Updated: Hokies #14 in BCS; BC game at noon

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The initial BCS standings for 2013 were released Sunday night, and the Hokies are #14.

Here are the full BCS standings — click for a full-size version that’s easier to read.

Initial BCS Standings of 2013, released Oct. 20, 2013. Click to enlarge
Initial BCS Standings of 2013, released Oct. 20, 2013. Click to enlarge

The Hokies are one of four ACC teams, with Clemson (#9), Miami (#7), and Florida State (#2), who squeaked ahead of Oregon for the #2 spot, being the others.

The Hokies are ranked #19 in both the Harris Poll and the USAToday Poll, but Tech got a big boost from the computers, who rank the Hokies #8, on average.

Virginia Tech also moved up to #16 in the AP Poll Sunday, so to sum it up: #16 AP, #19 USA Today, #14 BCS.

The Hokies take on Duke next Saturday, Oct. 26th, at 3:30 in Lane Stadium. The game will be televised by ESPNU.

Update (10/21/13, 11:43 AM): Boston College game scheduled for noon

The ACC announced on Monday that Virginia Tech’s game at Boston College will kick off at noon, the fifth game of the year so far that will kick off in the noon hour.

The game will be televised on ABC, ESPN, or ESPN2, however, and that’s the first time since the opener against Alabama that a Saturday Virginia Tech game will be televised on one of those three networks. Previously, the Hokies’ six Saturday games (since Alabama) have been on ESPN3.com (WCU), FoxSportsNet (@ECU), the ACC Network (UNC), and ESPNU (Marshall, Pittsburgh, and this Saturday’s Duke game).

TSL’s schedules have been updated to reflect the BC start time and network.

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  1. Nice entry in the BCS but a bit high considering we haven’t beaten any teams in the Top 25 and have no running game. Hopefully the guys will stay motivated and keep improving.

  2. A noon game in front of a raucous crowd of 10 thousand. VT better get amped, that venue is famous for our let downs.

  3. I think FSU can give a beat down on Bama. They looked very impressive and Winston is next year’s #1 pick. He is the truth!

    1. Winston isn’t eligible for the Draft next year. He’s only a redshirt freshman, and can’t come out till after his r-So. year.

  4. Conference breakdown of the 25 teams ranked in the BCS standings:

    SEC – 6
    ACC – 4
    Pac12 – 4
    Big 12 – 4
    BIG – 3
    AAC – 2
    Mountain West – 1
    Mid-american – 1

  5. Although I’m surprised by Miami’s ranking I suppose I’m glad that they beat UNC on Thursday night. That will definitely help us pending we are both still undefeated going into that game and we come out with the win which looks totally doable to me. Not only do they seem questionable to me but they will be coming off a tough game against FSU the weekend before. We just need to take care of business at BC and not let that turn into a nail bitter. Always a tough game though. If we win out we should definitely end up in the top 10 going into the ACCCG. But I don’t want to get too far down the road. Go Hokies!!

    1. Yes on BC. Believe it or not they are the only team that concerns me other than FSU if we make it that far. Think about BC got up on FSU and Clemson (I believe) first and by multiple scores, hung with both of them. The only team that really put it on BC was Kiffen’s Trojans. I think BC /UNC game is worth watching. If we have problems with DUke then we got real problems and better just pull over to the side of the road and take a break. So, I am going to not talk about the Duke game. For me, it’s the BC game that is dangerous. We always get up for miami and because this year it’s the 4 Acc teams that undefeated, people are going to naturally look ahead to that game. But it’s the BC game that is most curious based on what they did with clemson and fsu.

    2. I definitely like the idea of UM and VT matching up as Miami undefeated and what it can do for VT if they get a win. HOWEVER, I feel that I would want Miami to lose the FSU game right before. They won’t be overly bad looking to pollsters by losing to what could be a #2 team at that time AND if we do win out, I would want the ACCCG to be against a 1 loss VT and an unbeaten FSU. That would give a HUGE boost to VT at the end if they were to pull that off.

      1. Maybe I’m missing something. Did I understand your statement correctly “if we do win out, I would want the ACCCG to be against a 1 loss VT”? How can we win out, which I hope we do, and still have 1 loss going into the ACCCG?

    3. Worry about Duke and let the chips fall where they may. Then worry about BC. Then Miami. Then Maryland. Then UVA.

  6. Our strength of schedule is better than most realize. East Carolina and Marshall are 1,2 in the CUSA East Division, GT and Pitt are both above .500, and then there’s Alabama.

  7. But…who have we beaten? OK, I’m not going to lose sleep over that, unless you’re one or two this doesn’t buy you anything. This also confirms my shared opinion that FSU should be in the 2 slot.

    1. We’ve beaten 4 teams with winning records, so we’ve beaten 4 somebodies who’ve won more than they’ve lost

    2. VT doesn’t have any marquee wins but they have beaten 4 solid teams with good W-L records. Couple that with their only loss being to Alabama on a neutral site and that gives you good computer numbers.

      Those numbers may dip slightly after the Duke game but games against BC, Miami and Maryland down the stretch should further boost the numbers.

      The computer numbers speak to just how overrated the SEC is this year. Their rankings in the polls are much higher than their computer rankings.

      1. The numbers might not dip much after Duke. They’re 5-2 with no really bad losses. They might well be the best team in the state of NC unless it turns out to be Wake.

      2. well, dook is 5-2 and solidly in that “teams with good W-L records” group. Same as Maryland, better than BC (record-wise).

  8. They aren’t lying! We need to get better!
    If we can start running it like we used to, we could be really formidable!!!

  9. I like our BCS Standing.
    I also like the attitude of this team – Whenever, I hear an interview – the players are saying they need to get better.
    Go Hokies!

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