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  1. Bring back the old 8-tracks, when you could play one track at a time! This sounds like posttime at an off-track-betting room. I’m sure there’s a better way.

  2. Thank you to everyone else for the audio / sound comments. Agree 100%! CC- is there anything we can do as fans to let VT know how we feel, in hopes that they might at least put up $20 temporary dividers in the room or something?

    VT is making the effort to get the players available and communicating great info.
    The VT-interested media is making the effort to try to capture the content for all of their followers- across at least 5-6 outlets, plus Hokiesports, etc.?

    This is something so simple that VT should be able to fix by the next press event- this is the sports information director’s (or his assistant) responsibility to make that happen. Hopefully they can do something simple to fix this, because you are getting great info.

    Thanks again for your efforts.

  3. It hard 4 us older guys to understand the questions and answers with so many other conversations going on in the background. Can these interviews be conducted in a small room one at a time so they r understandable .

    1. Amen. But age doesn’t have anything to do with trying to sort thru all the hubbub. I realize that there is a need to have multiple interviews going on at the same time so … why not create some separation with some sound absorptive panels … sort of like cubicles.

      1. The other option is to have some sort of microphone. If the interviewer just speaks the question into the microphone and then holds the microphone in front of the player when he responds, it’ll reduce the background noise tremendously. The microphones on cell phones and such are just crappy and pick up a ton of background noise.

  4. Chris, These are great, gives you a feel for players we do not get elsewhere. Teller gets me very excited for our O-line this season. With the Conte coming on means we may have 3 seasons with 4 of 5 offensive linemen returning and Grimes recruiting class ready to step as R-JRs. The move of Wyatt and Smith was huge in improving our line depth for the next three years (hopefully the d-line doesn’t miss them to much though)

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