(Updated) TSL Exclusive: “In Bud We Trust” T-shirts

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Note: we originally offered a #TeamBeamer T-shirt as well, but sales of that shirt were shut down due to a violation of TeeSpring.com’s Terms of Use. We apologize for any confusion and difficulty this may have caused, and we’re still offering the “In Bud We Trust” T-shirt.

TechSideline.com is pleased to announce “In Bud We Trust” T-shirts for sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to charity.

Celebrate the decorated career of Virginia Tech’s defensive coordinator by buying one of these exclusive TechSideline.com T-shirts! Each shirt is $22, with shipping costs of $3.85 for domestic orders.

For each “In Bud We Trust” T-shirt sold, TSL will donate $5 to Bud Foster’s Lunch Pail Defense Foundation. To learn more about the LPD Foundation, click here.

"In Bud We Trust" T-shirt, 22. Click the shirt to learn more and to order!
“In Bud We Trust” T-shirt, 22. Click the shirt to learn more and to order!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: We are selling these shirts for a limited time only, now through February 2nd, through TeeSpring.com. We have set a “campaign goal” of selling 100 of these T-shirts. We think we can sell more, but we wanted to start out with a conservative number.

Any order you place is a pre-order that reserves a shirt, and you won’t be charged until we reach our campaign goal and the shirts actually print and ship. However, your pre-order is a commitment to purchase should we reach our goal.

All orders will be printed and shipped when the campaign ends on February 2nd.

To order these shirts:

Here are some questions you may have.

Will I be charged for reserving a shirt?

You are not charged for reserving a shirt. You will ONLY be charged if the campaign meets its sales goal and your order is processed for printing and delivery.

You may see a “Pending Charge” during the campaign, but Teespring will not withdraw any money from your account until your order is processed for printing and delivery. Banks may vary in how they process such pending charges. Check with your local bank for further information.

How much does shipping cost?

Domestic (United States) shipping is $3.85, plus $1.00 for each additional T-shirt. For international and Canada rates, see TeeSpring.com’s FAQ.

If the campaigns don’t reach their sales goal (100 shirts for each campaign), will I still be charged?

If the campaign does not meet its original sales goal but is still profitable once the campaign runs out of time on February 2nd, Teespring will still produce the products for that campaign and count it as a success. In this case, you will be charged and receive your order as usual. If the campaign does not reach its sales goal and is not profitable, you will not be charged and Teespring will cancel the payment authorization within 24 hours of the end of the campaign.

When will my shirt(s) be delivered?

Domestic orders will arrive between 7-11 business days from the end of the campaign (February 2nd), international orders take 14-18 business days.

When will the money be donated to charity?

As soon as TeeSpring.com sends us (TechSideline.com) our profit from the T-shirt campaigns, we’ll send out checks to the LPD Foundation.

Can I deduct the cost of the shirts from my taxes as a charitable donation?

No, unfortunately, you can’t. The donation will be made in the name of TechSideline.com, not in the names of individual purchasers of the T-shirts.

If you’d like to donate directly to the LPD Foundation, so you can deduct the money from your taxes, please feel free to do so. Visit their web site for more information:

Does TechSideline.com make money off of this?

Yes, we make a little profit on each shirt, provided we meet the sales goal.

Is Campus Emporium still TechSideline.com’s merchandise sponsor?

Absolutely. These are specialty shirts offered through TSL and TeeSpring.com, but the great folks at Campus Emporium are still sponsoring TechSideline.com. For all of your Hokie shopping needs, please shop online at CampusEmporium.com, and visit their two Blacksburg locations.

Why is TechSideline.com doing this?

Why not? You get a cool T-shirt, you express your support for two great coaches, we get our name out there, and money gets donated to charity. Everybody wins!

How do I order?

To order this shirt:

Any other questions?

Email us, or take a look at TeeSpring.com’s FAQ.


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  1. Want to make some serious money, create a shirt that says “we beat the national champs” on the front, and “in their horseshoe” on the back. Not many years any team can make those shirts.

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