Western Carolina week: Caleb and Stiney

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Joel Caleb and Bryan Stinespring met with the media on Tuesday.

Joel Caleb

On learning the tailback position: “I feel like I learned the tailback position quick.  It was a lot easier than receiver.  I really just had to focus on my footwork, landmarks and blitz pickups.”

On how tough it was to sit out the first game: “It was real tough.  Watching my teammates when I was supposed to be out there with them.  I had to sit at home and watch it.  It affected me in a big way.  I’ve got to prepare for this week and for weeks to come.”

On what he learned: “Just to stay focused and be mentally prepared.”

On where he is in the tailback mix: “I feel like I fit into the mix pretty well.  I’ll get out there and play a little bit.  I leave that up to the coaches. I just have to go out there and work hard at practice to get on the field.”

On how much he thinks he’ll play this weekend: “I’m not sure.  J.C. is practicing now.  However coach decides to rotate, that’s how it will play out.”

Bryan Stinespring

On losing Ryan Malleck: “You always have to be prepared for somebody getting hurt.  You don’t want it to happen, but you have to prepare yourself.  But still, the loss of Ryan was a significant loss because of some of the things he can do.  We’ve got to play speed up ball right now.”

On what he likes about Duan Perez-Means: “What I like about Duan Perez-Means specifically is that he plays so hard, and he’s such a great effort guy out there, he tries to be physical.  He still has to learn a lot of nuances of the position.  He came over from defense, and he’s got to kind of evaporate some of the mindset that he has.  He has confidence in his upper body, but if you get overextended offensively the defensive guy can shrug you off of blocks.  He’s got to do a better job of that.  We used him in protection, and 80% of the time he did a really nice job.  20% of the time, we’ve got to do a better job.”

On Darius Redman: “Darius did a nice job.  He’s got a lot of strength out there.  He really anchored up on a lot of our playaction.  We were able to get the ball downfield and hold a pocket.  He got matched up on a defensive end and did a nice job.  He had about two mistakes out there that proved costly.  [The tight ends] were solid, but we’ve got to get past the solid part of it and try to make a difference in the passing game.

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  1. I like the comment from Caleb about pt: “I just leave that up to the coaches”. Funny. Hope he contributes there. He is supposed to be a playmaker. Now, where does Mangus end up? Back to WR? With his size, I think he needs to be there.

  2. Why aren’t they talking about moving Caleb back to WR? We have enough depth at RB with JC back and need some serious help at WR.

    1. Caleb will contribute more at TB IMO. He was passed by a couple of walkons on the depth chart. Also with him playing pretty much an option offense in HS, should make this an easy transition.

    1. McCray just doesn’t have the mean streak needed to successed at the BCS conference level IMO. I am surprised Jackson hasn’t been switched to the offensive line (OG), especially considering all the injuries and attrition.

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