Hokies blast Hurricanes

Virginia Tech moved the football at will against #11 Miami, whipping the Hurricanes 42-24 on the road on Saturday night.  The Hokies moved to 7-3 overall and 4-2 in the ACC with the win.  Miami dropped to 7-2 and 3-2.

The Hokies caught a few breaks in Saturday night’s game.  The Hurricanes fumbled a punt returned, a kickoff return, and their punter also accidentally took a knee while picking up a low snap deep in his own territory.  Joshua Stanford and Willie Byrn also had two fumbles on scoring drives that were recovered by Tech, and Byrn’s fumble was recovered in the endzone by Demitri Knowles for a touchdown.

However, that doesn’t discount the fact that the Hokies went up and down the field on Miami at will.  Tech put up 549 yards of total offense – 183 on the ground and 366 through the air.  Logan Thomas played a near-perfect game, going 25-of-31 for 366 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions.  Every time Miami presented Tech with an opportunity, the Hokies responded by scoring a touchdown.

Thomas got some help from his receivers for the second week in a row.  Willie Byrn had six catches for 105 yards, while Joshua Stanford had seven receptions for 107 yards and a touchdown.  This was Stanford’s second consecutive 100-yard receiving game, and the r-freshman broke a ton of tackles to score on a third and 17 from 32 yards out.

However, the big story of this game was Virginia Tech’s running game.  Trey Edmunds had 14 carries for 74 yards and four touchdowns, and he also had a huge catch and run on third and two in the fourth quarter to set up his final touchdown run of the game.  J.C. Coleman added 22 carries for 68 yards, while Logan Thomas had 10 rushes for 42 yards.

Ironically, Virginia Tech’s most impressive drive did not result in any points.  With 11:03 left in the game, the Hokies took over on their own 20 leading 42-24, and they wanted to take time off the clock.  That’s exactly what they did, as they moved the ball 77 yards on 16 plays, taking 9:06 off the clock.  Though J.C. Coleman was eventually stopped on a fourth down run on the Miami three, the drive prevented any chance of a Hurricane comeback.  Tech converted four third down plays on the drive…

Third and 5 at the VT 25: Thomas to Byrn for 22 yards
Third and 7 at the 50: Thomas to Stanford for 10 yards
Third and 1 at the Miami 31: J.C. Coleman rush for four yards
Third and 8 at the Miami 25: J.C. Coleman rush for 13 yards

It was a dominating, time consuming drive, and it helped the Hokies win the time of possession 39:30 to 20:30.

There is now a four-way tie in the loss column in the Coastal Division…

Georgia Tech (6-3, 5-2): The Jackets have one remaining ACC game left against Clemson.  They lost head-to-head to Miami and Virginia Tech, but beat Duke.

Virginia Tech (7-3, 4-2): The Hokies have games against Maryland and UVA.  They hold the head-to-head advantage over Georgia Tech and Miami, but they lost to Duke.

Duke (7-2, 3-2): The Blue Devils beat NC State 38-20 on Saturday.  They lost to Georgia Tech, beat Virginia Tech, and they still have to play Miami.  They also play Wake Forest and UNC.

Miami (7-2, 3-2): The Canes hold the tiebreaker over Georgia Tech, but they lost head-to-head to Virginia Tech.  They still must play Duke, as well as UVA and Pitt.

If the Hokies win out, and assuming Miami beats Duke, Virginia Tech would win the Coastal Division based on their head-to-head wins against Georgia Tech and Miami.  The Yellow Jackets need to beat Clemson to stay in the race, but even if they do that, their head-to-head losses to VT and Miami will sting (pun intended).

Virginia Tech returns to action next Saturday when they host Maryland on Senior Day in Lane Stadium.  Kickoff is scheduled for 12:30pm, and the game will be televised by The ACC Network.

Box Score (HokieSports.com)

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  1. Looking forward to being in Lane for Senior Day and then Scott Stadium!
    Like seeing the Big Man at Fullback on Goal line situations – Hopefully, on Sr Day, Hopkins will get a carry!
    Go Hokies!!

  2. I doubt there are many Hokies hatin’ on LT today?

    This is the same team folks that lost to two very solid opponents 2 & 3 games ago. Yet, Winning cures all. I’m loving it just like you.

    Marquee wins makes one forget our offensive-recruiting misses, ill-timed offensive injuries, 2 diff. OC’s, ever-changing coaching systems/schemes, player attrition, chasing and playing in Tyrod’s legacy/shadow or the public scrutiny our QB has had to bear. Through it all, last night is evidence that LT and our team is that close to being 9-1 vs 7-3. These guys are fighting every week for VT….We just need to keep supporting them. Enjoy LT while we still can. Logan will have broken every major statistical QB record in VT’s history books when he finally hangs up his jersey. Not a bad career, Only a special QB will accomplish these feats. This kid is a great student-athlete; especially when he is at his very best. Who knows, his unknown future might include SuperBowl Champ behind his name. Think what that could mean to our program and the Hokie Nation?

    It will take many years for someone else to break Logan’s records. When he looks back and we look back years from now, imagine how good it will feel to smile and know he was our Hokie. Like Bruce Smith, I hope he will feel the same way.

