Kyle Fuller out 4-6 weeks


From Virginia Tech Sports Information:

Virginia Tech senior cornerback Kyle Fuller underwent successful surgery to repair a core muscle injury on Tuesday by Dr. William Meyers in Philadelphia.  According to Mike Goforth, associate director of athletics for sports medicine, Fuller is expected to make a full recovery within 4-6 weeks and will start on his rehabilitation upon return to Blacksburg.

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  1. He will recover just fine, now that he FINALLY really got it fixed. Should have NO impact on his draft status…NOW, our defense against frenchie??? Well That is another matter entirely.

    Unfortunately, as we have seen the past couple of weeks. we can’t really continue to hide losing players. Seems like our UBER-TALENTED Frenchmen CB’s (Kendall and Fayscon) are actually playing like, well….like FRESHMEN without guys like Exxum and (especially) Kyle around them for stability and to blend in that experience. This is in NO way a knock on either of those guys. They are studs and will get better, it’s just a fact of football life that freshmen are vulnerable; especially a backfield full of them.

    I really HOPE we look at frenchie as our bowl game, and come out and SMOKE them next week…THAT will cure a lot in my book!

    Heal fast Kyle…I WOULD like to see you play one more time before you do it for a living!

  2. He will play in the bowl game…earliest bowl is Dec 28…that’s 6 weeks. He wants to play one more time with Kendall.

  3. Hopefully the recovery time ends up being closer to 4 weeks and allows him to play in the bowl game. I really feel for him if he has suited up for his last game at VT.

  4. This now makes total sense. I think all of us monitoring this situation knew something bigger was up that the program wasn’t releasing publicly yet. He’s One of the best open-field technique-tacklers i have ever seen. Not counting him out yet but it’s been a pleasure watching Kyle’s career. He will be in the Pros…….Godspeed.

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