Hokies return to the top 20

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After improving their record to 6-1 with a win over Pitt, Virginia Tech climbed into the top 20 in both national polls.  The Hokies are #19 in the AP Poll, and #20 in the USA Today Poll.

Tech joins three other ACC teams in the national polls.

Clemson: #3 in the AP, #4 in the USA Today
Florida State: #5 in the AP, #5 in the USA Today
Miami: #10 in the AP, #11 in the USA Today
Virginia Tech: #19 in the AP, #20 in the USA Today

This marks the first time since 2005 that three ACC teams have been ranked in the top 10 of the AP Poll at the same time.  That year, Florida State, Miami and Virginia Tech were all ranked in the top 10 at the same time, though the Hokies were the only program to finish the season in the top 10.

Florida State travels to Clemson for huge Atlantic Division showdown next Saturday.  The Hokies are off next week, and will host Duke on October 26.

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  1. I am enjoying every win & game. Much improved from last year. Glad to have the pitt monkey off our back! We are getting better each game. Going to be positive for the last 5 games.

  2. Critics Critics Critics – we all know we are having trouble running the ball but Lefty uses the enough of it to make the Play Action work and Read Option work…thankfully we have an OC that can do better with less vs less with better.

    Enjoy the work the team and coaches have done to get us back and respectable. This team has heart and toughness – thats great to build on!

  3. An article about how we’re in the Top 20, sitting at 6-1 overall, in 1st place in the ACC Coastal…. and half the comments are about how terrible our running game is. SMH. Good ol’ Hokie fans, always there when you need some doom n’ gloom.

    Whatever…. GO HOKIES! Just keep on winning. We can finish dead last in rushing for all I care, so long as we keep putting up Ws!

    1. Our running game is terrible and it will catch up with us. That’s not doom n’ gloom; that’s a fact.
      This board wouldn’t be worth reading if all fans did was blow smoke about how great this program has been and blissfully ignored the team’s shortcomings.
      Scott Loeffler, and Frank Beamer himself, have voiced there displeasure with the running game. Is that doom n’ gloom?

  4. I watch our defensive stats each week. We moved up to #4 overall. We lead in interceptions, although after none this past game we are tied with two others. Sacks is impressive as IIRC Clemson and us are 1-2.

    Sadly, I didn’t notice that we are among the leaders in any offense categories. grhhh!

    The pub of being in the top 20 is always a good thing, but I question if this is a true top 20 team. The defense is no doubt. Offense? Not so much. Georgia was upset my Mizzou, and they dropped to #15, which makes them roughly equal to us as far as standings are concerned. But I would not give us much a of a chance vs. the Bulldogs if they were our next game up.

    1. I so much agree with you. In all of my years following Tech, I saw my first game in 1965, I honestly never remember as impotent an Offense. The D is great, no question. It is the worst Rushing team that I have ever seen in all these years, and I’m talkin some not so good teams. It’s sickening how bad We are at running the ball. Our D could shut down anybody for awhile, but with the O, We are incredibly handicapped. We couldn’t keep up with the majority of the Top 25. I used to watch other teams have a nice 30 yard TD or whatnot, and say “Why can’t We do that?” Now, I watch a pretty run, and say the same thing. You can’t blame it all on the OLine, our Running Backs just aren’t very good.

      1. I couldn’t agree more with you DMR52, our running backs aren’t very good. Coleman is limited by his size and is not very fast, but has pretty good instincts.
        Trey Edmunds runs way to high, doesn’t have that good lateral movement or the instincts most good backs have. Combine that with an offensive line that gets little push and this is what results: one of the worst running games I’ve seen in over a half a century of watching football.
        Anyone who knocks Logan Thomas must understand that he alone is the Hokie offense. I don’t buy the youth excuse with the running backs. Darren Evans and Ryan Williams had huge years as freshmen. We do not have a good tailback in this roster.


    Thanks to the TSL team for all of the GREAT RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS, and I appreciate the subjective opinions of the midseason report card.

    I don’t have time to pull info together myself, but I was wondering analytically how VT and its opponents stacked up (ECU and Marshall are tops of the CUSA- how do our game stats compare to the other teams they have played?) Old Miss has 3 losses against Ala, TAM and AUB- who is a better team? Who might our SEC alter-ego be statistically? How do we stack up against Mizz, OK, OKST, or WISC by the numbers?

    Just wondering in comments…

  6. How often do you see a game in which a team had zero third downs of 3 yards or less the entire game. Pitt did not have not have a single third down of three yards or less. Now that is some kick butt defense.

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