Hokies lose on Senior Day


Virginia Tech lost to Maryland 27-24 in overtime in Lane Stadium on Saturday afternoon.  The Hokies have now lost three of their last four games.

Tech was 15-0 when Logan Thomas did not throw an interception, but that streak ended today.  Thomas threw two touchdowns, and he was 19-of-31 for 210 yards.  However, he was sacked six times.  At times he held onto the ball too long, but the offensive line had their worst game of the season in terms of pass protection.

Maryland quarterback C.J. Brown was just 12-of-25 for 135 yards, with a touchdown and an interception. However, he ran for 122 yards and two touchdowns, and he continuously escaped to run for big gains against the Virginia Tech defense.

For first half coverage, click here.

The second half didn’t start well for Virginia Tech.  Brandon Facyson was beaten soundly on a big third down play, and then Kendall Fuller was burned for a 43 yard gain down the left sideline.  Just like that, nickel Detrick Bonner (with Der’Woun Greene playing free safety) was beat in the corner of the endzone by wide receiver Nigel King for a touchdown to make the score 21-7.

After leading 7-0 early in the game, the Hokies were outscored 21-0 by a Maryland team that had lost four of their last five.  Their one win in that span was a one-point win over UVA.

After Maryland took a 21-7 lead, Demitri Knowles took the kickoff back 88 yards to the Maryland 12.  However, Thomas was sacked on a second and eight play, which brought up a key third and 12 from the 14.  He hit Willie Byrn on a crossing route, and Byrn took it inside the one yard line for a first down.

Two plays later, Thomas rolled out and hit D.J. Coles for a one yard touchdown pass to make the score 21-14 Maryland with 10:03 left in the third quarter.  Considering how they played offensively in the first half, the Hokies looked down and out, but the huge kickoff return by Knowles kept them in the game.

The remainder of the third quarter was uneventful.  Neither team threatened to score, and the Terps continued to hold a 21-14 lead heading into the fourth quarter.

Logan Thomas was clutch on a game-tying scoring drive.  First he hit Demitri Knowles on a huge 38 yard pass on a crossing pattern for a first down.  After a 12 yard Trey Edmunds run, and a nine yard scramble by Thomas, Thomas hit Willie Byrn on a fade in the corner of the endzone to tie the game at 21 early in the third quarter.

Virginia Tech’s defense settled down after allowing a score on the opening drive of the third quarter.  After a James Gayle sack, the Terps punted it back to the Hokies, and with 7:48 left in the game, VT took over on their own 45.  However, a busted play on second down (Logan Thomas went one way, and J.C. Coleman went the other on an attempted handoff) wasted a down, and the Hokies went three and out.

However the Tech defense held again.  Maryland went three-and-out, and Tariq Edwards ended the Terp drive with a big sack.  After the punt, the Hokies took over on their own 40 yard line, but Logan Thomas was sacked on first down, and the drive went three and out.

Maryland crossed the Tech 50 to the 49 on the ensuing drive, but a big play on a screen by Tariq Edwards made it third and 11 from the 50.  A fourth down throw to the sideline was incomplete, and Maryland was forced to punt, and the game went to overtime with the score tied at 21.  This obviously made Tech fans nervous, as true freshman kicker Eric Kristensen was playing in his first game, and he had already missed a 34 yarder.

However, Kristensen came through with a 31 yard field goal in overtime to make the score 24-21 Tech after the offense failed to score.  The Maryland offense struggled with the Tech defense for almost the entire second half, so there was no reason to worry, right?

Wrong.  The Terps successfully attacked the edge of Virginia Tech’s defense and scored a touchdown in just four plays in overtime.  C.J. Brown took it around the left side, dove for the pylon, and just made it in.  The play was reviewed and upheld, and Maryland won 27-24.

The loss drops the Hokies to 7-4 on the season, and 4-3 in the ACC.  Maryland is now bowl eligible with a 6-4 record.

