Video interview: Frank Beamer

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Frank Beamer talked about the Sun Bowl matchup with UCLA, and about how he’s “very sensitive to staying too long.”

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  1. As far as I’m concerned, for what CFB has done for VT, he can stay as long as he wants. He’s earned that. I do believe, with regard to his staff, he’s put the pieces in place to take a run at the NC. However, I’m not convinced we are able to recruit enough of the highly talented athletes necessary to compete with Saban and Alabama. I hope I’m wrong. After all, Auburn and Missouri both went from the bottom of the SEC to the top in one year. VT doesn’t have to climb the same number of steps that both of those schools had to climb.

  2. There is no doubt that the program at VT is so much stronger and on solid ground than pre-Beamer. I would love to see him go out on top, but I for one can say “Thank You” for doing it the right way. He teaches life skills in addition to football, he emphasizes graduation rates instead of putting the athlete ahead of what a student-athlete is all about. He gives it all he has, while being thoughtful to the future and the current staff. If we never win a National Championship,it is a legendary time in which we are witness to. Seeing one of the greatest coaches of all times do it the “right way” will be talked about for decades to come, in the same breath as the great ones. Whenever Frank is ready to go, let it be his decision, on his time, and I can guarantee it will be with the best interest of VT at heart. I for one, hope that is a little longer down the road.

  3. We may not realize it, but I sense we are witnessing a renewed push for Frank’s final 4-5 years. New staff that seems to be more dedicated, new ideas from new staff that come from previous experiences, a new drive to get the best recruits. Listening to Beamer talk I get the idea this is all planned in his mind, and for him if it works, well, he’s done his best, and if it doesn’t work, well, he’s done his best.

    God bless Frank Beamer’s heart. Don’t ever question his integrity, and his passion for Virginia Tech.

  4. IMO, this coming season will be a Big Factor on Frank Beamer and VT. His age and where College Football is heading , might not be where Frank Beamer wants to go. I hope he stays as long as He and VT are happy together. I’m in his age group and also from the NRV were Frank Beamer played his sports , So I have known him in a sense before VT.I think he still has the Drive but does he want to deal with all that College football heading…who knows But Frank Beamer !! Thank you for the good Video .

  5. My take. I don’t think Bristol will be CFB’s last hurray. I don’t think CFB wants to retire sooner rather than later; i.e., less than 5 yrs. I think he recognized he needed to juice the program on the offensive side of the ball. I think he wants a NC really bad. I think Grimes and Loeffler were tired of being put in bad situations and having a string of 1-year jobs. Beamer needed great coaches that would be willing to put in the 5-yrs necessary to reap the benefits of recruiting. I think Grimes and Loeffler wanted a stable 5 years to REALLY build something and put their stamp on it; they have no intention of bolting somewhere else. Perfect fit IMHO. I think CFB is making a serious push for a NC within the next 5 yrs; and I think the 4 team playoff plays to our advantage. The idea that “Beamer is sensitive to staying too long” is borne out of the uncertainty regarding a new President and AD more so than “retirement is on his mind”; even he does not know what a new Pres/AD might bring.

    I’ll take Beamer over any other coach in the country because of what he has done and who he is as a person. I hope the early and encouraging signs resulting from the coaching changes continue to trend up; the current coaching staff get the 3-5 yrs they deserve to build something; and CFB et al get the NC they so richly deserve.

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