Holland Fisher and Shawn Payne to Transfer From Virginia Tech

Holland Fisher
Holland Fisher

According to Mike Barber of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, r-freshmen Holland Fisher and Shawn Payne will transfer.  That’s been the rumor since practice opened, and it was finally confirmed by Barber, who got his information from sources at Virginia Tech.

Shawn Payne is from LC Bird High School in Chesterfield, which is outside Richmond.  He was not a highly-touted recruit, having chosen Virginia Tech over Charlotte.

Holland Fisher was a 4-star prospect from Richmond.  He signed with Tech in 2013, but didn’t qualify.  After spending the 2013 season at Fork Union, he enrolled at Tech in 2014 and redshirted while working at rover.

Fisher was 197 when he enrolled, but was down to 181 before he transferred, according to HokieSports.com.  He lost an extreme amount of weight despite moving closer to the line of scrimmage to play the whip position.

A top 100 recruit coming out of high school, Fisher was always a high-risk/high-reward player. He never had a natural position, and despite his high rankings, we at TSL always made it a point to say that everyone needed to be patient with Fisher and his development.  Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for him.

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    1. Nothing natural about that weight loss. Question is – is it self-inflicted or has something been thrust upon him?

  1. Next off-season, I’d like to see an all-transfer team: Here is an excerpt from the spring scrimmage: Ricardo Young drops back to pass, looks left for Stafford, checks down to Mangus….Nick Dew whiffs on the tackle while Holland Fisher gives chase. Wait, what’s this? Jake Johnson comes out of nowhere from across the field to make a monster hit….look at the arms on that guy…!

  2. The Fisher weight issue was troubling. I believe he weighed 205-210 at some point. Most players have issues gaining weight, whereas he lost weight consistently it seemed like. HOpefully it was not health related.

    1. I don’t know…sounds like he may be troubled. Remember he was suspended from his HS when he signed too. Lots of red flags that make me think he needs some help, whether it be psychological or change of scenery. Hope he finds what he needs elsewhere. Wish it could’ve been here as he’s talented, but wasn’t meant to be

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