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  1. We can go back an forth with the rah-rah and all, but major college football (If we want that) is a business and we have a 60,000+ seat stadium that needs customers. Not all Tech fans are Tech graduates like me. Same for Georgia, Alabama etc. As much as I appreciate Frank (I was at Tech before he played and have been a season ticket holder since 1973), he blew his national title opportunity by hiring Stiney as OC after Rickey left. I would agree with letting Stiney “try out” for a couple of years – but he failed miserably and Frank and his stubborn “loyalty” would not fix the problem for over 10 years! Bud kept on winning games for Tech so no pressure for a change. Today, instead of having tried out other OC’s we are left with what we have and years of average offensive recruits. Kids want to play for Bud, but not Tech’s Offense. Do you blame them? I was at the game Saturday and witnessed for myself the somewhat empty Hokie Club parking lot and seats at Lane Stadium. I sit in outdoor club and the people around me were students who just sat down in the empty seats. This situation will not help pay the stadiuum debt and put us on the road to national recognition.

  2. Lots of angry Hokies and count me among the group. I thought the end of the first half was the key to the game. Could not believe SL did not run time off the clock and gave MD chance to score. Think that coaching error gave the team a really bad vibe for the second half. Also agree Bud very late with adjustment to slow QB scrambles. Did anyone else lose game TV coverage at the end? We lost our coverage with about 5 min. to go in regulation. ABC just went to the next scheduled game. That has happened twice this year. Seems ACC should broadcasts should have something to say about that–guess not.

  3. Time to change the curtains…. Ditch the dorky throwback uniform tops with the shoulder stripes.
    The are not in the least intimidating. I know the homage to Frank in his playing days are the tie-in…. but it needs to change.

  4. A lot of people are losing to Duke this year. Before everyone goes and hangs themselves realize Duke is ranked this week.

    Should we have beat them? Sure. With how we’ve played this year at times we could beat anyone. That’s why this is a rebuilding year. We have assembled a team that can beat anyone and can lose to anyone. The talent is inconsistent. Some days they look like top talent other days they look like crap. It’s a symptom of horrible recruiting and coaching for year. We don’t have players who consistently perform at a high level. That’s the absolute definition of rebuilding.

    The only part that is truly inexcusable is special teams. We cannot block for our returner nor can we defend a punt. We can’t tackle on special teams. After Alabama Frank said he was putting in the starters. Well that hasn’t happened and we still suck. What I want to know is why when we’re not going for the block do we have our perimeter rushers run all the way up-field. They never cut in to block the punt but they run about 5-10 yards past the linemen on the punt. Basically we’re taking 2-4 potential punt return blockers out of the play. Not only that guess what… They end up freaking blocking people in the back every time. Frank. It’s simple. Tell your guys if they see someone’s back not to block them. simple stuff.

  5. Painful game. Any team with a running QB gives us fits time and again. Hopefully UVA’s QB can’t run cause if he can we are in trouble. Not sure how that hasn’t been fixed all year. Not sure why someone wasn’t assigned to spy the QB in the first half once he started doing things. We started doing it in the second half and they couldn’t get anything going minus the first drive.

    Second, special teams is the worst it’s been in years. I mean we lucked out against Miami on sp tms with the fumbles but those were big returns before the fumbles. All year long this has been an issue. We should have another punt return against us from UNC but that was called back. So coverage wise that’s 3 punt returns for scores this year. Horrible. Plus it keeps us on the long side of the field and with our O we have trouble even flipping the field. The D can only hold out for so long when the O has so many 3 and outs. OL was abysmal as stated.

    Finally, Frank does not need to go. He built this program to where it is. One or two bad seasons in 20-some odd does not call for a firing, even if some may have seen the writing on the wall in the past years of BS calling plays. Should he take a step back from sp tms? Perhaps, but that needs a definite looking into. And all teams go through phases. While we were constantly a top-15 team year in and year out where was FSU?? Where was Miami? Where was Alabama before Saban?? All the great teams have ups and down. Years of greatness and years of decline. As long as we can keep at 8-10 win seasons and always compete for the ACCCG we will get back to where we believe we belong. This may be the start of a decline in our eyes, but a 9 win season is pretty good honestly. It’s frustrating because the losses have come to such poor teams and we gave them those wins. If we had lost two more games to top 15 ranked teams would we be crying as much? Probably not.

    All is not lost. Beat the hoos and timecop.
    Go Hokies!

