Reports: Hokies hire Max Warner as Quality Control Coach

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Per Ryan Bartow of, Virginia Tech has made a new offensive coaching hire.  The Hokies have hired Max Warner as an Offensive Quality Control coach.

Assuming this report is correct, Warner will come to Blacksburg from Hillsborough High School in Tampa, FL, where he won the Roland Acosta Assistant Coach of the Year Award.  Before his time at Hillsborough, he was quarterbacks coach at Fort Hays State, a Division II school in Kansas.

If Hillsborough High School sounds familiar to you, it should.  Warner was the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator of 2015 Virginia Tech quarterback signee Dwayne Lawson.

As a quality control coach, Warner will assist Scot Loeffler and the offensive staff, though he will not be allowed to recruit off campus.  It is a very similar position to the one that Aaron Moorehead held at Stanford before being hired by Virginia Tech as wide receivers coach.

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  1. I’m not convinced that it’s a quid pro quo arrangement. The guy does have DII coaching experience and has been involved with some pretty prolific offences. His job duties are described above (or close) and it fits the description of need that has been expressed for a couple of years…with the hiring of Loeffler/Morehead/Grimes…and how much less support staff Tech has versus many schools. Consider the salary and who to pursue for the position…and he fits it…even without Lawson.

  2. As long as its legal – do what you need to do VT to compete at the SEC level (we dont do the brown bags of cash)!


  3. Speaking of coaching changes … what’s the word on CFB’s replacement. Whit has to have something in mind. I suspect that Coach Beamer’s recent health problems have him thinking more seriously about retiring.

  4. My concerns are that this is a quid pro quo arrangement, that we brought on this guy to get the QB. I am assuming this is a paid position that is considered a bit of a non-coaching position, as we are limited to the # of actual coaches, right? But, as someone else noted, I get the impression that the big time schools (SEC) have a lot of these on staff. I am guessing film breakdown, things like that, right?

  5. What the heck does a Quality Control Coach do? Fire the offensive staff if they can’t field a quality product? Teach his bosses how to avoid 3 and outs? Or did we just hire a gofer because he is connected to a star recruit and will probably make a good position coach in a few years?

    1. Even if he can’t visit recruits, it still should make inroads to that part of FL. How many QCC’s can VT hire? Beats uva paying that 7 on 7 coach near richmond.

    2. From the Denver Post in 2011:

      “A quality control assistant’s job is rooted in game preparation. They usually work at least one or two weeks ahead in the regular season.

      They prepare the statistical analysis as well as the initial video study of upcoming opponents. The defensive quality control assistant breaks down opposing offenses, including how often they line up in specific formations and how they use various personnel groupings.

      He charts down-and-distance situations, field position, substitutions, etc., and then gives that report to the team’s defensive staff when they begin their game planning each week during the regular season.

      The offensive quality control assistant would do the same in regard to opposing defenses and then give the reports to the offensive staff.”

      In short, it appears that the QC coach gathers and analyzes data. A clear distinction is that they do not engage in hands-on position coaching.

  6. I hear Quality Control Coach and see a connection to DL and think of the Office Space line….”So what is it that you say you do here”???…..

  7. Nothing wrong with this and if Tech wants to play “big time football” you have to do the things that make you competitive and yes we must keep up with the Jones, Smiths, etc. Welcome to the Hokie Nation!!!!!

  8. I love that this is happening… We are sending a message to the college football word that are prepared to COMPETE!

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if Whit is sending a message to the fans as well… 🙂

    1. That’s the first thing I thought as well.

      I literally just got back from Tampa- wrestling is big there right now (that I saw), but it’s a thing where there was a big line of cars / big crowd going to the local HS’s to support their HS sports. As big as a fall Friday night for football back in VA…

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