Virginia Tech’s Depth Chart Released

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Virginia Tech’s depth chart for the Ohio State game was released this morning as part of Tech’s game notes.

Note that Virginia Tech says that this is an “unofficial” depth chart.


There are a couple of things to note about the offense depth chart.

First, Matt Hill is listed as the #3 tight end.  He is a converted walk-on quarterback.  His place at #3 is interesting, and it most likely means that Kalvin Cline’s knee is not 100%  The staff also planned to play true freshman Xavier Burke this year, but an ankle injury forced him to miss part of August.  The fact that Hill is listed on the depth chart could mean that Burke still isn’t ready to play at this stage.

Kyle Chung is listed as the #2 center, which means he is apparently healthy.  That means Tyrell Smith can be redshirted this year, if Chung and starting center Eric Gallo can avoid the injury bug.

Michael Brewer and Brenden Motley are listed as Tech’s top two quarterbacks, as expected.  For the #3 spot, it’s Chris Durkin or Dwayne Lawson.  The staff is certainly leaving the door open for Lawson to play this year.


There aren’t any surprises on the defensive side of the ball.  Donovan Riley is listed as a backup corner, but in reality he is the utility man who can play just about every spot in the secondary.  Greg Stroman has held onto his role as Tech’s nickel.

At linebacker, Sean Huelskamp is listed as the #2 mike, with fellow walkon Trent Young at #3.  That means Carson Lydon is  slated for a redshirt year, barring injury.
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Defensive tackle Steve Sobczak has made a rapid ascension up the depth chart.  He is battling r-junior Nigel Williams for the #4 spot, though Williams will likely get most or all of those reps against Ohio State based on his experience level.

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  1. Looks like the Strength and conditioning program is sub par; not getting it done at V Tech.
    Many of these guys have been here ; in a D1 program , for two to three years and are 20 lbs of muscle or more beneath where they should be.
    D Tackles in the 260s?
    A Defensive end @ 227lbs : he lost weight, should be atleast 240, his senior year.
    Fryes’ been around for year: he should be, atleast 215lbs.
    A Middle LB @ 207Lbs, come on, that’s poor.
    Any quite a few others.
    They need to revamp there “Strength and Conditioning Program or coach :they’re not getting it done there.

  2. What seems like years, I am hoping to see a dominating O-line for four qtrs. & a bruising D-line that tops the 7 sacks last year at OSU
    Lets Go Hokies

  3. Surprised to see Austin Clark listed on the depth chart. I assume Parker is really the 3rd string at RT

  4. In Bud I trust but I don’t see Stroman being able to man the nickel position based on the physical nature of the position. I see Mook or Riley taking over that Job. Or even Clark back at Nickle with Riley at fS.

  5. 1. Really hoping this is the year RVD plays up to his potential
    2. I bet Riley supplants Frye at Rover before the end of the year. Riley would start for most teams.
    3. Too bad about Cline. I figured he and Hodges together would render moot the search for a third receiver
    4. Greene is smallish for a free safety at 186. I hope Clark stays healthy.

  6. A bit disappointed that Jaylen Bradshaw hasn’t been able to crack the 3-deep at WR. Also too bad to see Cline’s name not on the TE depth chart. Stroman and Frye will be tested early and often by OSU, I think.

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