  6. Back from the game. This team is painful to watch. They are not fun to watch and you do not have a fun experience even if they win.
    I am trying to be patient, support my Hokies and hope and trust in Beamer that things will get better – hard to do but we have to.

    1. Bottom line; Teams generally don’t win without some kind of consistent running game; And we score about a 2 or 3 on a 10 point scale; Miami is that in name only; Duke ran all over them; so don’t be fooled by the VT victory last week and our ability to run the football; We have not run the football on anyone this year. And when you honestly analyze the season, we should have lost to Marshall and would lose to UNC now that Marquise has a few games under his belt. So we are charmed if we finish 8-4 before the bowl, but as a ’73 graduate I have been watching football for decades and beating the ‘Hoos is not going to be a slam dunk; That will be their bowl game and we have owned them far too long; Sorry, just being honest because we don’t dominate physically the way we used to;
      Md. moved the ball on Offense and they were missing their top 3 receivers; Bud obviously gets many passes because the D has kept us in many games but not sure why we played so much man to man against that receiving corps. The drive at the end of the 1st half was pitiful;

      Regardless, we need to give the new O coaches time to see if they can make an impact; However, Special Teams has been an issue for years (ex; the Sugar Bowl – fake punt with Danny Coale, come on everyone knew what was coming);

      ST coach is long over due to be fired; He is living on very old achievements.

      Go Hokies!!

  7. Sorrow is the one with a emptiness…Go Where, Lets Go HOKIES-SOMEWHERE?
    VT Football Team is and has been very average here of late and many factors contributed to this and after watching VT Football for 32 years in person I can only ask, ” Well How Did We Get Hear “? It seems we have been so close and now so far away from that golden ring and the famed empty Enclosed Trophy Case again still sitting empty as my heart.

  8. I will make it short and simple, 1st it was this coach, that coach, that play,, and now its this player that player, good call/bad call…etc.
    After 32 years of going to VT FTBL games I can honestly say ……. drum roll…..drum roll \\\ I say that we are back to being a very average football team!
    See u next year and remember we still can beat that piece of crap Cville team before jumping off the cliff or crying more in my/ beer/bourbon/or/ Smoke ;(

  9. I wonder how many posters are over the age of 40 like me. On this thread, and many others, there are so many people ready to ditch Frank Beamer. There were good coaches and players in our previous 120 or so years, but nobody put us on the map to stay like Frank. I’m not talking national championships. I’m talking consistent sell outs and increasing donations translating to hundreds of millions of dollars that made our campus (athletics and academics) what it is today. I’m talking moving from years of independent and lower conference status to the Big East and then to the ACC. Yes, Frank has made some bad calls…he admits it. Yes, he has lost to lesser teams and not been as successful against top 10’s….and he admits it. He has also put us in 21 consecutive bowls (we had 5 in those previous 120 years…..and yes I know there are lots more bowls now). He had 8 10-win seasons in row. He has multiple conference championships. Has he maybe lost a step? Probably. But I for one will NEVER ditch Frank. He made VT what it is today, and he built it right. If kids weren’t sold on the team and on being students, he sent them packing no matter how good they were. Maybe he gets his national championship and maybe he doesn’t, but he has VT on the map for good. Prior to him, the only time you heard anything about VT (other than local papers) was if we were playing a top team….and getting creamed. Not many teams have been able to really make that jump from mediocrity to top-25 consistency. Some get in the media favor for a few years and then fade. Is VT in the same category as Notre Dame, Michigan, Alabama, Florida State, etc? No. But remember, prior to Bobby Bowden, FSU was an also-ran program. He’s gone now, but look at FSU…..still gets top talent and in the thick of the championship hunt. So…..don’t fret about not winning championships every year or getting 10 wins. Just be happy that VT is now relevant enough (thanks to Frank) for you to whine about being 7-4!

    1. I’m with you. Disappointed in the team, yes, but more disappointed with the posters on here who think that they deserve a Top 20 team year in and year out … just because they want it. I’m surprised at the entitlement mentality of some TSL subscribers. I expected there would be more fans of the game, who understand that today’s level of competition makes it very difficult for teams to dominate. Lots of big name teams out there who are having their problems. Teams like FSU and Baylor are anomalies. Until we can recruit at a higher level, don’t expect miracles.

