2014 Virginia Tech Football Schedule Released

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Virginia Tech’s 2014 football schedule has been released.  The schedule features two Thursday night games, as well as a Black Friday contest with in-state rival UVA.

Tech’s Thursday night games will be on back-to-back weeks.  First they’ll play at Pitt on Thursday, October 16, and then they’ll host Miami on Thursday, October 23.  The annual matchup with in-state rival UVA will be played the day after Thanksgiving, on Friday, November 28.

Here’s the schedule, including bye weeks…

Saturday, August 30: vs. William & Mary
Saturday, Sept. 6: at Ohio State
Saturday, Sept. 13: vs. East Carolina
Saturday, Sept. 20: vs. Georgia Tech
Saturday, Sept. 27: vs. Western Michigan
Saturday, Oct. 4: at UNC
Saturday, Oct. 11: BYE
Thursday, Oct. 16: at Pitt, 7:45, ESPN
Thursday, Oct. 23: vs. Miami, 7:45, ESPN
Saturday, Nov. 1: vs. Boston College
Saturday, Nov. 8: BYE
Saturday, Nov. 15: at Duke
Saturday, Nov. 22: at Wake Forest
Friday, Nov. 28: vs. UVA

Tech will get a bye week before their Thursday night trip to Pitt, and they will also be off the week before they travel to Duke.

We’ll have much more on Virginia Tech’s 2014 schedule tomorrow.

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  1. Shocker, best home game of the year is on Thursday which means two vacation days burned and arrive on campus shortly before the game with little tailgate time.

  2. Weaver screws the fans one last time. Yeah, he got a Thurs nite game back, but, UVA on Friday after Thanksgiving, which I’m sure will be a noon game, is terrible for us season ticket holders who have to travel from places like NOVA. Plus, half the students won’t be back yet. Last year, we had just one game in late afternoon. This year, 3 games in Sept. and only one on a Sat. afterwards and I’m sure they will be all noon starts again. Weaver has completely ruined the fan experience with his scheduling. Lane used to be a great environment for the HOKIES. This year, we didn’t fill the stadium once and Hokie Club membership was down. One Thurs nite game for the students won’t make a difference.

    1. And again….Weaver does not….and never did (for many years now)….control the ACC schedule or the start times of any games – ACC or otherwise.

    2. The Tech – uva game will most likely be an evening game NOT a noon game. So make a few extra turkey sandwiches, turkey chili and bring some Wild Turkey to have a great post-Thanksgiving Turkey BBQ before the game.
      GO HOKIES!!!

    1. Actually, I like the schedule. Duke, UNC and WF are very close and are easy road trips. It would be very easy to see up to 10 games this year without an overnight stay….

    1. Seriously? Just 2? I guess we should’ve scheduled OSU, Michigan State, Oregon and Oklahoma for our OOC games. Then would people complain because we should’ve played an SEC team?!

      Get a grip. With a new starting QB, I wish we had 4 “pansies”. Btw, W&M is NOT a pansy. They often beat JMU in their conference

    2. Why are they pansies? We haven’t proved we can beat teams like them in the last few years!! We lost to JMU, Duke (once considered a pansie), East Carolina…we have no idea what this team will be capable of next yr, I love Mark Leal, but really can we count on beating anyone? Hard to say at this point! I hope we beat all our opponents next yr, but I’m not counting on our team to be predicted to win against any team next year. Heck, we almost lost to UVA for two years straight!, and Duke has been a ? of late!

    3. Let’s see a new QB, no running game, a new O-Line coach, 3 new starters on D in the front 4. I wish we had 3 pansies in a row to get the team tuned up. W&M will not be easy but they are not ‘bama. Then we have THE ohio state U AT OHIO; that will be fun. Followed by ECU, GT with a new QB for them and then Directional Mich. With those 5 games are we 4-1 or 1-4 with all the unknowns coming into this season.

  3. Let’s hope the two bye weeks aren’t there to lull us to sleep before Pitt and Duke. 12 days and then 14 days without game-condition hitting and execution is not a recipe for success IMO (look what it did to the BB team earlier this year). I do realize that it affords the injured to get healthy but somehow getting the players up and motivated along with gameplans to put us in the best position to win is key. Hopefully we’re no worse than 4-1 going in to UNC game.

  4. So Notre Dame games do not count as ACC conference games? I see UNC has 8 ACC games plus Notre Dame.

  5. why have miami on a thursday nite at home…wonder how many people wont be at that game..since it is a thursday nite..no good time to tail gate …that is what irritates me about the AD…always doing it for the money –doesnt give a damn about the fans!! i am so glad he will be gone!!

    1. i would ask Why Not. Do you honestly prefer 1200 snooze-fest games ACC network games to a fully loaded, fully primed thursday night in Lane vs Miami??? Didnt we have enough of that this season?? Talk about not having time to tailgate, how do those noon games work out for you? I’ve made every thursday night home game since the late 90’s. It’s one of the best tickets in sports, period. I won’t miss it, my friends won’t miss it. It’s great for recruiting, both for bring recruits into the stadium so they can experience its electric atmosphere and the added bonus of being primetime on ESPN. If you wont be going, shoot me a message, i may be able to take your tickets.

      1. No, I prefer an 8pm Sat. night game or a 3:30 Sat against the U. The loudest I’ve ever heard lane was in 01 when we made the comeback against Miami. For anyone that has to travel any distance, Thurs are really tough. With any luck, we will still be relevant by the Miami game, otherwise, this may be the first Thurs night game where the stands are not filled.

      2. During the fall, all I look forward to is college football on Saturday afternoons. Whether I attend the games or not, when we schedule back to back Thursday night games it means three Saturdays in a row with no Hokies football. That’s my biggest gripe. It also means you have to either be exhausted at work on Friday or take a day off.

    2. Seriously? Have you been on this site (or really, ANY VT site) a single time since the last schedule was released? Everyone complained like crazy about the LACK of Thursday night games last season, and Weaver said he would request that we have them on the schedule again this season. Which he did. But apparently, both options are firing offenses.

    3. Wow – first people complained about the 2013 schedule and how we didn’t have a home Thursday night game, now we schedule a tough rival on a Thursday night and we get whiners. Scheduling is a no-win situation!

      1. I realize this, thanks for pointing it out. Allow me to clarify, I do not see any matchups good enough to attract TV interest in a Saturday night game.

    1. Well, we have to become relevant again for that to happen…

      FWIW, here are my time predictions:
      W&M – 1:30
      ECU – Noon or 3:30
      GT – 3:30
      WMU – 1:30
      BC – Noon
      uva – afternoon or evening, per ACC/ESPN contract.

        1. This article has been up 3 hours and no complaints about that game being on FRIDAY???? Personally I like it but how many won’t.


  6. I hope our first time starter at QB (whoever that is) is thinking about getting tougher and being ready…there isn’t any breathing room there, including W&M who is always well coached under Jimmye Laycock (another one of Frank’s good friends that he doesn’t like to play).

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