TSL Poll: Should Virginia Tech Bring Back “Stick It In”?

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Virginia Tech Marching Virginians
These ladies are NOT yelling “Stick It In” … because that’s been banned since 2007. (photo by Ivan Morozov)

In September of 2007, then-Virginia Tech AD Jim Weaver banned the Marching Virginians from performing “Stick It In” at football games because, as Weaver said at the time, “… something like that has no place in any stadium.” (see our Sep. 10, 2007 Hokie Hotline Notes)

But it’s a new era, and everything’s on the table, from paying players to selling beer in college stadiums. So what say you, Hokie fans? To “Stick It In” or not to “Stick It In” … that is the question.

Should Virginia Tech Bring Back "Stick It In"?

  • Yes (78%, 2,347 Votes)
  • No (13%, 394 Votes)
  • Not sure / Don't know / Don't care / It depends (8%, 251 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,992

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  1. Here is a little tip…donate $10 bills to the MV’s in the parking lot and they will play “stick it in” & “carry me back” for you while you snack on sugar cookies at your tailgate. And by sugar cookies, I mean booze drinks.

  2. If all you want to do is tap the tips of your fingers to the opposite hand palm and yell bravo for you team go to Charlottesville. I here their atmosphere lacks fun and sprit for their teams. If you want to have a good time come to Blacksburg. It’s a college football game not cricket. Be silly, have a good time and yell for the HOKIES!!!!! I’m going to Blacksburg not Charlottesville.

      1. I bet i could go there and smile and laugh and have a good time too. I bet I smile a lot more then you do.

      2. I like Floyd County. You should let the people there know what you thing of them and give them your phone and address

  3. The “cheer” sounds like a bunch of 4th grade boys from Floyd County Elementary School. One of the good decisions Jim Weaver made was to get rid of that ridiculous immature infantile cheer.

  4. I vote no not for moral reasons but because I really don’t like it. Let’s get rid of Hokie Pokie from all sporting events too.

    1. Heresy I say, heresy! On a blog somewhere I once voiced my disdain for the Hokie Pokie and was pretty much accused of being a Wahoo…

  5. Of all the important issues we have to deal with, is “Stick it in” really worthy of discussion?
    But I see it did bring the desired clicks to the website. Hoo Rah.

  6. While we’re getting more fun stuff Turn the volume back up and play the horse more…..LOVE THE HORSE!!!!!

  7. Hell yes! Bring it back! plus good bye at the end of the game and signs and flags….let’s have some fun. Get rid of the PC crap….let the majority vote count.

  8. Doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. If the majority want it back & it Whit allows it, it’s fine with me, if he doesn’t bring it back I’m ok with that. Pretty much a non issue to me.

  9. I don’t think we can make much of an argument for “stick it in” offending recruits…have you listened to the songs they put on their highlight reels? (Looking at you, Dwayne Lawson)

    We’re living in a time when Nikki Minaj can get air play singing a song about pretty horrific sexuality practices. Just because some people don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not relevant or popular. In fact, I’ll argue that some of the pop tunes that get played over the infernal jumbo tron are WAY more sexual & inappropriate than Stick It In. Turn Down for What is arguing against coming off a drug high and the music video for that song depicts a man humping a phone so hard that it melts a police officer’s face. Last year, Angel is a Centerfold was one of the text vote winners in Lane Stadium…that song’s about being “infatuated” with a girl in a pornographic magazine…From the 80’s!!! Hell, even our beloved Enter Sandman is either about giving children nightmares or putting our enemies “to sleep”…neither of which portrays a civilized, family atmosphere.

  10. Disallowing the song wreaks of over-parenting, just like many other operationally driven decisions Weaver made that were contrary to his customers’ desires. It was very near-sighted and he got away with it only because the Hokies had a great on-field product through most of the 2000’s which kept ticket demand up.

    So, allow people to leave and re-enter the stadium / get stamped. Allow people to bring in chairbacks, snacks, etc. Allow bands to play what they want to play. Get rid of the “Hokie Respect” video, as it felt like mandatory “sexual harrasment” office training. Do fun chants and entertainment during the long TV timeouts. Focus on the fan and providing a safe environment… BUT don’t try to control it… else it turns the atmosphere very vanilla and stifles creativity/fun. Those decisions are a big reason why I prefer to watch games on TV now.

  11. We don’t need stick it in. We need to win. I guarantee you if we go 15-0 this fall and win the MNC the stick it in idiots will go away or will wise up in a hurry. Maybe realize how smart daddy has become.

    1. Nobody is denying that winning is the ultimate cure… but that’s not a completely controllable element. There’s nothing worse than paying to attend an event… having a conservative offense get chronically stifled…. all while having many of the other enjoyable elements of the game day atmosphere stripped. That is a recipe for a sinking ship.

  12. I was a student when that was instituted mid-season, so it was ’06 at the latest. We had a game on TV, the band was playing Stick It In, and the camera zoomed in on an MV making rather enthusiastic motions. Donor(s) complained to Weaver that their sensibilities were offended, and that was the end of that.

