Poll of the Week: Are You Going to the Brad Paisley Concert?

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In case you missed (ICYMI), country superstar Brad Paisley is going to play a free concert at Virginia Tech on Sunday, September 6th,  at 9 PM (opening act Eric Paslay at 8 PM). The concert will be held in Lot 1, the Cassell Coliseum lot.

Here’s the full press release: Brad Paisley Free Concert Sep. 6th

Simple question: Are you going?

Are you going to the Brad Paisley concert at Virginia Tech on Sep. 6th?

  • Yes (30%, 420 Votes)
  • No (57%, 803 Votes)
  • Undecided / not sure (14%, 193 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,416

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Our poll last week asked which 2015 football road game you consider to be the toughest. The Georgia Tech game on Thursday, November 12th took the prize by a large margin.

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Total Voters: 1,887

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16 Responses You are logged in as Test

  1. Getting together with lots of Hokies the night before a big game listening to music – sounds like a party. I’m in!

  2. It’s great for VT and for his fans, and I think for him. I’m glad who ever made it happen, made it happen.

    However, I do not like “modern” country. Sounds too much like pop to me. I like a lot of different types of music, but I like the older versions of them, not the current music in each genre.

    I’ll just be tailgating in relative peace up in the airport lot.

  3. Apparently his next stop is in Austin. I might have to walk across the street and go to that one.

  4. I’m not going, but my daughter class of ’99 and Brad’s #1 fan, will be there front and center sending me a live feed. Only thing I’ll miss is George Jones’ ghost being the opening act for his friend.

  5. although I think it’s great for VT, I applaud those who made it happen, and I wouldn’t mind the views (love the short skirt & boots look) I wouldn’t go if it was in my neighborhood. I’m not a fan of country music. And I think the logistics of getting in and out are going to be bad.

  6. Why Not ? It will be a very good show, Top Talent and at a great place, VT . They are doing lots of things for fans and I like all the new stuff going on. At 68, I’ll be there with my Hokie stuff on .

  7. Not a fan of “contemporary” country (I dig the older stuff), but would still go to the concert if I were in town on Sunday. It’s just a cool event, and it wouldn’t be the first time I enjoyed a show that wasn’t in my musical wheelhouse.

    1. Kind of my attitude, not a fan especially of the newer stuff, don’t really know Paisley that well, but what the hey, tend to like live music and people enjoying themselves, Blacksburg will be happening that weekend.

  8. I don’t get in town until Monday.

    I’m not a country fan and would probably take advantage of the open bars downtown if I happened to be in town on Sunday.

    I heard Chris on one of the radio segments about people not liking country and that it is popular in SW VA. I completely agree. It isn’t my thing, but I think it is cool that it is happening at VT. It is great to have something like this during a huge weekend for the school.

  9. Not going to the concert because one daughter and son-in-law will be going while wife and I will be babysitting two grandkids. Yeah, we’re suckers for grandkids.

  10. Attending the concert will depend on the weather. If decent (i.e., not raining or brutally hot) we’ll take the RV up on Sunday in which case we’ll consider the concert. Otherwise, we’ll head up the mountain on Monday morning.

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