VT-OSU moved to September 6

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Virginia Tech’s 2014 matchup with Ohio State has been moved up to September 6.  The game in Columbus was originally scheduled to be played on September 20.

Per a media release from Virginia Tech, the date was changed because of a request made by ESPN.

“ESPN approached both schools about the date change and the possibility of either a full national telecast at 3:30 p.m. or a primetime telecast. Both schools supported the change.”

The Hokies open next season with William & Mary on August 30.  They will host East Carolina the week following the Ohio State game.

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  1. Agree completely w/ Java and Alums. While the optimized TV exposure is nice, at this point in the life cycle of our program its far more important to play well in a big game than to simply appear in it. And unless one or both teams go off the cliff altogether between now & Sept 2014, an OSU-VT matchup will be available on TV – and watched – by a very large segment of the nationwide CFB-viewing population. It’s insane to schedule another Big Dog so early in the season AND throw a completely untested QB to the wolves on the road. Our administrators don’t give a tinker’s damn about winning, at least not in comparison to $$$.

  2. Let me get this straight…instead of getting a few games under our belt, we AGREE for reason of certifiable insanity or perhaps due to some type of extortion (those selfies the AD took may have leaked out to a network exec) to move this to the 2nd game of the season so we can toss a QB who will have about 4 quarters of college ball under his belt, all earned against FBS G powerhouse Willie y Maria, into the wood chipper that is a road game vs Ohio St?
    Well, if there is any comfort, it is that our streak of early season losses in big games to non-conference opponents will most likely remain intact and we will continue to reinforce the image that we have created by our own doing. If nothing else, we are consistent.
    Wouldn’t it have made more sense to let our new QB get a half dozen games under his belt? What the hell were we thinking? What the hell are we ever thinking when it comes to scheduling for success?

    1. When ESPN comes and asks you to move your game so you can get a national broadcast without any competition you listen. Pissing ESPN off isn’t good for all of those that are constantly complaining about the TV slots VT gets. Realistically VT is going to be a pretty big underdog going into the OSU game next regardless if it is the 2nd game or the 3rd game.

    2. There were PLENTY of opportunity for Leal to get a series or two in a game for the past 3 seasons, but Beamer chose not to give him ANY game time reps at all except for the last few plays in garbage time running out the clock. If Leal looks lost vs Ohio State, the fault will be with Beamer for failing to develope sufficient depth and experience at the QB position. Not calling for Leal to be challenger for Logan and cause QB controversy, but a legitimate 2nd string QB in his “5TH” year in the program should have more game time experience than Leal has.

      Did you read that article by Dave Myers? the reason he had that fumble at the goal line when vick was hurt was because Vick got ALL the reps at practice, and the center didn’t know that Myer was NOT left handed like vick was.

  3. “Hey there Hokies…it’s me, ESPN – no, don’t hang up…listen, I know I haven’t been too good to you lately, spending all my time with that SEC crowd, and talking about how great they are even when I’m supposed to be with you. But I gotta say, you’ve been looking really good lately. Really! Have you shed some dead weight in the offseason or something? I mean, you look really lean and mean. I know, I haven’t really been forthcoming with the compliments ever since we had that big fight up in Chestnut Hill that night…anyway, the whole reason I’m calling, I want to spend some quality time with you again, like we used to back in the day. I was thinking you, me, and Ohio State in a prime slot, get everyone watching, hype it up real good, send the Gameday fellas out for you…just like old times….

    “…although I guess it goes without saying that if you s#*! all over the bed like you used to, it’s over for good, and I mean that this time.

    “See you in September! Totes excited, you guys!”

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