Coordinator talk: Georgia Tech week

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Scot Loeffler talked about the offense’s mistakes against Marshall, and discussed the challenges of playing Georgia Tech on a short week.

Bud Foster let it be known that he hates short weeks like this, and he also talked about defending Paul Johnson’s offense.

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  1. Lefty does great technical analysis of plays (as does Bud). Whether it shows on the scoreboard yet or not, I just feel a lot more comfortable with him as the OC because he seems to be honest about he problems and seems to have a good idea how to fix it.

    Bud is an evil genius.

  2. Notice that the D-Coordinator is all about what we need to do in the future and up-coming game and the
    O-Coordinator is all about the mistakes we made in the past and the last game.

    Contrasting Dynamic.

    Go Hokies!

    1. After watching our anemic offense for the last two weeks, I’d be frustrated as well. Clearly he knows that we have to improve a lot and to cut down on all the mistakes. It’s clear that he is worn out, but also clear that he is realistic and knows that we have got to play much, much better to have a chance to win this game.

  3. I thought this stuff was great, forget the nit-picking from the resident grumps, everyone has their tics. These Coaches are obviously tired and stressed, but are paid extremely well, they’ll be OK. Most interesting.

  4. I appreciate and enjoy these coach videos – very informative. They would be much better if some of bozos asking questions would do a better job.

  5. Okay, so let me get this straight. You are on a time crunch already and admittedly haven’t gotten much sleep. You have to take up some time you would rather use to get ready for a very tough ball game. A group that didn’t exactly live up your expectations two days ago. Here he is talking questions that he has heard and answered a thousand times already in some form, and it is a surprise he is not smiling and happy………
    I know it “comes with the job”, but please try a small dose of reality on occasion!

  6. Man am I worried about the to frosh on the outside with the play action. It is going to be a tough climb for them to be ready for this ACL Chop blocking offense..

    1. I think Bud looks fine, but I wished he’d drop the constant “ya knows.” I listened to a Mike London interview after the UVA-VMI game, and it was filled with “ya knows.” Very distracting.

      1. We got in the habit of doing a “ya know” and “umm” count in Bud interviews post game Roth & Burnop. Yeah, it’s a lot.

  7. Loeffler does not look happy. Looks like he has not been sleeping. Probably starting to realize more what he has gotten himself into. I think we need to give him at least 3 seasons to get the O turned around

    1. he looks beat but then again, he spent all day standing out in the cold, pouring rain through 3 Overtime periods. If i had to guess, he knew what he got himself into a long time ago. Our O issues are well known. I will be looking forward to seeing the final O model he puts in place in a few years

    2. Loeffler isn’t the biggest fan of talking to the media. He doesn’t hate it, but you get the feel that he’d rather not be bothered. He’s a good interview, but he’d rather not do it.

      1. Can’t say I blame him. It’s all part of the game but I’m sure he’s tired of the same questions about opening the playbook again.

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