OSU Out, Fullwood To Choose From Four

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Darius Fullwood revealed last night that Ohio State has decided to focus in another direction for its final defensive end spot in the class of 2015.

With the Buckeyes eliminated, Fullwood, a 6’4″, 235-pound defensive end out of WCAC powerhouse Good Counsel (Olney, MD), will now choose one of these four schools — Duke, Kentucky, Maryland, Virginia Tech — at a press conference this Saturday, June 28, at his home. The college announcement is expected to happen between 5 and 6 p.m.

I interviewed Fullwood last Friday. Of Virginia Tech, he said: “I like that they are a defensive-minded program. They have a great defense every year. They are always contending in big games. Their goal is to win double-digit games every year. They have a good business program and a good network after school. I have friends there. Kendall was a teammate of mine in high school, and Melvin is a good friend of mine.”

Coach Beamer “told me to definitely make the best decision for me, but he thinks I’d be a good addition. If I continue to develop, he thinks I could really do good things for them,” Fullwood said.

This past Saturday, Fullwood made an unofficial visit to in-state Maryland, which recently came through with an offer.

With Ohio State out of the picture, I believe Virginia Tech has a great chance at being the pick this Saturday. I see Duke as the longshot. Maryland is a wildcard because it is the in-state school. Kentucky has impressed, but I like the Hokies’ chances at this point. We’ll find out for sure on Saturday.

Fullwood would be an important pickup for Tech, which has a major need for defensive ends in this year’s class. At this time no rising senior defensive end prospects have committed to the Hokies.

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  1. Don’t understand why more top in-state de’s are not picking us when we have a definite need, are usually in the top 15, usually competeing for a conference championship and have one of if not the best def coord in the country. I know they are high school kids but it just boggles my mind sometimes.

    1. Why? Every year thousands of high school kids choose schools other than VT. Why hate on them? They have every right to make their own decision.

  2. I think when somebody is committed to a school regardless if coach leaves or stays the committed player should looses a year of eligibility and two if its after December 31st.

  3. Why some of these kids are okay with being a backup plan for schools like OSU and Alabama beats me. There was a similar situation with the OLineman from OSU last year that pretty much got an offer only after OSU struck out with someone else last minute then they offered him.

    1. Can’t knock that OLineman. Most players never even sniff the NFL, so going to your hometown, family ties, dream college is the ultimate experience of their playing career.

  4. Sounds like OSU wasn’t a ‘committable’ offer? Even if he verbals to us, I’d still be a little concerned at OSU striking out on a few other prospects and coming back to offer again.

    1. I’m not convinced he’s going to handle it like that. It COULD be a situation where he was waiting to see how serious they were, and when they weren’t, he quickly said, “ok, I’m done waiting for you.” I know we all have a bit of a bad taste from Brady in February, but this one may truly have been a kid evaluating the situation and moving on.

      If he were truly using Tech as his back-up and waiting for an OSU offer, he probably would have verballed already to make sure he was set with Tech, then kept talking to OSU.

    1. LOL. Good one, Lap. With the competition that is left, I will be disappointed if we do not get him.

      1. I’m borderline disappointed with his other offers BUT, big BUT, historical reality, I have confidence in our coaches identifying and developing talent that become diamonds at VT.

        Bud want’s him – I want him!

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