Hokies add transfer QB

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Michael Brewer visited Blacksburg this weekend, and immediately decided to transfer from Texas Tech to Virginia Tech.  The former Red Raider will enroll in June for Tech’s first summer session, per this report by The Roanoke Times.

Brewer, a Texas native, was the #2 quarterback at Texas Tech as a r-freshman in 2012.  In backup duty that year he completed 34-of-48 passes (70.8%) for 375 yards, with four touchdowns and no interceptions.  He was expected to start for the Red Raiders in 2013, but a back injury derailed those chances.  He suffered the back injury last summer, and wasn’t able to return to practice until October of 2013.

Brewer was a 3-star recruit out of Lake Travis High School in Austin.  For part of his high school career, he played for current Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris.  He put up huge numbers as a junior…

Passing: 70.1% completion, 4437 yards, 41 touchdowns, 7 interceptions
Rushing: 124 carries, 593 yards, 23 touchdowns

Brewer missed part of his senior season with an injury, but still threw for 2,865 yards and was an All-State selection in the state of Texas.

He plans to graduate from Texas Tech this May, and his status as a graduate student will make him eligible to play immediately at Virginia Tech.  He will be eligible to play for the Hokies in 2014 and 2015, and Brewer is expected to compete with Mark Leal for the starting job this season.  His presence on the roster could also allow the Hokies to redshirt quarterbacks Andrew Ford and Chris Durkin.

Brewer originally wanted to stay close to home and play for Texas or TCU, but Texas Tech blocked his request because all of those schools are in the Big 12.  He eventually chose the Hokies over Kentucky.

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  1. Good move for both, I think. He must be pretty sharp if he’s graduating as a r-Soph. I hope he has the football IQ to match and his back is OK!

  2. Optimistically I’m thinking Russell Wilson (four years and graduated from N.C. State, then had the year at Wisconsin). But that’s the kind of lightening in a bottle like Mike Vick. And Brewer did not have even one full year at the helm (QB) at TT. Still, let’s hope Brewer has a big year. He is obviously the man…he did not transfer to VT to sit behind Mark Leal, and Lefty did not get him to come unless he thought he was better than Leal. And, oh BTW, lets also hope the talent around Brewer will upgrade significantly from what it’s been the past two years.

  3. Mark Leal is not the future of tech football. We need serious competition at QB. We seem to now have that ….and then actually pick the best competitor for the position. With the 3 new QBs coming in my money is on anybody but Leal. Time will tell.

  4. Michael Brewer’s decision turns into a forum on SL and if he has “proven” himself? I agree with Chris, SL has brought more and better QB prospects into the program than ever before. If Leal cannot beat out Brewer, so be it. If Motley-Ford-Durkin-McMillan is better than either of them, then that person needs to be on the field. Giving Durkin and Ford a year to learn the system and then compete… Sounds like a program on the upswing to me.

    After watching Leal in person at the Sun Bowl, he better be a lot more ready to play when Spring Practice starts or he might not ever see the field next year. His lack of confidence and preparedness filled the stadium. I concede that they did a lousy job getting him some reps to prepare for the possibility he would replace Logan in an emergency situation. I hope they remember that in the future.

    My prediction? Leal or Brewer are 1-2 based on August performances, the two freshmen redshirt and we have a great QB competition in August 2015. The other QBs in the mix? Motley moves to safety and is a solid starter soon. McMillan starts as a defensive back and is glad he did so three years from now. Hodges gives us the ability to put three (count’em!) pass catching tight ends on the field ala Stanford when they beat the snot out of us three years ago.

    And you guys that are doubting whether or not SL can put us back in the ten win season gaggle? You are drinking too much of your own home brew!

  5. I’m totally cool with adding Micheal Brewer to the QB mix. Competition is good, and maybe he’ll turn out to be the Second Coming.

