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  1. Something about Journell … “naw … yeah” A good time for some “no sir” and “yes sir” or at least a “no” or “yes.” I do give him some credit for showing up at the interview.

  2. Alston Smith is a hoss! And he appears to have a good head on his shoulders. I kept hoping someone would ask him how his dad felt about the move, and how his dad is helping with any advice, etc. I would expect very positive answers in either case.

    1. A Smith is really a fine young man. I seen him at the gym a few times during the summer at the Beach and have coached against him in high school. A Smith has worked hard to be a complete player! He will do well on the Oline with Grimes

  3. Love the video interview features. We get to know the guys a little better, face to face, so to speak, altho I doubt they could see us (tic). Lots of hustle from TSL to make it happen, thanks. As for Cody, hope he is able to keep it together, for his own sake but also for the program’s sake = CFB. I thought not long ago, we had PK competition of 4 good prospects. Did those other guys just vanish. Don’t we have some PKs on the scout team? I would think his next 40 yd attempt will be a pretty big deal for Cody, maybe a Waterloo moment. As for his attitude, some go through the program and never get it just like some students drop out or even finish school without ever getting it……some are about ‘taking it to the next level’…..who knew the next level turned out to be the disrespected gutter.

  4. Almost didn’t watch the whole Journell interview. This kid has a rough future ahead of him. He can’t stay out of trouble, and on top of that he has a bad attitude…one of entitlement. I’m not buying the apology. Cody, you’ve shown twice that you aren’t dedicated to this team, this university, or your teammates. You put the team in a bad situation for the Sugar Bowl and for Saturday’s game. And then there were the comments after last year’s Miami game:

    We don't play for the media, we don't play for the fans who turn their shoulder…we play ball to play ball— Cody Journell (@CodyJournell) November 2, 2012

    The fans and the alumni of this university aren’t giving up on Virginia Tech. We really don’t want to give up on you either. But I’ll tell you what, I’m not proud of the person you are. Logan Thomas gets trashed by somebody every week, and he is a class act week in and week out. He battles, does the right thing, handles his interviews with class. No matter how bad that kid plays, I’m not going to bash him because I know he gives it his all. Cody, if you’d open your eyes, you could learn a lot from him.

    Grow up Cody. You’re a senior. The real world that awaits you won’t protect you, and you won’t get too many second chances. A lot of people love Virginia Tech, and a lot of people donate to the university so that you can have the privileges that you have. Those people expect better from you. It’s embarrassing to read about all of your crap in the media. THIS UNIVERSITY DESERVES BETTER!

  5. I think KJ had the ol’ painful knee-knocker on that play..hoping he is good to go..KEY to have great safety support against GT

  6. Jarrett is a great player for Tech and we are very fortunate to have him. I remember he was all set to play for Pitt and then they had a coaching change and he decided to be a Hokie. He is a huge player on our D and he is a good punt returner as well.

  7. Great videos Alston and Kyshoen seem like great young men with serious guns for arms glad they are on our side

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