule kicks in. We need to win now while a good record and an ACC title shot is salvageable. If Lawson is the Quarterback of the future, the future is now.

  3. The sooner you get him on the field, the sooner he adjusts to the speed of the game and gets some tape to look at. PLAY HIM NOW!!!!
    Don’t do what Stiney always did. Expecting him to come from nowhere next year against Tennessee with no snaps.

  4. Oh Boy!!! This is great!! A quarterback controversy!! Sometimes the 2nd string QB is the most popular guy on the team to some fans. Not with us Hokie fans, now the most popular guy is our co-3rd string QB.

    BTW – I voted to play him. The next 3 games are perfect for QB experimentation and it looks like that’s exactly what we’re going to get. If Durkin is healthy, let all three have 2 or 3 series in a row.

  5. If there is a 50+% chance that he plays any this year, he should play against Furman. If so, I would give Motley the start and the first three quarters and then let Lawson play the entire 4th…..And I would have him passing the ball regardless of any negativity about running up the score. VT 70 Furman 0 would be just fine with me….

  6. A corollary question is can Motely stay upright through the rest of the season. With his size playing style I think not. What happens if Motley makes it through the easy games and gets killed by Pitt? The only way to keep him from getting beat up is to change his style of play. He’s not a pocket QB. Lawson is the only passer on the team. You have got to get him some experience before we get to the teeth of the schedule.

    And to those who say Brewer will be back in 4-8 weeks… Yes he’ll be in one piece and no longer have a broken collar bone. That said he’s not going to magically heal at 5 weeks and be ready to come in and win games. He’s losing over a month of practice and game experience. If he comes back at all this year it would be a miracle.

    Gotta play Lawson.

    1. Totally agree about playing Lawson but not about Brewer. He will come back by Miami and be awesome. VERY TOUGH KID. He will likely
      Try to convince coaches he’s ready in 3 or 4 weeks.

    2. Agree with everything except about Brewer. He can throw (it was not “throwing” clavicle that was injured) well before he is released to play in a game. So , you are correct that he will be nowhere near “game ready” when he returns but he should easily be able to play again this year. During the game, I turned to my wife and said “probably 4 weeks” but of course, I did not know how much angulation might be involved in his break. Surgery made that a moot point but extended the “weeks before playing” end point. Of course, I, too voted to play Lawson sooner rather than later….

  7. I trust the coaches to play the QB who gives us the best chance of winning this week and every other week. Just remember, our record this year will influence recruiting. We need to win.

    We already have the coaching uncertainty which is creating serious headwinds for recruiting.
    How about it Whit? Ready to resolve that uncertainty?

  8. Why would anybody vote NO on this. If Brewer was healthy then it would be a no brainer to redshirt Lawson. But were you guys watching the same game as everyone else with Motley?!! I love he kid, but he was totally unprepared and I rather Lawson get his feet wet vs. Furman and Purdue vs. an ACC opponent.

  9. should take the opportunity in a non-conference, winnable game, against an opponent we specifically scheduled at this point in the season because its a short week and Furman should be an easy win. This is the time to see what’s what.

  10. We should put the best passer in because we are going to see stacked lines until we can show we can throw the ball consistently. If we don’t have a viable passer, then we need the best option QB on the field.

    Is Durkin not an option or is he injured?

    1. Durkin is an option. He played a lot in one of the summer scrimmages and ran impressively (even with a yellow jersey on), but was gimping noticeably. Not sure if he still has a lingering injury or not.

  11. I am unsure if he should play against Furman. I see value in giving him experience against a supposedly inferior DI-FCS opponent. However, I believe it is scheduled to rain on Saturday which could alter Lefty’s gameplan. Also, typically coaches don’t like to open the playbook against DI-FCS schools. If Lefty decides to run a very very (and I mean very) vanilla offense against Furman and doesn’t open up the playbook (even at some level), then I am not sure this “game experience” will benefit Lawson all that much if he is suddenly expected to run more of the playbook against Purdue and ECU.

