Joey van Zegeren suspended indefinitely

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Virginia Tech announced today that forward Joey van Zegeren has been suspended indefinitely.

“Joey failed to meet the expectations we have for our team,” Head Men’s Basketball Coach Buzz Williams said.  “He demonstrated a lack of discipline and self-control at practice and as such this suspension was warranted.”

van Zegeren, a r-junior, is averaging 9.8 points and 5.3 rebounds per game.

Virginia Tech will next open the ACC season with Syracuse on Saturday, Jan. 3 at 12:00 p.m. in Cassell Coliseum.  The game will be aired live on regional sports networks.

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  1. Support and believe in this Coach for 3-4 years and see if he is the one. If not deal with it at that time. Has to have our support until proven wrong.

  2. Hyah! Whoosh-crack! Hyah!

    Move ’em on, head ’em up,
    Head ’em up, move ’em out,
    Move ’em on, head ’em out Rawhide!

  3. Need to support BW. He is principled and will not tolerate players lacking discipline or tenacity. I don’t think he runs anyone off, but players that can’t rise to the level of expectation will not stay. Will take time but he will get the right mold of players in the program that will provide do-or-die competition!

  4. Why do I suspect that an unfortunate % of folks that believe the current regime is “running off good players” (incredible that anyone could believe that this team has had any real talent to run off, for the last oh….generation) are also folks that cannot imagine any other human being as football Head Coach, except Frank Beamer.

    As someone who went to Tech with D. Curry and has seen my fair share of basketball in 47 years, there has been almost no basketball talent at Virginia Tech, since Curry left. THAT has been the single biggest problem since then (FOR NEARLY 30 YEARS, FOLKS). Maybe, finally, they have found a hire that can actually recruit. The next job will be to find a adequate recruiting Head Coach for the football program.

    1. Basketball talent inside or outside of Virginia is there for those who can recruit. The problem for more than 30 years has been a lack of investment into the bb program at Tech. Finally, an investment has been made in coach BW and it is about time! We have shot ourselves so many times in the foot when it comes to bb there are no toes left! Poor coaches and AD’s that had no vision for bb until Whitt arrived. In Whitt and Buzz I trust and the new President Dr. Sands for seeing the real need to make bb a priority.

  5. Don’t know what happened but I hope Buzz recruits team players from now on so we don’t continue having guys let their teammates down. I’m not a basketball expert but I’m pretty sure it’s a TEAM sport with one head coach.

  6. Without discipline you really have no foundation for winning. I’m with Buzz without knowing the facts because he has taken over a program that resembles spaghetti from JJ and the previous AD. The foundation must be laid from the ground up and it will take time. Sad to see a major program in this situation and especially for the Hokies. We are where we are! This is going to require patience from all concerned but keep the faith.

  7. I think Joey probably showed his best progress this year, and Buzz is the reason this has happened. With that said, it doesn’t surprise me to see JVZ being suspended.

  8. I hope there is a method to this madness, thats all I can say. Notwithstanding this suspension, which none of us will ever know the real reason, JVZ has shown a ton of improvement over the past two years.

    Let’s just hope Buzz is as good as advertised.

  9. I will reserve judgement to see how this team plays in 2-3 years from now. Running of talented players is okay as long as it’s justified and you actually win.

  10. I am sure Williams has just been waiting to do this . I am not impressed with him up till now . A lot of players he run off could have helped a bunch this year .

    1. You have your opinion, however I think you are wrong. Doing things the old way in JVZ first two years did not prove to be very good. Joey, showed his best improvement this year; wonder why! Could it be because of coach Buzz and his staff? Most likely.

    2. Is this JVZ’s mom? Where did you come from with this?!? Have you watched a single game? Unless you are secretly on the team, please limit the garbage talk. Next, look at the numbers and review how he was utilized on the court. CBW actually changed his coaching strategy to accommodate JVZ’s issues, such as fouling out.

      I really appreciate others’ comments, especially since they are usually much smarter than me. Disappointed in unwarranted pettiness, though. Just bc you’re disappointed with the decision, don’t attack someone’s character.

      1. If you want to read a GREAT POST on this, go to the VT MBB board and read:

        “Hokie basketball rebuild”

        It clarifies a lot. Caution for all the conspiracy theorists- it doesn’t address CBW “running off” anyone.

    3. A couple of weeks ago I thought it became apparent that JVZ would be the first to be run off. Who will be next?

  11. Can’t hide SOFT from Buzz. This is a good thing long term. I hope he frees up a scholarship. JVZ was decent against Big South teams or teams with no inside muscle who weren’t smart enough to foul him. Pierce is more skilled already

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