    However, one of the strengths of the VT program over the years has been bi-lateral loyalty between the coaching staff and the players. We saw it the last 2 seasons when the coaching staff stayed with an obviously struggling and extremely inconsistent Logan Thomas.

    Mark Leal has patiently bided his time for 4 years, and has been a solid citizen and team player in the process. Hopefully he will be given every opportunity this fall to show what he can do with the first team. I hope Leal is not immediately thrown under the bus as part of a “youth movement”.

    1. Leal will be given his opportunity. He’s here for spring before this guy even shows up, and he’s been under Lefty for a year. Nobody is being thrown under any bus.

  6. Size can be an asset…but it is not the only factor. If Mr. Brewer can complete 70% of his passes, shows some leadership, and we have some RB’s who can “tote the ball”, it should not be necessary for him to run for yardage. And, he is taller than Russell Wilson, who has done “reasonably well”…

  7. Glad he decided to come to VT. But it amazes me how everyone is now in love with SL.

    While I appreciate SL’s aggressive, much needed approach to recruiting, the jury is still out to determine whether he will be a good OC.

    1. I am amazed that you are amazed… 🙂 Given the players and youth that we had on offense, I was very pleased with what we did on O last year. If you add in some previous or future All ACC NFL performers to SL’s O – we look like a much welcomed whole new team on O.

    2. I agree SL has a lot to prove as OC and to coach the guys up, but I think what people are excited about is the potential, when has VT had the ability to get interest from and actually sign some true QBs. SL had us in the running for three of the top 10 QBs coming out of HS and when he struck out, he still had the fore thought to have #11 waiting in the wings. We knew this was not going to be a quick fix, but this move helps overcome some of the recruiting misses of the previous staff. Now QB has options, incoming freshman could both redshirt and sit r-freshman year. Big boy football!

    3. Why do people like you have to find something negative in any positive
      happening? The kid like VT and has a word of potential talent to offer.

    4. Loeffler introduced the RB screen into our offense, and toward the end of the season, it was actually working. When was the last time you saw the VT offense run a RB screen, much less successfully? Compared to where we came from, merely innovating our offense is a success.

      Loeffler didn’t have much talent to work with last year, and he and the rest of the offensive staff are fixing that. I think we’ll see more from the offense as the talent depth improves and the guess gain more experience.

    5. I too am amazed that you are amazed, unless of course you are a Hooverite.

      QBs are finally wanting to come to VT because of Loeffler and his record of past QBs that went on to the NFL. Look em up.

      Ask Tom Brady what he thinks of Loeffler, as a QB coach. You know, the Brady that played eleven seasons as a starter, and earning five trips to the Super Bowl, winning three; won two Super Bowl MVP awards, selected to 9 Pro Bowls, formerly held NFL record for most TD passes in a single regular season, 1st QB in NFL history to lead his team to 10 division titles, along with another 3 pages of accolades.

      Yes, I am referring to that Tom Brady, and he is not nearly as skeptical as you LOL. As far as I am concerned Loeffler has already proven himself as QB coach, and he did more with less last year at VT, and showed his ability to strategize, game-plan, to adjust mid-game, to recruit and a bunch of stuff our ole crew lacked. You know, I think I like Loeffler a whole bunch.

    6. You’re extreme alright.
      Ever here “It’s more about the Jimmys and Joes than the Xs and Os.”
      It’s extremely true.

    7. Agry we haven’t seen the results yet. But going back to mid TT we were whiffing on QB recruits and pretty close on several occasions of having no QB at all. I count 2 years one under TT and once under LT that if they went down the season was over, kaput, eg, Juju was our starter or consider if the LT experiment didn’t work? So SL has at least gotten out of that hole of skating on the edge ever since we had a reliable backup in Glennon. So he’s on to step two of choosing among viable options at QB.

  8. Wow! Loeffler needs a raise big time. Do not care if he is a pal of CFB, because he knows how to recruit and coach QBs. Think he is growing into the OC role. Feeling better about the upcoming season.

