TSL Audio: Chris Coleman on ESPN Radio Blacksburg, December 10, 2014

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On this week’s edition of the J.D. Howell Show, TSL’s Chris Coleman talked about Josh Sweat and recruiting.

Chris Coleman of TechSideline.com on the J.D. Howell Show.

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  1. I usually enjoy Chris’ segment but that was one of worst 30 minutes of radio I’ve ever heard. I turned it off toward the end because the discussion was so inane and reactionary. Chris, do you really think that Beamer is THE rate limiting factor in VT recruiting?

    1. More of his situation than Frank himself. The #1 question recruits are asking our staff is this: Will Frank Beamer be the head coach my entire career? The only response they can give is that he has a contract through 2018. And even that contract would only go through the r-junior season of all recruits in the 2015 class. Other staffs are using his age against us in a big way, and it’s making VT a much tougher sell right now. That’s not a situation that can improve, and I’m betting it was a big factor with Sweat and some of the other guys.

      It is what it is. There’s nothing anybody can do about that situation, other than extend the contract again. But even that will only help somewhat.

      1. Virginia Tech looks like it is going to get a similar class this year to what it has gotten the last ten years. If Beamer’s long-term status really mattered, wouldn’t we see an appreciably different class this year? It certainly didn’t seem to matter on the other side of things 5 years ago when his long term status was not in doubt and the team was in the process of winning 10 games for the 7th or 8th year in a row.

        Unfortunately, the biggest rate limiting factor for Virginia Tech’s recruiting is, by far…Blacksburg, VA. Short of moving the town closer to a bigger population center and/or better weather, there is nothing that Frank Beamer, Whit Babcock, or some new head coach du jour is going to be able to do about that on a consistent basis. The next biggest rate limiting factor is the lack of a big money donor(s) to the Virginia Tech athletic program. Frank Beamer’s lack of pizazz and/or his long term status is so far behind these two things it’s barely measurable.

        But that don’t make for good chicken-little radio shows, I suppose.

      2. Agree completely Chris. Thanks for the fair and honest assessment. There is no question Fra nk’s age and status is used against us on the recruiting circuit. Who wouldn’t ? When competing for an ESPN 300 athlete, let alone a top 100 or a top 10 guys like Fisher, who comes calling the day before a major announcement will say whatever he needs to. Competing against Frank right now is easy, based solely on the results.

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