Journell dismissed

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This afternoon, Virginia Tech released the following statement….

Virginia Tech senior placekicker Cody Journell has been dismissed from the Virginia Tech football team for a violation of team policies, as announced Wednesday by head football coach Frank Beamer.

In making the announcement, Beamer will have no further comment on the situation.

Journell, from Ripplemead, Va., is 44-for-58 on field goals for his career with a long of 56 yards and 101-for-106 on career PATs.

Journell’s replacement has not been determined by Beamer at this time.

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  1. Addicts, if that is what he is, often seem more likely to regress when under stress or pressure. Beamer gave him reasonable chances to handle it, but finally sent CJ the right message at the right time: you cannot handle your problem in a stress situation, so deal with your problems without the stress. Beamer cannot solve personal problems of players, and he has a team to run, but I doubt he would be as angry with the boy as he would be sad. So much potential, but not able to handle the demands. Football players, especially at D-1, a step from the NFL, have huge demands and flaws will out. There is no shame when you don’t measure up, just the disappointment of knowing you don’t have what it takes to support your team and have their back. Wish him well, but don’t dwell on it. An injury could have created the same situation. Win with your team as it is, not as you wish it was.

  2. I agree totally with Marooneffect. Frank carried and supported him as far as he could; farther than most. I am sure it was difficult to do, but much easier to predict. There was just something missing there. Tom

  3. Thank you Frank. He does a teriffic job of walking this tightrope. It is a fine line between seeing the good in testosterone-laiden young men who make bad decisions and need second chances, versus situations where the character and integrity of the program are at stake. Maybe he learned some lessons with MV5, but his intentions have always been to see both sides of this issue and “do it the right way” as they say.

  4. The team and program would have been better off if they kicked him out after his first run in with the law.

  5. Well, Scott better get some short yardage plans ramped up. Also, choose red zone plays carefully where the offense can get into short yardage on 4th down. I heard we have a walk on kicking in practice now. Cody was let off to easy each time he made a mistake and it’s finally caught up to him. Does Cody lose his academic scholarship as well?

  6. He was a Helluva kicker there for a while, Damn shame all the way around. More trouble for a bad Offense, this, OF COURSE will come back to haunt us!

    1. It may be a sad case, but I for one am glad that the kid is finally gone. He’s constantly in trouble, and for some reason he kept getting a pass. Sorry to say but the kid’s a head case….purely from a football standpoint I’m not disappointed either considering the year he’s had. You simply had no idea what was going to happen when he was sent out on the field (see Duke, etc.). This is a move that should have happened a long time ago.

  7. Not surprising as he has been in trouble on and off throughout his VT career. I hope he can eventually find a good landing spot, but he always seem to get bonehead award on and off! He certainly had more than his far share of second chances. Sad to see a young guy throw away potential NFL opportunity!

  8. Sorry to hear the news.
    Frank gave him multiple chances & expressed his support throughout the Season.
    Let’s focus on the Terps! Go Hokies!

  9. I don’t know the reasons. Is he an addict? I am not unsympathetic to addicts. If that’s the problem I hope he can get clean and make a life for himself.

  10. Tragic — it’s really sad to see someone that has such great opportunities on a path to self-destruction …

  11. What a shame for Cody. He may have had a shot at the NFL…doubt it now. I hope it doesnt hurt us later in the season…could make the difference in a close game. I’d rather lose than continue to let someone break the team rules and keep bringing him back…this is a hard statement to make!

  12. Hope he has fun kicking out back at the Car Wash. This is one bonehead who got too many chances, so I have NO problem labeling him as a freaking LOSER!

    He let his teammates and VT down big-time…but MOSTLY, he blew a big chance in life.. The NFL is getting to the point where they want nothing to do with a guy who can’t even hold it together through college….

    Hope somewhere a light comes on for him, but quite honestly, I wouldn’t hold my breath….oh. and by the way…He has left us SCREWED, so YEAH, I’m POed about THAT TOO!!!

  13. our own version of Sebastian Janikowski? Wonder if he lands in the NFL anyway…just couldn’t keep himself out of trouble for 3-4 more games. Just over a month. Wonder if Frank can kick his ass through the uprights just for effect.

      1. Mostly agree. To make the NFL you have to have accuracy (Cody HAS had that, for most of his career) AND leg strength (this is where he comes up short, the recent 56 yarder notwithstanding).

  14. unreal….couldn’t put his personal life on hold to the team….nice. I take back the credit I gave him for making the 47 yd fg had there not been the delay.

  15. Jody just wouldn’t quit his habit !!! Damn shame a young man couldn’t put this habit aside till the season was over. This will effect him on more things in life than getting booted from a Football Team. Shame

  16. I have no idea what happened this time but that’s the point. It’s happened before so we shouldn’t be shocked it’s happened again. This time it’s permanent.

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