      1. Yep. I am going out on a limb to say he cathes and passes Bryan.

        Wins as a 3-year starting QB as of 11.11.2013
        1. Tyrod Taylor (2007-10) 34
        2. Bryan Randall (2001-04) 26
        3. Logan Thomas (2010-13) 25

  3. Did anyone notice that in our 2 best rushing games of the year Lawrence Gibson was starting at right tackle?

    1. My thought exactly. I’m considering starting a thread with a similar title/thought, if someone else hasn’t already.

  4. I believe the real Logan Thomas and VT Football team just stood up and I hope they can continue to be the best that they can be.
    Sorry I ever doubted!

  5. Good game Hokies! I actually found myself cheering last night when VT scored versus having to say ‘Whew – finally we scored’ – which has been the norm for VT for a long time. VT fans were long overdue for a fun game to watch. For me, the last fun VT game to watch was the 38-0 drubbing of UVA in C’ville in 2011. I just hope VT remains focused and takes care MD and UVA in the upcoming weeks.

    1. Hokies had two three-and-outs. One in the 1st quarter (2nd possession of the game) and one in the 2nd quarter.

  6. Got to love the decleating of the U LB by W.Bryn on the Joshua Stanford TD run. Huge difference from WRs blocking down field this year!

  7. Great job! Trey 4 TD! He is on the way to being a star. LT excellent job. When he is good hes real!

  8. Looking forward to driving up to Blacksburg next weekend to see us BTHO the Twerps! And I haven’t ruled out a trip to Charlotteshole at the end of the month either! This team is awfully fun to watch! Just take care of the football, Hokies!

  9. Don’t want to pi$$-off anyone, but Logan is, in just my opinion, one helluva pro prospect. Enormous potential and upside.
    I loved the offensive balance.
    Sure hope we can carry that kind of play forward for four more games! 🙂

  10. You can all thank me for putting my flag back up. Forgot to display it at start of season so I kept it down until first loss. But then I still forgot to put it up. Loss #2. So now it stays.

    1. I had a similar issue with my car magnents..haha. “Its only weird if it doesn’t work”.

      Great win by the guys! Nice to see some cohesion along the offensive line. I will have to admit UM playing FSU the week before may have tenderized the fighting Ibises (Ibi?) just a little.

      Hope to see everyone in B’burg on Saturday!

    2. Strangely enough, yesterday my son happened to notice our VT flags tucked away in a cupboard where they had been all season. I got them out and look at the result.

  11. Awesome win to enjoy by Hokie Nation! I was glad to see LT not only deliver near perfect game, but also left the turnover machine on the Canes bench before kickoff! It was great that LT was able to shine in the rain. He should get game ball and helmet sticker for great play and leadership on the heels of 2 very tough weeks for him! The best thing overall was run game finally clicked and O-line schooled Canes D line all night! I think we have good shot at winning Coastal with Duke having 3 games to play! KO & Punt coverage teams is still very concerning, but will simply enjoy this win and let coaches work on that this week in practice!

  12. So is it just me with the Beamer as a gentleman conspiracy theories? I was thinking Beamer does not want to score here so as to not appear to be piling on the points. Ideally, of course, he’d have the team take a knee at the 20 yard line as time expired. But the timing wasn’t working out like that, he still had a couple minutes left, and really, a running back who deserved to sniff the end zone. So no, I don’t think he told them not to score, and surely JCC and the O-line were trying as hard as they could to score, but perhaps the plays sent in weren’t the most efficient, JCC into the pile. Anyway, I don’t mind, goal accomplished, but was kind of expecting that Beamer moment and it happened, just not in an obvious way.

  13. What a game. Looked bad with an easy u TD very early, but then 3 Tech TDs in a row taking advantage of turnovers and a mental error with a knee to turf. Loved the running game, no huge runs but enough to make it 2nd and short and made play action believable. If the team had that running game going earlier in the season who knows. The running game took a lot of pressure off of Logan and he delivered (even got a helmet sticker on ESPN wrap up), keep it up for the next 2 games.

    What was really great was being up by 18 and getting the ball and chewing up 9+ minutes off the clock, and just short at the 2-3 yd line or could have killed the last 2 minutes of the game too. Just what the doctor ordered when up by multiple scores, a drive that just chews up clock.

    The bourbon tasted much better after this one than the previous two games.

    GO HOKIES BEAT THE terps!!!

  14. Probably the most balanced win we’ve seen from the Hokies in a long, long time. The D played well, except for a couple of long gainers. Very good considering how badly beat up we are in the secondary.

    And the offense, wow. Balanced rushing and passing, with on physical errors. There were a mental (penalties) but they were mostly overcome.

    There was one FG wiped out by a physical error though.

    The pause for concern would be the KO and Punt coverage teams. We were being gashed by the Miami return men. Fortunately, they ended up giving us the ball due to lost fumbles at the end of the runs.

  15. A WIN cures All. And LT and the Offense Played one Heck of a Game! And Bud’s Boys …as Usual! It sure makes the next two games to be very important Again.

  16. Looking forward to seeing who gets helmet stickers! Good win for the Hokies. Strange we need to root for a Duke loss…..in football.

  17. Are you kidding me? On the road … in the rain … on national TV … against the 11th ranked team … with no turnovers … Wow! Logan Thomas deserved a game like this. All hail the Hokies.

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