Craft decommits, Lang released

2015 commit Warren Craft has reopened his recruitment, while 2014 signee TJ Lang has been released from his letter of intent.

Craft, a 2015 guard from William Fleming High School in Roanoke, was James Johnson’s first recruit at Virginia Tech.  He currently holds no other scholarship offers, but he will pursue other opportunities between now and the November signing period.

Virginia Tech granted Lang a release from his Letter of Intent.  Lang was one of three wings to sign with the Hokies in November, along with Jalen Hudson and Justin Bibbs.  Reading between the lines, Buzz Williams did not pursue Lang very hard after he was hired by Tech.

Williams has put out several scholarship offers to 2014 recruits since his arrival in Blacksburg.  Later this afternoon we’ll have a TSL Pass article about the current scholarship situation, and possible options for the April signing period.

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  1. rpink. I mean no disrespect. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is not insanity. It is ignorance.

  2. Insanity is doing the same things, in the same ways, and expecting different results. Glad we have someone with a backbone and willing to make changes. Go Buzz!

  3. Brother…the man is making changes and he is driven to succeed…and we already have people second guessing him…..
    That’s no real surprise but it’s laughable since 95% of the posts and articles about our BB program have been super negative for years….we now have a coach who knows what it takes to compete with “the big boys”…so expect more things that you’re not used to….
    You asked for it ,,you GOT it.
    Go Buzz, Go Hokies

  4. Buzz Williams didn’t get where he is at by not knowing Recruiting and what IT takes. IMHO, Let him coach and recruit and as fans we should fill Cassell back up. .pretty simple . Go Hokies

  5. For goodness sakes give the man a chance. All of this jumping to conclusions is absurd.

  6. I’m usually a PATT. Re “The Buzz”, my gut says I’m seeing ego unchecked. Hope I’m wrong but I’ve got a baaaaad feeling about this man…..

  7. This happens every time a new coach comes in. Remember the Seth to JJ transition? That cost us a recruit too (Harrell). Reading between the lines it sounds like Buzz didn’t really want Lang I’m guessing he had scouted him at Marquette?

  8. ….Google translate: “Chris, you have much more on-the-ground, in-game understanding of the current VTBB situation, whereas many of us are scattered across the Hokie hinterlands and TSL is the lifeline.

    Is any of this good? Is any of this bad? How typical is this with other coaches? For Marshall, Izzo or Coach K? While Gobbler Country seems to usually have lots of opinion, you usually start with the factual reporting and give the inside understanding – what is going on here?”

    Or does “Later this afternoon we’ll have a…” mean that you need a little time to put together cogent analysis, or at least check with sources? Sorry, its a lunch break, which means it was time for the daily TSL fix.

    1. Typical of any coaching change. Seth only had about 8 scholarship players when he first arrived at Tech.

  9. I can understand new coach wanting his own people, but if they still wanted to come to VT, I think we should let them. If the student wants to leave because of new coach, then we should let them as well. Remember they are suppose to be student first, then athletes.

    1. Students do not equal athletes! Haven’t you not been reading the news! Lol. they are unionized labor now….sheesh. Tic

    1. A new coach. He wants to recruit players that fit his system and the culture he wants to build at VT. These players may not have fit that system or they may simply not feel the new coach is who they want to play for — after all, he isn’t who they signed up to play for.

    2. Ch-ch-ch-changes! Don’t worry, Lang was lowest rated recruit, and skinny/finesse type player. Buzz likes bigger bodied more physical guys

    3. Just what I’d expect with a new coach coming in… actually doesn’t sound too bad. One guy with only a VT offer and another who the new coach didn’t go after hard to “show the love”…I’d say it is no big deal, and part of how it works….JMO

    4. Coach hadn’t immediately spoken with Lang but he did reach out to Bibbs and Hudson. That says, I’m not in too much of a hurry to keep you around kid. If you want to go elsewhere, I’m ok with it. My guess is that’s the same feeling he gave Craft. Interpretation: take a step back to take two steps forward. Buzz knows he can do better. I’ve heard rumors on a 6’10” Latvian kid as well as the Juco PF and the Marquette recruit that hasn’t signed. Just be patient.

    5. Typical negativity extraordinaire is what is going on unfortunately. Wonder how many on here would find fault with a perfect operation, where their hemmorhoid? was totally cured and gone? Surely some would have to spend 2-3 days complaining about the Dr being a pain in the ass.


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