Video interview: Scot Loeffler

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Scot Loeffler talked about what went right in the Miami game, and looked ahead to Maryland.

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  1. Ok for all those bitching about the hand to the face turn your chair around and do not watch the screen . Enjoy the day and the fact we beat Miami and quit your whining.

  2. Will, its hard not to rag on Scott. Its hard to listen to him when he is always rubbing his face. Think he is great and enjoy his press conf except the hands to face.

  3. Coach Loeffler’s incessant face rubbing makes it almost impossible to watch his interviews. Geez, someone get him some handcuffs.

    1. It’s pure and simple body language. Lefty is obviously uncomfortable doing interviews. That’s not to say he doesn’t answer questions well, but it’s apparent to me he doesn’t like the questions and the lime light. It’s also revealed by his soft-spokeness (compare to Grimes or Foster!). Anyone who has done public speaking has taking criticism and advice on how to handle yourself better. Lefty could use a little time with a media consultant to train him how to look better and feel better during these interviews. But that’s a post season thing–he is rightfully focusing on the next game, doing his job.

      1. Yep. He doesn’t like doing interviews. He jokes about that off camera.

        As far as the classes go, that’s hard to do when you’re sleeping in your office sometimes, haha.

  4. About his mannerisms…based on my experience, his wife will see the video and tell him everything he’s doing wrong.

    Actually, watching yourself on video is a powerful force for improvement. Sure worked for me.

    1. +1 to that. I do a lot of public speaking and front-of-room stuff in my job, and videotaping yourself doing it (and then forcing yourself to watch it back, of course) is the single most constructive thing you can do to improve.

      It’s good to watch yourself on fast-forward too. That really lays bare all of your physical tics.

    1. I was thinking the same thing; its distracting and makes it difficult to follow what he’s saying. Once, a long time ago, I was told to quit jingling change in my pocket when I spoke- so I make sure my pockets are empty before starting. Maybe he should shave. 🙂

    2. I went away thinking’here is a guy that is exhausted, sleep-deprived, with a week’s worth of growth that is bugging him, but no time to shave.’
      Try going a few months with minimal sleep and stress and then have a taped interview.

  5. I wonder if people would think differently about Stinespring if these types of interviews had been available in previous years. Whatever criticism someone might have about Loeffler, the fact that he does explain things and does talk about all of this could easily make him more palatable even if things are going wrong. I know it would be meaningless if we really stank,

    1. No, I think it would have been worse if Stiney had done these. People would have appreciated his personality more, but the downside is the he really rambled whenever he was interviewed. You could tell he knew a lot of stuff — the terminology flowed constantly from him — but it sounded like a jumble.

      I like Bryan, in the few interactions I’ve had with him … but long-form taped interviews? Not a good idea. People who would listen to him on post-game radio always ragged on him.

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