Hokies sign 26

Virginia Tech signed 26 recruits to letters of intent on Signing Day.  The Hokies came out on the short end of the stick with a couple of prospects who announced on Signing Day, but they also picked up two key pieces of their class today.

Note that Holland Fisher and DJ Reid are not included on our list because they originally signed with Tech last season.

Early this morning, Virginia Tech lost 4-star recruit Derrick Nnadi to Florida State.  It was a disappointing end to his recruitment, as the Tech staff put more work in with him than arguably any other recruit.

Also selecting Florida State was 4-star wide receiver Javon Harrison, who had been “committed” to Virginia Tech since 2012.  However, anyone who read Harrison’s quotes over the last year had a pretty good idea what was coming.  His commitment was a soft as a commitment gets.

On the other hand, the Hokies got 4-star receiver Isaiah Ford over Louisville, South Carolina, Florida and Miami this afternoon.  They also received an LOI from 4-star linebacker Raymon Minor, who had offers from Clemson, Nebraska, Ohio State, Wisconsin and other major programs.

Counting the players who enrolled in January, Virginia Tech signed six four-star recruits (according to the TSL rankings)…

DE/DT Vinny Mihota
RB Shai McKenzie
LB Raymon Minor
DT Ricky Walker
LB Melvin Keihn
WR Isaiah Ford

The Hokies signed at least one player at every position, and nearly managed to recruit an entire starting lineup of players.  One more offensive linemen would have made it a complete starting lineup.

Click here for a complete look at Tech’s 2014 class.  We’ll have much more on this class in the coming days, including a closer look at the defensive players later this afternoon.

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  1. Chris, Coach Beamer has talked about an early signing period for a while now. Any chance it will ever happen?

  2. Regarding 4-star rated prospects, I’m not sure how Chris Horne comes up with his ratings, but overall they are much more conservative/lower than he big 3 national recruiting rankings of our 2014 class.
    13 of our 2014 signees/enrollees are rated 4-star by one or more of ESPN, Rivals and 24/7. 15 if you count Reid and Fisher.

    ESPN – 6
    Rivals – 8
    24/7 – 13

    Andrew Ford – QB
    Chris Durkin – QB
    Travon McMillian – QB/ATH
    Marshawn Williams – RB
    Shai McKenzie – RB
    Xavier Burke – TE
    Cam Phillips – WR
    Isiah Ford – WR
    Raymon Minor – LB
    Melvin Keihn – LB
    Vinny Mihota – DE
    Ricky Walker – DT
    CJ Reavis – ROV

    DJ Reid – RB
    Holland Fisher – FS

    15 if you count DJ Reid and Holland Fisher.

    1. Oops, those 4-star totals by Rating Service included Reid & Fisher, with them taken out, the tallies are:
      EPSN – 5
      Rivals – 7
      24/7 – 11

      Again, we had 13 new prospects rated 4-star by at least one of the rating services. Plus Reid & Fisher.

      1. Do you know what the number of 4-star players signed today if one requires that ALL three rating services agree on a 4-star rating & who are they?

  3. Congrats to the VT staff on their hard work to secure the 2014 class!

    Probably not needed to be said again, but from CFB on down, the recruiting process needs to drastically change when the signing day results are no longer decided on the field (VT vs. UVA game results). If VT needs to change out the 757 recruiting responsibilities, do it. Recognizing that the 2014 recruiting cycle began at least in 2012, maybe sufficient change has already been made, but if this happens in 2015, we will have then been a year too late.

    There is still no excuse for losing the majority of the Top-10 recruits to uva and out-of-state schools. VT needs to find another way if the team is going to compete again in an even stronger ACC, not to mention against the Top-25 teams nationally.

      1. How often in the past 15 years has that happened?
        And when it happened what was our record and attendence?
        The problem is not recruting – its performance – and we got some great kids out of state to get back to winning – start winning and the in state kids will start to come back…but I have no issue with great players wanting to go to great schools like UF (Harvin when the were NC contenders), or Bama or OSU or FSU…they should have freedom of choice…why is your expectation that VT should Keep 50% of the top ten VA talent – VA talent is a hot commodity. The kids we got are going to do great.

  4. I know this is potentially one of the better classes Tech has signed in a while, but it really feels like a failure when you look at the in-state top 10! I typically do not follow in-state recruits if they spurn VT, but I will definitely keeps an eye on Nnadi, Blanding, Hand and Brown and see how they fair with their new teams.

  5. Losing Gnadi sucks, but I’m as impressed with Bronson’s film as I am with any of the other D-lineman that I’ve seen.

    1. Agreed. I’ve always preferred to evaluate a recruiting class by looking at who we got as opposed to who got away. On that basis, I’m very pleased indeed with this year’s class, especially on the offensive side of the ball.

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