TSL Poll: How does your 2015 Virginia Tech football season ticket purchase compare to 2014?

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Over on the TSL Pass subscriber board, Baltimore Hokie posted this today:

TechSideline.com football message board post


That made us wonder: is he correct?

Obviously, we here at TSL don’t have access to the numbers, but we can always whip out a wildly unscientific TSL Poll. We’ll keep it as simple as we can, and compare 2014 to 2015.

So what do you say, TSL Nation?


What's your football season ticket status for 2015, compared to last year?

  • I bought them this year, after NOT buying them last year. (5%, 59 Votes)
  • I bought them again, and I ordered the same number that I did last year. (60%, 721 Votes)
  • I bought them again, but I ordered fewer than I did last year. (2%, 26 Votes)
  • I bought them again, and I ordered more than I did last year. (4%, 42 Votes)
  • I didn't buy them this year, but I DID last year. (4%, 47 Votes)
  • I didn't get them this year, and I didn't last year, either. (23%, 271 Votes)
  • Other, I'm not sure, or it's TBD. (3%, 32 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,198

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Home page Lane Stadium photo by Ivan Morozov. Season ticket graphic from Allison Phipps of YellowDoor Designs.

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  1. Have heard indications that OSU fans are buying VT season tickets just to get the OSU tickets.

  2. Remember that there is a cap on the # of tickets that you can purchase within your point priority and would think that the majority buy the max ,so doubtful that donors would purchase additional ticket since they would not be together, unless in a worse location…..

  3. People are buying them to get Ohio State. They will either go themselves or sell the ticket for big bucks. It’s an anomaly IMO

  4. Moved up to higher cost per seat. Same season ticket, same Hokie Club level.Just a different level in saetimg. Crazy and old , but l have wanted to do this for several years, l was already in a section you payed extra.l could be a Golden Hokie level by adding the amount to my Hokie Club….Go Hokies

  5. Wife and I bought same number as last year, 4, but daughter and son-in-law won’t be coming to games like they did since the last reseating when we started buying 4. Those other two tickets are “sold” to others for most of the games. Could have cut back to 2 but were afraid that we would be forced to move in favor of someone who wants 4 seats together. Figure going from 4 to 2 tickets would be considered “bad”, so we shelled out for all 4 to stay where we are. Technically my wife and I didn’t cut back, our relatives did but since the tickets are in my name – I would get marked as “cutting back”.

  6. For me as a school teacher and as someone who works more than 30 hours a week in a second job that is mostly done Friday after school and all the way through the weekend, buying season tickets would not make sense at this point in my life. However, when I retire I would like to buy a second house or condo in Blacksburg, get season tickets and make being a manic fan my second career. Until then, I’ll donate more and more money every year and go to one to 2 games, but that is all I can do. I’m just too focused on my career and being at the top of my fields, both in my full and part time jobs.

  7. If you assume that we’re probably going to end up selling around 33-35,000 season tickets, that means there were fewer than 12,000 purchasers. With as much interest in Tech football as there should be within a 100 mile radius, and with the number of alums we have, that is an abysmally small number of purchasers. Mr. o&m has a darn fine excuse, but it’s time for others to quit making excuses and step up.

  8. I bought this year. Finally feel like the O is going in the right direction. Also Whit Babcock is the mean! Also Ohio State game sealed the deal…

  9. Haven’t bought season tix in 10 years. Wife left me, divorce and lawyers including child support matters have cost me $150,000. Could of bought a box on the West Side for that.

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