  10. Punt coverage is abysmal. Watching last nights games and gunners are downfield and lots of athletic guys in their lanes. We seem to value punt protection with guys who can block rather than using guys who can tackle in space. O line just doesnt have the parts to allow for a consistent run game or pass protection. Most frustrating is when we have max protection and still allow a sack. Left guard is very limited laterally. Grimey will turn it around with his guys. We said patience at the end of last year and we need to remember that in the heat of the battle.

    1. Will a new president and a new AD tolerate Frank’s mediocre coaching
      We pay him and his son $3 million to give us home losses back to back to Puke and Maryland

      NOT acceptable!!!

  11. These last two years of VT football Reminds me of the late 60’s! And then some of the 70’s !! Damn Sad times!

    1. Uh, no. Back then we’d be 3-8, not 7-4 with wins over Miami, UNC, GT.

      People need to lay off the drama. This team is decent…but very flawed and beatable. We are very thin on talent on offense…very thin.

      1. You are right HokiePro, we are very thin on talent on offense…very thin. Why sir, are we so very thin on talent on offense?? Answer that, and you know the source of the frustration. by so many!

      2. Yea, we are still in a winning season, 8-4 very possible. then 9-4 with a bowl win. Really people stop the cr@p

  12. There is significant more parity now a days in college football than we realize. Football is a game of inches and sometimes the bounces don’t go your way. In the end the wins are what matters but as an educated fan in the game of football the tale goes beyond the W-L column. Are we National Championship contenders this year (or lately)? Absolutely not. Not even ACC championship materials, but there are signs of encouragement. I don’t care what anyone says, there IS talent on this team! And consider that VT is doing this coming off one their worst seasons and injury and attrition filled offseason and season. So, in conclusion, remain calm. The future actually looks bright. Growing pains are always tough to experience. And GO HOKIES!

    1. I agree. Going into this year, everyone saw we lack talent on O. Recruiting has picked up. Help on way. New staff in place. Better days ahead.

    2. Tell the Top 10 teams about parity…parity talk is for the “also-rans”, of which we are one!

      I just don’t know what to make of the Hokies. Usually, I go away feeling bad for the defense, but THEY contributed yesterday as well (as did the requisite coverage teams breakdown). It is painfully obvious to me that our O-line DOES suck. I’ve hung my hat on games like last week and Alabama like everybody else. The FACT is, any line that is painfully bad in 8 out of 10 games is just plain BAD!. I do NOT consider an offensive line that can EITHER pass block OR run block a decent line…

      Yesterday may have been the most deflating game I have spent in Lane Stadium in MANY a year. WE were completely OWNED by that damned QB, and there was NOTHING Bud could do about it, We proved that we suck offensively enough to lose WITHOUT LT turning the ball over multiple times.

      I am not sure where I’ve EVER felt the complete sense of resignation that I felt leaving the stadium yesterday.

      …but, but, but…”ALL teams have bad days”. Check the rankings & the scores from yesterday..only the middle of the pack teams have those off days. The TOP teams (I don’t even pretend to include us in that general area btw) find a way to WIN on off days, not find a way to lose. THAT is the difference between them and the rest of us irrelevant teams in the middle of the pack.

      I don’t see much upside, and am legitimately scared of the freaking french in 2 weeks. We have prov3en we can lose to ANYBODY!

  13. I love it when someone writes .. “I’m canceling my season tickets” and then someone else says .. “oh classic bandwagon, fair weathered fans who aren’t true diehards.” Puhlease. It’s called REALITY. I don’t care if I’m buying groceries, a new car, a ball glove, shirt and tie or football game tickets .. you want to feel like you’re buying as much *quality* as your budget will allow. Tech isn’t a top quality program right now and we all know FB has made many decision on the field and off that are to put it kindly .. head scratching and bizarre the last several years. If a guy doesn’t want to spend his hard earned bucks on tickets, food, gas and hotels only to leave a football stadium frustrated then kudos to him if he saves his money, plays golf with his kids or chills at home. I’ve never heard my kids say … “Hey Dad .. can we get tickets to Crazy Drunk Ricky’s Circus?” No. They want Ringling Bros. b/c even kids know quality when they see it. FB isn’t driving a clown car around B’burg but c’mon .. let’s be honest .. when he finally steps down .. he’ll limp into the Hall, no nat’l championship, a program in vast decline, Beamerball a joke and an embarrassing record against top 5 teams. Plus, the next coach will need 3-5 years to get back to what we all want: A top QUALITY football team.