  9. This kind makes me realize there is a market out there for ambitious QBs – backup or otherwise – that VT just never tapped before. Obviously, that’s a credit to Loefller who’s been around the national block a few times and kinda exposes the problem of always keeping the coaching staff in the family: VT was simply not able to look outside the valley (being poetic here) all that often.

    Anyway, we all get the math, we need someone to squeeze us through next year so Ford and Durkin can redshirt, but win or lose, it’s a thrill to see someone just go out and find an answer to the problem.

  10. Yes, the injury issue is of concern, but we don’t know all the facts, and I am willing at this point to give SL the benefit of the doubt. He is being proactive.

    1. I think it’s a good bet. He may even be the best talent at TT, just that he missed the bus at TT with his injury and really VT’s giving him a second chance after he recovered.

  11. SL is now on the radar screens of many prominent D1 programs looking for an OC in the next 1 – 3 years. Also some non-prominent D1 programs looking for a HC. Hope we can hold onto him. He’s a good ‘un.

    1. He’s probably on a very short list to be our next HC.

      He’s proven himself to be a great recruiter, now let’s hope he can become a great coach.

      1. That’s my conspiracy theory. We can’t hold him with the OC salary, but we can hold him with the head coaching job, say after the Bristol game.

        1. But can we then keep Bud if SL is promoted?? Bud is 15 years senior- can we keep SL if Bud is promoted?

      2. I support him, but I think he still has a lot to prove. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s done great things for the program, but it hasn’t really led to any tangible results at this point (again I believe in the recruits he’s brought in but we all know how that goes). When we are winning 7 games a year BECAUSE of our offense, I will give a ringing endorsement.

      3. Come on! His Offenses at Tech and Auburn have yet to crack the “Mendoza Line” in terms of rankings. I love the recruiting….and his history says he’s a great QB coach. But before we make him the next HC let’s get some O going first.

      4. Are you kidding?!? Assuming that Coach Foster doesn’t want the HC job (which seems to be the case) and further assuming VT chooses to promote from within, the obvious choice to succeed Coach Beamer is Torrian Gray. He’s a Hokie through and through with demonstrated coaching, recruiting, and leadership capability. And having a minority HC will go a long way toward ending the perennial defection of top-tier talent out of the state.

  12. This is good news. Great to see Tech out there and able to snag a guy like this. Recruiting can be so frustrating for fans to watch. Good to see a win like this.

  13. Intriguing, I’m not doubting his ability, but his size and injury history (last year and Sr yr of HS) are concerning. 185 is REALLY slight, especially for a “dual threat”.
    Hope he’s legit and stays healthy. If he was going to start at TT, I’m sure he’s very good

    1. He probably should not be looked at as a “dual threat” QB. His highlights show him running but at the college level, it isn’t like he should be seen as Major Harris (who could not throw great?). HE should be scene as a passing QB who can run and escape as needed, not as someone who we are going to run the option with or just run him…. So while yes an injury history is a concern, I am not concerned about it from the perspective of him running a lot.

      And most dual threat QBs are really just 1 1/2 threats 🙂

      1. lol. agree with the 1 1/2 threat. If you want to be a pro you better concentrate on throwing the ball. Sadly, why Tyrod will never start.

  14. wow, SL is the man, this would not have happened with previous offensive coaching staff. SL has recruited more real QB prospects in 14 months than the Hokies have in last 5 years! Go hokies!

    1. Indeed. I think this is very good news. We will now have a QB with significant D-1 experience on the roster which may allow us to redshirt our two promising freshmen.

    2. “SL has recruited more real QB prospects in 14 months than the Hokies have in last 5 years!”


      1. Ha ha! Well said. Just give us a decent offense and Bud Foster will take it from there.

        1. Decent, competent, well-run, good-at-what-they-do. . . I could go on.
          And I could not agree more with your statement about Bud.

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