  13. I still say no what about the recruits and their parents visiting a game. we recrut female athletes also

  14. I still have my letter from DMV denying my getting the Tech license plate of STKITIN. Doubt they’ll come around, but who knows!

  15. When I was in the MVs, we loved that chant. Was very disappointed when they had to stop.

  16. I’m a little older, so I don’t care too much about Stick It In (didn’t do it while I attended), but we should definitely bring back the Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye song/cheer with the band. I used to love the crescendo-ing finish at the moment you knew the game was over.

    1. Well I’m a little older but I still care about stick it. (I did it a lot while I attended)

  17. Our offense does seem to have been bad since the ban. The cheer is only crass and inappropriate if that is the way your mind thinks. If the cheer gets the team going half as much as it does the crowd we definitely need it. We can’t “STICK IT IN” but we can “HOKIE POKIE” ?? Seems a little double standard.

  18. A co-worker of the ODU variety went to a game, a few years back, and noted how dull the atmosphere was when we were on offense. This was the LT3 coming out party year, when we went to the Sugar Bowl. Bring back the cheer, bring back the energy on offense. And it just so happens our offensive slide coincided with the demise of this chant….hmmmm……there’s an OXVT picture graph idea

  19. The US Naval Academy performs the Stick It In cheer, and I’d say they’re “gentlemanly” enough for the old fogies that don’t like it.

  20. Get off my lawn you damn kids, my wife and I are trying to enjoy our Werther’s Originals and matching wicker rocking chairs before we die. Have you no respect for your undeniably more knowledgeable and wise elders, after all we made this country the great country it is today. Get back to work so I can keep getting my well deserved social security.

    “Stick it in” cheer you say? Poppycock. In my day we had just invented the Push Em Back cheer, and let me tell you, that was a classy and respectful cheer. Next you’ll be wanting our beloved alma mater to allow unchecked undulation and full on intercourse in the stands. I say NOT on my watch. I didn’t fight in 8 wars for you to enjoy the levity of a modern cheer in my stadium.

    Kids these days. Rotten little bastards I tell you.

    1. That is kinda the fun of it right? Are we truly worried about a bit of sexual innuendo while we watch men play an incredibly violent game that we cheer when hits knock opponents out of the game?

      I find the comment “crass and inappropriate” a bit hypocritical.

    2. Are you also in favor of banning the High Techs? (or at least making them stop gyrating and/or forcing them to wear more clothes?) If we need to ban all sexual innuendo, that is a place to start. For the record, I may be simple-minded, but I always thought the cheer was about our offense putting the ball in the endzone.

  21. You needed an age question to go along with those three questions. I would have liked to see the age that went with the poll answers.

    1. Agreed. Imagine the younger generation. You know, the ones that the Hokie Club needs to start farming. IT ALL MATTERS, thankfully Whit understands that…

      1. Hard to farm the young generation when the older generation has all but ensured a life of debt repayment and job scarcity.

  22. I imagine that Whit will be reversing some of Weaver’s anti-fan policies (stick it in, chairbacks, goodbye song, etc)

  23. Sounds like a “today’s generation” thing. Every excuse to why we aren’t winning and the Lane isn’t the same as it used to be. Winners go out and try to win, who cares what the rah rah cheers are….be loud, be proud, make the Lane the “Thunder Dome” again and own homefield advantage by being super loud and not with who cares rah rah cheers lead by the band.

    1. It’s about having fun, and bringing back the stadium atmosphere. Keeping fans engaged, not slapping them down like Weaver did! Things you need to do when the product on the field is in the gutter (defense excepted.)

  24. I would not vote “no”. I vote “hell no”! It is too suggestive and disgusting for public consumption.

    1. Oh geeze, I feel sorry for those are so uptight. It’s a fun play on words. If Navy can do, certainly so can we…

    2. Is that what’s wrong with our offense? We think sticking the ball in the end zone is offensive. That explains the Wake game! We didn’t want to offend the Baptists by sticking it in the end zone.

    3. I find your cursing offensive. Please stop do this on public message boards….sigh….

  25. Depends on whether or not the band will stop playing when we break the huddle. If so, I don’t object. If not, I strongly object to bringing it back.

    1. If the band doesn’t play, you KNOW they would pipe canned music through the sound system instead. Something would be going on..

  26. “Don’t care” should be one of the options as this is really just a white noise issue.

    1. I just added “Don’t Care” to the final answer. It now reads:

      “Not sure / Don’t know / Don’t care / It depends”

  27. I voted yes just so we can stop talking about whether we should bring back “Stick it In”. It’s just so tiring…

      1. Speaking of Curry, Will did you see the article defending Greenberg on the whole debacle on Fox Sports’ website a week or two ago? I was very surprised to see an article painting the situation in a more realistic light.

  28. YESSS!!! Please back some energy and fun to the stadium! I heard the band play it at the GT basketball and I was so happy. I pictured in my mind Whi with a devilsh grin haha 😀

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