  14. bop is on top as far as his acumen. The crap Rcruiting Years are showing up, no doubt. I thank Logan for his service, but look forward to a true QB in years ahead. I’m 5’9, 175. I still have a hard time believing that if God had blessed Me with 6’5″ and 320, that I couldn’t block Nobody, I just don’t get it. Won’t miss Steger and Weaver, God Bless Em, our new O Gurus get a C- from me-Auburn is killin People without Em-no loss there. Am so perplexed with this Team-We blew 3 games to lesser Teams-that’s a Fact! At some point, You have to question the Coaching. Not Bud Foster, of course. The rest of the bunch-they know Who they are. The Edmonds and Fullers are gonna run out of Sons one day, We’ve used up the Wangs and Chungs and Vicks, Pulaski High aint feedin us Kickers any more, Tidewater has gone back to UVA, Richmond is a Crapshoot. And then Bama comes in and steals some Guys-DShawn Hand. Let’s go back to Pa., Don Strock, Rick Razzano, etc. PSU has given us a chance up there. We got Kevin Jones before He was him.

  15. Changes that didn’t happen in 2008 echoed again today. Not enough talent and experience on the offensive side of the ball.

  16. Very diappointing once again. 260 yds of O, unfortunately no light at end of tunnel. Getting harder and harder to make 6 hour round trips for this product that continues to really show no improvement (excl Miami, but not sure that was all that impressive now after what Duke did to them).

    1. Don’t go then, route for bama…they win each week. You really expect the rebuilding process to take 11 games? The offense is depleted of talent, especially true On the offensive line. This years team is better then last years team and the product (are we selling something now?) you speak of are college kids playing their tails off. It might very well take two more years to rebuild, the light started shining at the end of the tunnel when Frank hired three new coaches.

  17. WVU is 4-7

    UVA IS 2-8

    We’re 7-4

    I we finish 8-4 regular season after 6-6 last year, then we’re headed in the right direction.

    1. VaAkita, your glass is more than half full.

      yes, we are better off than those teams, and yes, we are ahead of last year, but you have to look at the whole. The loss to Duke should not have happened. We were flat at BC because we lost to Duke, and although the D was less than stellar, it only gave up 17 points, as the other 17 came off turnovers. And today the D only gave up 14 in regulation. Our O cannot get out of its own way, and when we aren’t turning it over, we are making head-scratching play calls. I could go on but I digress. Instead, I will say this – are you satisfied with 8-4 when it includes one-score losses to Duke, BC, and Maryland, when those three teams scored 17 or less on our D?

      1. Did you expect the offensive players to magically wake up with more talent then they had last season? No one is satisfied with losing but your viewpoint isn’t realistic THIS season. Give the new coaches a couple years to recruit real linemen and better skill position personnel.

        1. I guess we have to agree to disagree. I respect your view but don’t agree. We have enough talent to beat Miami, UNC, and GT (on 5 days rest!). We have better talent than Duke, BC, and MD. Yes, they are kids, and yes, we have limitations, but why is it ok to look good one week and terrible the next? Why is it ok to accept short yardage handoffs to the smallest RB we have when a 250 pound QB has been running that one yard call for years? Why is it ok to accept that our special teams haven’t been special in years? I could go on, and I’m sure you could too for your opinion, and I respect that, but I just don’t agree with it. For 25 years I have put my heart into rooting for this team, and for most of that time, we have been great. But, like my friend so expertly puts it, our attempts to reach the elite of college programs are like Charlie Brown trying to kick that football. Except we are also Lucy pulling the ball away from ourselves.

