Opening Lines Available for Five Virginia Tech Games

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Once again, Golden Nugget is the first sports book to release lines for the upcoming college football season. Not every game is available to bet on at this point.  Only the games that Golden Nugget considers the biggest games of the year are open for wagers.

Several Virginia Tech games are included. Here they are…

Ohio State favored by 16 over Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech favored by 9 over Pitt
Miami favored by 6 over Virginia Tech
Georgia Tech favored by 9.5 over Virginia Tech
Virginia Tech favored by 4 over UVA

Some of those lines are interesting. Miami is only favored by 6.5 at home against UVA, and they are 6 point favorites at home against the Hokies. That’s only 0.5 points between UVA and VT, yet the Hokies are 4-point favorites in Charlottesville. It’s almost as if Scott Stadium is worth nearly a touchdown…to the visiting team.

The Hokies are 9-point favorites over Pitt, which seems high considering the Panthers have won five of the last six meetings. However, Tech won the last meeting in Blacksburg 19-9. Georgia Tech by 9.5 seems very high. The Yellow Jackets have beaten the Hokies only twice under Paul Johnson, and both of those wins came by a combined eight points.

The Miami series is very strange. The Hokies blew out the Canes in Miami two years ago, and them Miami blew out Tech in Lane Stadium last year.  That one is tough to predict, though Miami lost many key contributors.

As far as Ohio State goes, at first glance that line seems high, but we’re talking about the defending National Champions here. Take a look at their last three scores…

Wisconsin: 59-0
Alabama: 42-35
Oregon: 42-20

The Buckeyes are dismantling opponents. Even that Alabama game wasn’t as close as the final score indicated. That being said, 2015 is a different season, and the game is in Blacksburg.

If I were a betting man, here’s what I’d do for those five games…

OSU: I’d bet on a different game, but if I had to choose I would pick Ohio State.
Pitt: I’d bet on VT.
Miami: I’d stay away from this one, but if I had to choose I would pick Virginia Tech.
GT: I’d bet on VT.
UVA: I’d bet on VT.

What would you do?

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  1. If i were to rank order the bets as of today based upon a Hokie bettor wanting to win
    Virginia Tech favored by 9 over Pitt is the worst bet
    Miami favored by 6 over Virginia Tech is barely better than worst bet
    Ohio State favored by 16 over Virginia Tech is a lot of points for what could be low scoring game. I think VT is closer than 16 to tOSU
    Georgia Tech favored by 9.5 over Virginia Tech is a lock for VT….thank you Bud Foster,,,,shoulda had’em last year
    Virginia Tech favored by 4 over UVA… lock ever… game time, spread will be much higher IMO

  2. we might lose to osu but it wont be by 16 points the rest hokies win it will be fun to have osu in Blacksburg and Miami is our best game every year that one is fun we hate them they hate us much better than uva rember hokie bird and ibius at half time that is a college rivalary

  3. Why anyone would place a bet on a game that’s months away completely baffles me. I just can’t imagine someone going “I think I’d like to place a large wager with as little information as possible.”

    1. Some of those seem like good odds at the moment and you will have the opportunity to hedge if information changes

  4. VT by 4 over uva is a lock. Out of the others, I’d pick GT not to cover and hold off on the other 3 to see what the lines do as the games get closer.
    That being said, there’s a reason I don’t make a living on sports bets… 😉

  5. I wonder what the odds would have been on a split of the two games between VT-OSU would have been.

  6. Did anyone look at the rest of the posted odds for Ohio State this season? Copying from ( we have:

    Ohio State Buckeyes (-16) at Virginia Tech Hokies
    Penn State Nittany Lions at Ohio State Buckeyes (-19)
    Michigan State Spartans at Ohio State Buckeyes (-14)
    Ohio State Buckeyes (-16) at Michigan Wolverines

    To me that means the Golden Nugget is saying the Hokies can hang with any of the B1G teams this year as we “tie” at (-16) with Michigan (it’s still a catch to me…) for the two road games listed of Ohio State. I like the Hokies chances ATS, not so sure about SU.

    1. Not sure I agree, given VT game is in Blacksburg and the Penn State and MSU games are at tOSU.

  7. Miami is toughest one to figure out. Those games never seem to go the way you think they might. I remember the 2002 “defensive struggle” that ended up 56-45.

  8. On a side note…..I was once playing poker at the Golden Nugget in 1991 at 4am with Ray Parker Jr (Ghostbusters). Then drove to Blacksburg with one stop in Grand Junction, CO.

  9. Betting on the Hokies: Gotta take VT minus 4 @ UVA (UVA is an absolute trainwreck); and I’d definitely take VT getting 9.5 points @ GT. The other 3, I probably wouldn’t touch right now.

  10. I’ve never placed a sports bet, so educate me a bit. If I bet on VT vs OSU at the current line of -16, am I locked in at that spread, or does it change as the bets come in and the bookies adjust it?

  11. OSU covers
    VT does not cover against Pitt
    Miami does not cover
    GT does not cover
    VT easily covers against UVA

  12. OSU: OSU doesn’t cover the spread (but wins)
    Pitt: VT covers
    Miami: Miami doesn’t cover (and loses)
    GT: GT doesn’t cover (and loses)
    UVa: VT covers big time

    1. I forgot to mention, before I hit Reply, that while OSU is the defending national champion and dismantled their last 3 opponents (quality ones, too), they will have no tape on the 2015 Hokie team thus giving Bud, again, the upper hand with what looks he can throw at the Buckeyes. I would bet that the game stays closer than 16 points, provided that our players stay healthy through the rest of summer!

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