Shai McKenzie to Serve 15 Days in Jail

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Shai McKenzie
Shai McKenzie

Shai McKenzie will serve 15 days in jail and perform 50 hours of community service for one of his two misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The other charge was dropped.

According to Norm Wood of the Newport News Daily Press, McKenzie must report to jail by next Friday at 5pm to serve his 15 days.

McKenzie has been indefinitely suspended by the football program since March, though we expect his situation to be addressed by the time practice opens in August.

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  1. I think we look at this as middle aged adults and think, “15??”, he’s a monster. No, he was an 18 year old. That means there could be as little as 25 months separating their ages, and it was consentual. Do we know if she lied about her age? Yes, he broke the law, and he will pay the price for that, but I don’t believe this rises to a level where it should ruin the rest of his life.

  2. After he has done his time and is coming home, I hope we tie a yellow ribbon round the ole oak tree. Better outcome for all involved. Go Hokies

  3. Let him continue his education if he wants to (doubtful) but his career as a football at VT should be over.

  4. He still has three years left right? maybe two. Suspend him from games for a year. Does he stay out of trouble? is he an example for others? Does he continue to work hard in practice? Not just average hard – but one of the hardest on the team. If so, and he’s earned it, then let him back next year – one more mistake of any kind – he’s gone.

    A suspension of a couple of games only has him looking to the date he gets back – a year grabs attention – requires actual change, not just go “on the wagon” (I realize the other things that happened) for 2-3 games. He’s never been out of football that long. He can still realize his dream (that most guys would bend over backward just to have the ability and the one chance) – he’ll just have to work extra hard.

    I also realize this hurts the Hokies. But this is an opportunity to really change a young man’s life, if we lose a scholly for a year, but we teach Shai to become an upstanding Hokie then its worth it – whether he makes the NFL or not.

  5. After following this saga since the news broke, my initial reaction was “This guy is gone. His time as a Hokie has lived its course.” Then, as the summer progressed, I kept hearing and reading rumors that the team actually expected him to be reinstated at some point. This blew my mind, because as I had read in the Roanoke Times, he had consensual sex with a minor (15 year old). Sure enough, as today’s tweets and articles read, it appears that one of the two charges has been dropped, and the other he will serve time for. So in short, the rumor mill believes he will be back with the team in August. The school and athletic dept. will wait till Shai serves out his sentence, meets his legal obligations, and then make a formal announcement/decision. So one of two things happened, in my mind:
    1) There is more to the story than what has been made public. Whether it is DNA evidence, the plaintiffs case, or Shai’s role in the matter, his punishment was greatly reduced.
    2) The courts (or family) did not want to pursue the harder punishment, because they didn’t want to subject the young girl to a lengthly trial. Being on the stand, reliving any pain and suffering she may have endured, etc.

    My hope for Shai is this:
    1) That he is all the wiser. That he chooses his friends better, that he treats women with respect and dignity, that he doesn’t find himself out late doing things he shouldn’t be doing, and that he thinks twice–acts once.
    My hope (as an alum and fan) is this:
    1) That Shai is allowed back.
    2) That he becomes a vocal leader in the locker room and a model citizen for his teammates.
    3) That he focuses on his craft and academics and taps into his true potential.

    All that to be said, and it still hinges on his knees healing. I’m pulling for the guy, hoping he takes full advantage of this second opportunity. I am also praying for the girl and her family, and that whatever role she had, that she too can recover and move beyond this terrible tragedy.

  6. If this is really is over alcohol the laws need to change. To destroy a young football player and college student over a beer or mint julep is silly. I don’t drink myself but did at that age. So will most kids. I was forbidden to have a KISS album but had an eight track the whole time when I wasn’t suppose too. You can’t keep kids from doing things they want to do at that age. There is a lot more awareness for drunk driving now as well. There wasn’t that much when the law was made and it needs to change. After what happened in Charlottesville the law is being pressed past what it was intended to do. He should not lose his college career or his chance at the NFL over a beer or two if that is what happened.

  7. All he’s charged with is contributing to the delinquency of a minor. I’ve always thought this was an odd charge when he can’t legally buy beer either. They should do away with a drinking age & let this be a parental matter. These girl’s parents should be doing a better job raising their kids.

      1. Thanks. I thought that charge was the one dropped & the alcohol was the charge that stuck. I still think this whole thing could’ve been handled out of court & the girls parents need to reign in their kids if they don’t like them having sex at such a young age. They must be really naive if they think some kids aren’t sexually active at 14 years old. I hope the girls are ok. I suspect the girls would’ve been better off w/o this playing out in court. I think I would’ve warned Shai to stay the Capital H away from my daughter & grounded her. Probably called his parents, too, since he was acting immature.
        Hopefully, no long term damage to anyone.

  8. I think a felony and he is gone. A misdemeanor and he has chance to stay.
    I would think this was a settlement structured so he could stay in school.

    1. I think so. If he actually got jail time…then he pretty much has to go, right?

        1. You mean “if” it was the result of a felony.

          Because it was a misdemeanor, I think there may be a chance he plays. Probably an administration decision.

          I have not seen anything saying that VT already made a final decision either way. Has there been any other issues other than this? Was this a one-time stupid mistake? Etc. I would suspect he would at least be suspended 1-2 games, but I have no actual info.

          1. Just read the Bitter article. If I had the ability, I now would just remove my previous comments bc I don’t know if they are relevant- I thought this was buying alcohol for a minor.

  9. What were the specifics of the two charges and which one was dropped and which one did he plead guilty?

    He needs to get the 15 days and 50 hours completed pronto.

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