    1. I agree with what you’re saying mostly but really for your first start any experience is good experience. There is virtually no pressure on this game. The fans will be behind you 100% and mistakes will be forgivable because after Monday I honestly doubt we see Furman get passed the 50 in the first 3 Qs. I get what you’re saying though

      1. I slightly disagree with your statement “any experience is good experience.” For example if a first time starter is only going to hand off or pitch the ball (i.e. toss and sweep plays) and not run any read option plays (when it may be a staple in the offense), then I don’t see how that is preparing the QB to run the read option against tougher competition.

        Likewise, if the QB is given predetermined reads on pass plays, then it may not help him learn how to read defenses. Instead of a QB going back to a receiver that may have been previously checked down, the QB may force a throw because he is at the end of his checkdown. Or if the OC is instructing the QB to throw to a certain target (i.e. FB out on the flat) on a certain play (i.e. I Left Banana Yo-Yo Scat Right), then the QB may force the throw (assuming the FB is covered) instead of moving onto the next checkdown.

        I don’t disagree that the Furman game should be perfect for getting a first time starter’s feet wet. However, it doesn’t mean the OC should completely hold back on the educational opportunity. Likewise, the OC shouldn’t expect a first time starter to know the entire playbook (and the kitchen sink) either. Instead open up the playbook enough to allow whatever QB to grow while still holding back a few surprises for ECU and Purdue.

  12. 4 Star QB , 20 year old freshman , What’s the deal here ? Someone said, he needs to time to learn the Play Book , Build his body for College Football, etc. . They are playing 18 year old freshman QBs already at other colleges, and some are not 4 stars. Sounds like VT has the problem. At 20 years old and Not ready, what’s he doing at VT to begin with ?? Who is Ready , Amazing …

    1. Yeah I get real tired of hear the “my ready true freshman” excuse. UCLA’s QB is an 18 year old true freshman and that kid toasted UVA who actually has a solid D. Just playing the kid it’s not 1990 anymore where freshman don’t play. He was recruited here because we thought he could play early so why not play him?

  13. Remember when LT was playing horribly and everyone thought we should give the ball to Leal? Then remember what that looked like when UCLA forced that to happen? If Lawson was already ready, why isn’t he 2 on the depth chart? Why is he even tied with Durkin? Coaches teach/evaluate/coach and fans watch.

    1. Simple: Redshirt. Leal had already RSed. Lawson is listed as a CO-#3 with Durkin anyways. The way I read into that after seeing the gameplan vs OSU was essentially Lawson is Brewers backup and Durkin is Motley’s.

  14. If he is as good as they say he is he will never be at Tech for his 5th year even if he is redshirted so while Motley should be given his shot I say Lawson should begin to get some playing time as soon as possible

  15. What’s the biggest “spread” TSL has ever had on a poll? 83 to 9 or 74 points has got to be a record.

    Go Hokies!

  16. With Brewer out we are one injury away from Lawson being our back-up. It doesn’t make sense not to play him. If he’s the future of VT football and he gives us our best chance to win, he needs to start playing and get experience.

  17. I think you have to start getting his feet wet if there is any chance he is the best option for VT come conference play. I think the likelihood that he doesn’t play any this year is very low. If that is the case then take the opportunity to get him some live snaps against a lower caliber opponent and get some film.

  18. I would prefer he get his redshirt year to develop both physically and mentally, however, if SL and staff think that burning the shirt would salvage the season, it might be worth it. The decision depends on a lot of factors, but ultimately I think the staff will make the right one. I just have flashbacks to LSU in 2007 when we burned TTs shirt and he missed out on a redshirt year. We’ll see what happens.

    1. Tyrod would have gone pro after 2010 regardless. I would have shot myself if we only had Glennon that year. What kind of confidence do you think Tyrod had after executing only scoring drive we had against LSU? I remember a young Donavan McNabb playing at lane in a losing effort but playing pretty well. Syracuse knew then what they had as we did with Tyrod. Lawson needs to play. Not gonna be a five year guy probably.

  19. Someone pointed correctly the other day that these next 3 games are our opportunity to get our QB’s prepared for conference play. Lawson (and whoever else) needs to get whatever snaps they can while they can. Heck, we were about to take the redshirt off Andrew Ford in the second half of the UVA game. If something happens injury-wise (or confidence, etc…) to Motley, you need to have these other guys take some snaps against other teams.

    The layout of the next 3 games seems like the perfect build-up toward the conference slate.

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