          Yes, we are way better than we were when I attended VT, and yes, Frank runs a class program and has built it to what it is today. But I am also frustrated with the offensive struggles of the better part of the last decade.

          way more than I wanted to write, but you can see the frustrations run deep

  18. I feel that we need a new head coach. Our same ole same ole stems from the top. Our special teams actually lost the game for us. A missed 34 yard field goal and a punt return for a touchdown. I am sure that you all remember the National Championship game 2000 we lost that one too because of special teams. Who is our special teams coach? A new quality proven head coach would be wonderful – I’m talking Stoops, Urban Meyer, Pete Carroll, even Jim Tressell – none of them would put up with losing especially to Duke, BC or Maryland and there would be a good chance we could beat Alabama. Beamer has lost most if not all of his games against top 5 opponents and I want to wipe that slate clean with a new proven winner one that is used to going to National Championships. Also, Beamer has a propensity to lose to lousy teams that make it embarrassing to us fans – I’m talking losing to JMU, Temple, Duke, Miami of Ohio etc. A top notch coach would never put up with this. I don’t mean to be so blunt but we need a change and this change needs to come from the top. Too many bad coaching decisions to even mention over the past 13 years to even mention. Just a few – bad clock management during end of Boise State game, Calling time outs at inappropriate times, running Pickle on a 4th down against Miami a few years ago that lost us that game etc etc etc. I could go on and on but for the sake of some brevity I won’t.

    1. We must realize that we are now in a Paterno/Bowden decline and just ride it out until 2016 and try not to be fair weather fans.

    2. A new quality proven head coach would be wonderful – I’m talking Stoops, Urban Meyer, Pete Carroll, even Jim Tressell

      Hah…so just any old schmoe from a group that has five national titles and nine championship game appearances in the last decade. Guys like that have ALWAYS beaten a path to Blacksburg.

    1. Why can’t fans vent and not he called “bandwagon”? I was pissed after the game but you know what? Like Parcells would say, you are what your record says you are. I line sucks, LT is not a QB and ST is high school. Is that bandwagon or reality? Face facts and accept a mediocre year.

  19. Our glaring weakness for the past 2 seasons is that we have no productive running game. The biggest reason for that is our O-line is consistently turrible in run blocking! Just absolutely turrible! Other than the Miami game and Edmonds big TD run vs. Bama, there is nothing we can point to that would lead opposing team to be worried about our running game. We gave up 6 sacks today and the last one was sheer agony to watch. I think Loeffler has done pretty decent job with utilizing passing game to compensate, but until we have solid talent on line and RB’s, we’ll continue to get into dogfights with average middle of the pack teams assuming that D carries us along as they usually do. I look forward to new coaches recruits coming in and steering us back to national stage versus the ship we’re on now which sails farther and farther away from national stage. If we beat the French, then we have 8-4 with possible 9th win in whatever bowl we end up in. Not all bad if that happens, but today’s hangover will linger a bit longer as we really blew it!

  20. We don’t deserve to back into the ACCCG. Good for Duke up late on Miami. Now if only FSU can win out to make the ACC look credible. It’s a shame the Hokies have under performed the past 2 years.

  21. Just a real bad loss, they made a much-maligned Maryland Defense look good. When it counted late, the Tech D gave us every chance to win, and the Tech Offense does nothing-shameful. Some of our play calling was head-scratching-You get Stiney out of there, and it’s same ole samo. In the OT, that Coles potential catch was on the money-He jumped too early or something. I knew Journell would come back to haunt us-that’s just Tech. A flat, pathetic effort on Senior day- a bad loss to a bad team. I just don’t get it. Let’s somehow whup UVA, go to a crap Bowl, just get this Season over with. Fla. State would have smeared us anyway with our O. The 2 DB’s out today was key also, fer sure. When does Baseball Season start?

  22. Bud got out schemed, it’s as if he didn’t plan for a mobile QB. He adjusted, but after the damage was done. Offense was just the offense, nothing surprising if you ve watched all our games. Just a reality that our defense didn’t carry us like they usually do. Also, thanks Cody, I’ll pin another loss on you, any average kicker makes that first half kick and keeps momentum going.

    1. our D only gave up two touchdowns in regulation. Ok, so they didn’t come up with the “big play”, but that is what the offense continues to fail to do. Heck, if the O was half as consistent as the D, we’d have 10 wins right now.

