Former Marquette Recruits Commit To Hokies

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Consensus 4-star shooting guard Ahmed Hill and 6’11” center Satchel Pierce have decided to follow head coach Buzz Williams to Virginia Tech. Both Hill and Pierce signed letters of intent with Marquette in November of 2013, when Williams was still head coach at the Milwaukee (WI) school.

Pierce tweeted the news this morning while still on an official visit in Blacksburg.

In Pierce, the Hokies add a center with great size. In addition to being 6’11” (some sites list him at 7’0″ while others have him at 6’10”, so we’ll go 6’11”), Pierce weighs 250 pounds. The Akron (OH) native will graduate next month from Kiski School (Saltsburg, PA).

Pierce is rated a 3-star prospect 247Sports, ESPN, Rivals and Scout. He was invited to and participated in the 2013 NBPA Top 100, from which you can see highlights below.

Hill, a 6’5″, 190-pound shooting guard, starred at Aquinas High School (Augusta, GA), where he scored over 3,000 points and was named 2013/2014 Class A Player of the Year by the Georgia Sports Writers Association.

“I love Virginia Tech,” Hill told the Augusta Chronicle on Saturday. “I do love Marquette, but Virginia Tech is amazing. Everybody is nice and together.” ranks Hill as the 61st best player in the country in the class of 2014. ESPN (no. 54), Rivals (no. 69) and Scout (no. 73) rank him among the top 75 high school seniors as well. ESPN ranks another Tech-bound recruit, Montverde (FL) shooting guard/small forward Justin Bibbs, as the no. 70 high school senior in the nation.

St. Vincent/St. Mary (Akron, OH) wing Jalen Hudson rounds out Virginia Tech’s current class of 2014. TSL’s Chris Coleman wrote in his weekly “Q&A” feature on Friday that he believes the Hokies could add more players to the class.

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  1. Its time for the fans to do their part. Hope our fieldhouse is full for the first game. Join the Hokie Club. I am excited to see what is going on. Go Hokies!

  2. Satchel Pierce…hhmmmm…smacks of a fine wine, brings back fond memories of an old Negro League baseball pitcher named Satchel Paige. You young Hokies may have heard of him, but likely not. His age was always questioned but eventually established, but its pretty apparent he pitched in the majors past 50 years of age or more. The guy was a legend, and his quotes are delightful ( My favorite–and I’ve quoted it off and on for years–was “don’t ever look back, someone might be gaining on you.”

    I’m personally going to be thinking of Satchel Paige the next few years while watching Satchel Pierce play for Virginia Tech. I hope Pierce will be one-half as delightful a character as Paige was. A name like “Satchel” don’t come along too often. I guess Pierce will be nicknamed “Satchmo,” which was the nickname for the famous trumpeter Louis Armstrong.

    I’m getting warm fuzzies with the way Buzz is handling things so far.

  3. Whitt hit a Home Run in hiring Buzz . And looks like Buzz knows how to hit Home Runs Too. And He’s just in his first Game at VT 🙂 Thanks for the updates and article Chris.

  4. Pierce reminds me a bit of Tim Duncan with his size and presence around the basket. I may be off there, but that’s what I saw in his video. We can only hope he is as good as Duncan for our Hokies!!

  5. Hill definitely has a quick first step, but the first and most glaring thing I saw in his video was his handle, he has a sticky hand with the ball in his possession. He and Wilson both have it, but Hill will probably be better with the ball in his hands. Wilson was a turnover machine early on, but got better as the season progressed. I will be watching Hill and how he handles the ball against ACC competition as well. NICE get for VT, it goes to show, sometimes it’s all about the coach! Buzz has got some players now that we haven’t had in a long time, and if he can coach them as good as he can get them, we will be worth watching for years to come.


  6. Jim Weaver always operated on the cheap for our coaches (e.g. Basketball and Baseball) and drove the basketball programs into the ground because of his negligence. However, he obviously has no trouble accepting money as a “consultant to the President” whatever the heck that is.

    1. I guess the hoops building just built itself.

      I think you forget how competitive Greenberg’s teams were . Great hire in Buzz, best Tech has made, but to completely toss our Seth’s years is a total disservice

      1. Agree. If we are going to play with the big dogs, then play big-boy money as well.

        If Coach Greenberg had given a legacy scholarship to Dell Curry’s older son, his entire career might have been changed. But all in all, I’m thrilled with the new era of VT MBB. Bring it on!

  7. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a thousand times, and I STILL don’t remember what I said! Maybe I never said it.

  8. Hill = sick

    That’s a heckuva first step. He plays so darn fast and is an explosive finisher. I can feel it!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yahoo Sports has us at #29 team recruiting rank with 2×4 + 2×3.

    With Harris @ 4, that gives us 3×4 + 2×3 =

    #13-15 nationally.

  10. Hard to believe how things have turned around in just a few weeks! Can’t wait for basketball season to begin!

  11. CH / CC- how does satchmo compare in size to our previous players? How big was Shawn Smith in comparison. LT ago, but I think I remember him playing center?

    Satchmo looks solid/ durable. Def works for me. Excited to see the final ranking of this year’s recruiting class.

      1. Can you think of any recent comparisons? How big was Jeff Allen when he was here?

        Any thoughts on how the rankings or diversity in skills of this class compare to past VT classes? Thanks.

  12. So tell me again why our former AD couldn’t hire a competent coach after Greenberg was fired?

    1. Didn’t want to spend the money. JJ, nice guy, he was inexpensive, and that it what the former AD was apparently looking for.

      I could see him getting on the line with 3-4 possible coaches, and acting like an auctioneer. Start at $200,000 a year, keep going up, and wait for one to say “I’ll take it”. Lowest bidder wins. Okay, not really, but I get the impression his #1 issue was what he considered “value”.

  13. great coaches and great recruiters mean great players and great players mean great teams. Go Hokies. I’m excited. Aren’t you?

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