Keihn Narrows List To 3

Via Twitter, Gilman (Baltimore, MD) senior linebacker Melvin Keihn revealed that he has narrowed his list of schools to three.

“Thank you God for everything! And thanks to all the colleges who recruited me and gave me the chance to look at their school! thank you all!,” Keihn tweeted last night.

Three minutes later, he followed up with another tweet that read: “Next week either Tuesday or Wednesday I will be deciding between the #Hokies, #UVa and #Terps.”

The 6’2″, 220-pound prospect included Miami and Penn State in his final five before making this latest cut. He now appears set to decide early next week, which represents a change in plans as he was going to announce his commitment at the Under Armour All-American Bowl on January 2.

Keihn has taken multiple visits to each of the remaining finalists, including official visits to all three schools. In October he named Virginia Tech as his leader but has not named a clear favorite in more recent interviews/articles. Keihn hosted coaches from all three finalists on in-home visits last week. ranks Keihn as a 4-star prospect while 247Sports, ESPN, and Scout have him as a 3-star player. As mentioned above, he has been selected to play in the 2014 Under Armour All-American Bowl, which takes place on January 2.

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  1. I apologize that this is an unrelated question but I’m not sure where / how on the boards I would post it… JMUs coach was fired, causing the interest in SB and BS re interviewing. Newsome left to go coach Emory and Henry. Will any of this have a negative impact on VT in any way? I am assuming that if we lose a coach, it’s likely we have a chance of finding a much better one? With Newsome moving to E and H, that’s likely a good thing bc he is less of an influence for potential VT recruits out of the 757? Thanks again for putting up with the off topic question.

    1. Firing Newsome was a necessary positive for Tech. He was inept for HokieRecruiting in the 757 AND he was an inept coach for the Hokie’s Oline & Centers and that has set us back at least 2-4years before CGrimy and CSL get it fully back on course. Getting Stiny reinserted back in the 757 where he is a king has been huge… the recruits and coaches in the 757 know the real deal. If Newsome is Negative recruiting against us after he was given a chance and became uniquely responsible for our offensive-line downslide and the loss of our 10-win streak while he was here….then he’s definitely a few stadiums short of a touchdown and really just about as bright as I thought. Newsome is a no-factor……Trust.

  2. I know I have orange and maroon glasses on but I don’t know why in the world anyone would want to play football at UVA. Lacrosse, sure, have fun. Purely an academic look ok. But football?? Really? What in the world is that snake oil salesman selling these kids, except “YOU!”

    1. If you’re a LB prospect and VT offers, I can’t see how you would go to UVA instead of playing for Bud Foster.

        1. Jason Worilds might say yes!

          But really, except for DT, where we seem to get slightly undersized, quicker DT’s which might not translate that well to the next level, I think you have as good a chance of going pro from Tech as you do at UVA. But really, whether you make it at the next level or not really depends on the individual… so why not win while auditioning for the pros!

          1. I think everyone has dreams of making it to the NFL so I think it is an easier argument saying look at the alumni we have in the NFL at your position. We are called DBU because of that….we can’t deny that reasoning if it doesnt fit in other areas.

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