      1. “Only” 2 in regulation, and one BIG one in OT. That is 3TDs any way you count it…The offense was their typical self (although finding a way to lose when LT doesn’t turn the ball over is a new twist; oh joy!)). The Defense is what we hang our hats on. It is why we even THINK we are somebody. No question there….

        However, THIS game, they let us down. They are what we count on (rightly or wrongly), and THEY got used by the QB ALL day long!

  23. Today was like a cat chasing a string in the wind. How on GGE can a QB that runs with his eyes closed rush for 120+ yards and score the game winning TD on a Bud Foster coached defense. Half 1, I figured a fluke. Half 2, I was scratching head and throwing ball cap. I get the offense and it’s shortcomings. But 24 points should beat MD going away with 3rd string seniors playing the final few minutes in their last dress out in Lane.

  24. The Coastal ACC is the best. Win games and you have a chance or lose games and you still have a chance. Hope is not lost yet. Go Miami or Duke and UNC or Pitt. The French await!

  25. Frank is a classic example of what happens to old dictators. Time to go. My donation is officially canceled. His “fix” for the offense is having his buddy, and former OC plus his son reporting to the new guy. What I saw today was classic Stiney.

    Cancel your donations. Send a message. I’m done with mine – 1998 to 1012.

    1. Classic bandwagon attitude. They’re “your team” as long as they are winning, but lose a few and you quit. Great attitude! I guess you will start donating your vast sums again when the rest of us have restored the team to your lofty standards.

      We lost today to a good team. They were every bit as big, strong, and athletic as we were. Their QB is a winner. We need someone like that. Logan is big and strong but not quick or fast. By the way … 50% of all the teams playing today will lose. Part of the game. Real fans understand that.

      1. Are you high? No way this game should have even been competive much less a loss. Are you going to use the same excuses if we lose to the Frenchies?

        1. Hey Kennedy, you watched the same game I did. The game WAS competitive! And our team lost. Will and Chris just missed on their assesment of the Terps. For a “banged up team,” they sure looked healthy.

          I don’t get your, “use same excuses …” line. Doesn’t compute. I made no excuses, just pointed out the obvious.

        2. Yes, he is high I would understand losing to the Maryland team that was heathy the first few games of the season but not this team that beat us today. Maryland is a terrible team and they showed us how far we have fallen!

      2. Don’t mind losing to a better team but too often we beat ourselves. Happening too often. No fire left in the belly. It is time for a change.

      3. We didn’t lose to a good team today. We lost to a Maryland team in complete free fall.

        Can I buy drugs from you?

      4. you are delusional if you think Maryland is a good team. Even worse if you are ok with us losing this one.

        The playcalling in the 2nd and 4th quarters was atrocious. All of our success in the first quarter was seemingly forgotten. On 2nd and 1 and 3rd and 1 we continuously took the ball out of the hands of our best runner – Thomas. We throw deep on 3rd and 4 late in the game when a 5 yard gain keeps the chains moving and puts us 10 yards from a potential game winning field goal. We did not offset the pressure.

        And with just over a minute to go in the first half with the ball on our own 20, one time out, and two for the opponent, we throw on first down!! why not run the clock out? Instead, we get sacked and run no time off the clock. MD gets a quick score and momentum into the locker room.

        Our D did not shine, but they played well enough to win. For most of the past 25 years, we have over relied on the D. This D is admirable and played well enough to win, but they did not get key stops to bail out the O and they don’t score touchdowns like past defenses. It shouldn’t come down to that.

        We saw last week what we used to be. We saw this week – and for most of the last two seasons – what we have become.

        1. My same thoughts, play calling on 2nd and 3rd short yard situations was awful, no it was stupid. The first rule of football is keeping possession of the ball, remember the Boise State game. This may be a good reason you don’t hire a fired OC. Coach Beamer also has problem of putting people in situations that they can’t be successful. If coach thinks this is bad, don’t lose to UVa.

      5. Good team??? They had lost 5 straight before coming to Lane. Their last win was a 1 point squeaker over UVA.

      6. Thanks for “splainin to us bandwagon fans” what is right and what is wrong .. I wish I were bright enough to be right about everything like some think they are.

  26. We are now turning into Duke of old and they are now US and it is possible that they will even start to out recruit us. I never thought I would say it but I wish football season was over WE SUCK BIG TIME!

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