TSL Poll: Favorite Future Non-Conference Opponent

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This week’s poll is simple.  Which future non-conference series is your favorite?

Note that I did not include Notre Dame because that series was scheduled because of the contract with the ACC.

Which future non-conference football series are you most looking forward to?

  • West Virginia (2017, 2021, 2022) (24%, 460 Votes)
  • Penn State (2020, 2025) (37%, 724 Votes)
  • Michigan (2020, 2021) (33%, 639 Votes)
  • Wisconsin (2024, 2025) (6%, 108 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,931

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  1. How about a poll for OOC opponents we most want to see removed from the schedule…. My vote= ECU (we never should have committed to more than a home/home versus them). We shouldn’t play them again till 2030 at the earliest.

  2. For me this is about road trips. Been to PSU…that would be tops at first glance. But am really really looking forward to the trip to Madison. Know some Wisconsin fans here in D.C. (there are plenty here) and they are also looking forward to the trip to Bburg. A very fun bunch, up there with the Husker fans.

  3. It’s so hard to say anything about WVU on a family friendly web site, but that’s who I chose. Instant drama. Instant passion. A win over WVU is much more satisfying on a personal level than any of the others on the list. Beating Michigan means I get to torment, what?, one person maybe? Bah.

  4. Not in the boat with Will: Revenge factor, Baa-by! I have wanted Michicken ever since we beat them in the ALLState Orange Bowl in Jan 2012 and Michigan Mafia stole the winning play. Add the Big House and those ugly helmets in and this game will turn into a damned good rivalry even if it gets only a two-meet series.

  5. You closed that poll pretty fast. When was voting done? I was on this morning and the poll wasn’t there, but by 3:50 it was closed to voting. I must have missed something.

    1. It’s still open. Try voting on it from another device (someone you share an IP address with probably beat you to voting).

      1. Thanks for the explanation. It also explains why Wisconsin is in bold. Wisky would not have been my first choice.

  6. I like all of them but picked PSU because we’ve played WV before & they are closer than the other two.

  7. I voted Whisky because this series has been elusive beyond laughabilty. I think we would have played them last fall if the original contract had never been changed. But nooooo, the contract has been changed at least twice, and I think it’s actually been changed three times. Note that from having should have played them once we are now nine years out and counting. Will this game ever be played? I’m saying there’s a 45% over/under behind the backboard off the ceiling fan chance that someone from Blacksburg will show up at Camp Randall Stadium in 2031 with a half torn ticket stub and be turned away because the series has been put on a death watch. And I’m seeing red as in a bull staring down a matador. Ive I’ve run out of chuckles and grins waiting for this one

  8. know it may have xtremely-skewed your poll results – but including other possible preferred NonCon football opponents may have been interesting:
    rutgers, tennessee (even though it’s a one-day-stand), purdue, odu, ecu (arrrgghh),
    liberty, william&mary, richmond, etc.
    then take the top 5 and fine tune the opinions.
    with the volUnTeers in the poll, i project they would have gotten my vote and finished first.
    would have also given us a hint of what mid-level schools we would like to see competing
    in Lane in early September

  9. I live in State College, so PSU was easy as I can’t wait to sport my orange and maroon up here, I already do of course. But the state is close and the exposure would be good for recruiting I would imagine. Not to mention, the schools have many similarities, ag based, engineering based, middle of nowhere based…

    1. I totally agree. When I took my first trip to State College, I was amazed at the similarities to Blacksburg – I really am excited about these games.

  10. Really tough question … I voted Penn State. Here’s my thinking:

    Wisconsin: Good series, but I just don’t find Wisconsin as interesting as the other options.

    WVU: I am REALLY looking forward to the restoration of this series, but we’ve played WVU before and have seen them in Lane Stadium before.

    So it comes down to Michigan or PSU. It’s close. But VT has already played Michigan in recent memory (I have no desire for “revenge,” because that loss is on VT and the refs, not Michigan), and for me, the PSU thing is personal. My wife is a PSU grad, and I’ve been to games at Happy Valley. I thought about Michigan and PSU playing at Lane Stadium, and I thought about VT playing at Happy Valley and the Big House. And I get a little bit more excited about seeing PSU in Lane, and seeing VT in Happy Valley.

    So I voted PSU.

    1. I’m with you. My wife and I are both VT grads, and I have a son that went to VT and a daughter that went to PSU. I have been to many games at Happy Valley (starting well before my daughter was a student there – a close friend used to take me to games there over the years), and I really think that PSU and VT are a lot more alike then many people realize. Seeing VT in Happy Valley will be amazing, as well as PSU coming to Lane stadium (especially now that Franklin is bringing them back to respectability). Should be a great match up!

    2. My wife went to WVU, her first game in Blacksburg was the Whammy Ward game… My fraternity brothers met us at half time and told us the fun they were having sitting up in the WVU section (lots of chlorine in that gene pool). ended the game at Champs catching up with those guys because it started getting ugly up there after the huge hit.

      That was my first inclination, then Penn State because I live in the Harrisburg PA region, and I can’t wait to make fun of all the PSU fans (and their dogs, which are predominantly named “Nittany”).

      Went with Michigan based solely on the fact that Harbaugh MIGHT have UM back in the thick of things and that OOC matchup will hopefully be a + for VT. Add to that, what if the “Rumors” are true and RichRod is our HC?!!!!

    3. I agree that Wisconsin is not as “interesting” as the other options. Although I am looking forward to seeing to Wisconsin’s OL in action against (assuming) a Foster-like VT defense. I do think the game would be a little more exciting if Alvarez and Beamer were still the HCs for their respective programs.

      The one reason I am not as excited about the Penn State series is because I will always believe that the series should have been played when JoePa and Beamer were still HCs of their respective programs. Right now there are too many unknowns about the state of both programs. I could end up seeing this series being similar to the Nebraska series; a good series, but not quite as good as it could have been if both teams had brought their ‘A games.’

      As far as the Michigan series goes, I will be more excited about it if Harbaugh is still the HC at Michigan and Foster is the HC at VT. Even though VT doesn’t really have much of a “revenge” factor for the Sugar Bowl loss, a sweep of the series could be what the doctor orders to eliminate the “bad taste” from the program’s mouth. The bigger “revenge” factor would be Foster having the opportunity to give Harbaugh a taste of his own medicine (think Orange Bowl against Stanford). Plus, it would be “fun” to watch Harbaugh try to give Foster the type of post game handshake he gave to Jim Swartz. If both coaches aren’t still involved with their respective programs, then the series has lost some of its appeal like the PSU series.

      So by default I voted for WVU. Plus, I don’t think there are enough ACC rivals to give the program and the fans some “good ole fashion clean hate” going into a game. There is UVA (that’s a given) and maybe Miami. Although you could argue the Miami-VT has lost some of its passion since Miami has slowly been losing its “Da U” mojo.

  11. For me, this was a really hard pick (I chose WVU). I’m extremely excited about all of them, but UW and PSU were shelved because the series is so far away, so it’s hard for me to be excited about them right now. The same for PSU, but to a smaller degree. WVU thus won because it starts sooner, including the opener (of the series) at FedExField. Hopefully the Hokies can break the losing streak at that stadium and keep the black diamond trophy for even longer! It’ll be exciting to go to all 4 of those stadiums (never been to any of them)!

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