Exum cleared to practice

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Dr. James Andrews cleared senior cornerback Antone Exum for full participation on Monday.  Virginia Tech trainer Mike Goforth released this statement on Tuesday.

“After eight months of right ACL reconstruction rehab, Antone Exum was cleared for full participation by Dr. James Andrews yesterday afternoon. He will return to practice this week without any restrictions and is expected to continue rehabilitation for the remainder of the season. His playing time for North Carolina and all future games will be determined by how well the right knee tolerates practices this week and how quickly he re-establishes pre-injury cardiovascular endurance and pre-injury skill levels.”

TSL’s Take: Exum has gotten a few reps in practice, but only in non-contact situations.  He hasn’t gone through a preseason like the other players on the team, and he hasn’t played in a full-contact football game since late December.  With Kendall Fuller and Brandon Facyson playing at a high level, Virginia Tech can afford to ease Exum back into things.  I don’t think he’s quite ready to contribute at a high level on defense, but as he kicks off the rust and learns to trust his knee, he should be more effective as the weeks go by.

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  1. I wish Exum could take Bonner’s place back there. The Bonner Party is cannibalizing our other Defensive Backs, is it that hard to switch? Let’s not fix what aint broke. Can He run the ball? Versatility is impressive to the NFL. We can try the Macho Harris thing again, which didn’t work, but it’s a new Mind-Set in the Pressbox, thank the Lord.

  2. I think he should rep at whip for the rest of the year! Great build and skill! I think it would make our defense that much better!

  3. Chris Coleman – Have any of the coaches or Mike Goforth discussed the possibility of Exum applying for a 6th year? Seems like a wasted year if he tries to play. By the time he gets back into football shape the season will be half over. It would make more sense to have him healthy for an entire season.

    1. He’s not eligible for a 6th year. There is nothing to apply for. The answer is no. You must miss 2 years do to injury. He has not.

      1. Did not know a 6th year was only granted for injuries lasting 2 years. Sounds just like the NCAA and very unfortunate for Exum’s senior year.

        1. The injury doesn’t have to last for two years – could be separate injuries – point is, you can’t sit a year for development like Exum did, then get another redshirt year because of injury. Now, had Exum been on track to play as a Tr-F, then gotten hurt and redshirted that first year, then he could get a sixth year from the NCAA. But there was no injury news associated with his first redshirt.

  4. Pre-emptive reply to the so-far-unasked question…Exum does not qualify for a sixth year medical redshirt! This is our last season with the Big Sombrero.

    1. Why is that? Because he took a non-injury redshirt? There are instances of redshirted players getting a sixth year.

      1. Yep. Unless they can convince the NCAA that there really was an injury that first year, which rarely happens.

  5. I think we should try to find a way for him to start the game and then come off the field quickly. That probably opens up a bit of a liabiltiy for us since UNC plays so fast but him being the guy that he is, it would be a neat gesture to let him start his first game back. And from there obviously work him in as TG and Goforth see fit.

    1. agreed. so many times a player tries to do too much too soon just to suffer a setback. see JC Coleman this year.

      1. yea there’s really no need to have him play four quarters until maybe the Miami game, but no sooner

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